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One Plus X Tear Down, Screen Repair, Charging Port fix, battery Replacement

One Plus X Tear Down, Screen Repair, Charging Port fix, battery Replacement

Got my hands on the One Plus X. One of the
budget phones from the company One Plus. We are going to take it apart, tear it down,
and show you what’s inside of it. It is a fairly difficult phone to take apart, so
be warned about that. There is a screen protector on the device and it comes with a case, which
is pretty nice. Now they must have known that I was going to take it apart because it comes
with this warning: Please do not disassemble the back cover. So let’s see how hard it
is. I’m going to remove the duel Sim card tray. Then the back cover is a piece of glass
so you have to be really careful when prying it away from the device. It is very helpful
if you use a heat gun to warm up the glue underneath. It will soften the glue and allow
the back to be separated from the phone a lot easier. I’m going to heat it up until
the glass is just barely too hot to touch. Then I can slide a razor blade in-between
the frame and the glass or use a playing card and just slip it all the way up. Once it’s
at the right temperature the glue will just cut very easily away with the playing card.
I’m going to use my prying tool to pull off the glass back the last little bit and
you can see the adhesive as it separates from the very top of the phone. Now the battery
does have this nifty little pull tab. It reminds me a lot of the iPhone 4 and 4S, but before
we start pulling things we do have to remove some screws. I will link all the tools and
replacement parts in the video description, so check that out. There are 7 screws on this
top panel I’m going to remove those, and the battery can be unplugged from the mother
board. Then we can start pulling on things. Once the battery is lifted up and away from
the device we can see some extension ribbon cables, fairly interesting, we will jump into
those in a minute. Here are 8 screws on the bottom housing. I’m going to remove those.
This is the loud speaker for the One Plus X. You can see the two little contact points
that rest on the charging port, and that’s how it gets its signal. Here’s the extension
cable for the Amoled screen. We are going to unplug that just like a little Lego. We
are going to unplug the buttons, and then the extension cable here on the mother board
and you can just see that it routes down to the bottom of the phone. It’s really all
this piece is, is just an extension cable to plug to the screen into. There’s one
more screw at the top of the mother board. We are going to remove that. Also a wire cable
down at the bottom left. Then the camera. This is a 13 Megapixel rear camera. The front
is an 8 Megapixel. Now to remove the mother board there are 2 little pins at the bottom
of the board. Just unpin those and the whole thing should pop out. There is a little groove
at the top of the mother board that sits in there as well. Here’s a ribbon cable for
the charging port. We’re going to pull that down to the bottom of the device. Now before
we start tugging on things there is one more screw at the bottom, and then we are going
to lift away the vibrator motor as well as the wire cable (that we unsnapped before).
Then the rest of the charging port can be pulled away from the device. It’s nice that
the charging port is replaceable, since this is one of the common things that are replaced
on the device. You can see here it also has the mic attached to it. Now here’s the screen
of the device. The screen is glued very securely into the frame of the phone. Which is unfortunate
and makes it very difficult to repair. If you are going to repair the screen; just heat
up the screen to hotter than you can touch. Then remove the Amoled and front glass with
the same method that you removed the back panel. The glue is much stronger for the Amoled
screen though. It is a very messy and dangerous process. I do not recommend it unless you
absolutely have no other option and have nothing to lose. Cause the screen will not survive
the process. Your new screen will have to work. You just slip it through the frame and
plug it into the main board. I don’t recommend it but if you have to do it you have to do
it. Putting the phone back together. You’re going to take the charging port and plug in
that wire cable. Make sure that the pins on the pins on the charging port line up with
the plastic pin on the frames as well. I’m going to plug in the charging port to the
back of the mother board before I lay it down into place. Putting the top in first making
sure that there are no ribbing cables or wire cables on the bottom side. Then I can just
press the bottom of the motherboard back into the frame of the phone. You’ll hear it clip
down as each of those little clasps grab onto the bottom of the board again. Putting the
13 Megapixel camera back into its slot. Getting that screw back into place on the top right.
Plugging in the wire cable. Getting the extension cable for the screen; bringing it down to
the bottom of the phone and then plugging that screen back into the cable, and setting
it down into place. Plugging the power and volume buttons back in. Getting the screw
into the charging port before I put this loud speaker back into place and clipping it down.
There are 8 screws that hold that into place. Then we can plop the battery back in, and
plug it in before we get the top metal panel, and put that into place as well. I’m going
to test the phone. This is actually the first time I’ve turned it on… I forgot to turn
it on when I pulled it out of the box. Getting the top medal plate back into place. Remember
there are 7 screws holding that down. Then to put the back panel back on I’m just using
double sided tap. You can use as much or as little as you want. Then putting the duel
Sim card tray back into place. Everything is good! If you have any questions leave them down
in the comments. Thanks a ton for watching. Make sure to hit that subscribe button so
I can keep making videos like this in the future. Hope to see you around.

100 thoughts on “One Plus X Tear Down, Screen Repair, Charging Port fix, battery Replacement”

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    Please let me know, and thanks for the video!

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  6. Hey jerry plzzz try 2 do a one plus one test video,,,, ur test video are amazing v helpful… My favorite was nexus 6p_was a little disappointed but vrry helpful///,_ and 1+X very durable indeed –'Hope 2 see you around 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙋🙋😇

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  8. You didn't disassembly the frame / screen. Why?

    i have my screen broken (not the digitizer, the touch works fine, only the outer glass.), i wanted to exchange in my home but don't know how and you didn't explained.

  9. an incident happen today///i.e 19/07/16……my phone was in my pocket and raining started suddenly ……..i was in rain like more than 20mins….i don't know what happened to my phone ……it is turned off automatically and its not turning on…..
    can you please tell me the solution

  10. actually my phone was in my pocket and rain started suddenly…i was in rain for 30 minutes ,……i dont know when it is turned off …..i think water went inside the phone …back camera glass become white…..and when i removed the sim slot i felt that it wet….what should i do now…..when i kept charging it's showing red light in notification light……

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  12. to give information: guys my oneplus x phone is water damage one….but now my phone is showing (the battery is low, charge for a while to power on)…i showed in service centre …he said the mother board is gone……so anyone wants spare parts call me but you have pay for parts (expect mainboard)

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  16. hey everyone just to give some insight…seems the gps antenna connection is also dodgy as when i reconnected it the part connected to the mainboard…snapped off…this could be my fault as i had spent an hour attempting to reconnect this part of the device without success…you think it would just pop back into it's slot but not on my device

  17. Listen, according to the guy trying to repair my OPX, there is a little frame on the battery cover that allows it to connect to the rest of the phone. Thing is, he removed the frame alongside the battery cover and the new battery cover I bought didn't have any sort of frame. Is there anything he could do or is there any way to buy the frame without the battery cover? Thanks in advance

  18. Got my OP X last November, had no issues with it until this past weekend when it fell out of my pocket and the screen is pretty badly cracked (spider-web across the whole top-right corner). Debating if I should attempt to replace/repair it or just get something else. Thoughts? (How hard is this process for a novice? How much does a replacement screen cost?)

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  22. hey Jerry

    is it possible to use dual sim along with memory card in phones which offer 2nd sim or memory card option ( where u can't put both but either) there r videos doing rounds on YouTube showing how it's done would u try it once.

    ur vids r too fun to watch
    keep rocking bud

  23. How do you remove the power button? I dropped the phone and the phone just turns on and off the whole time because the power button is tilted slightly inwards.

  24. If my OPX'S camera flash stays on when plugged in and the battery won't accept a charge (due to water damage) but the screen does turn on when I plug it in saying "charge the battery". Is it possible that the battery could be shorted out and a replacement would fix the problem?

  25. Everything worked perfectly for me. After I put it all back together though my screen won´t respond to touch. Do you know what the problem might be?

  26. Thanks a lot Jerry! Great voice and informative video. One question. Do you think it's possible to remove and replace just the from glass in the same method the back panel is removed?

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    ( <—– only this),

    I have to disassemble the whole cell or only the front screen by heat as you do with the back cover of the cell phone?


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  31. Hey I've a problem with my oneplus x, the power button got suck in the frame so the device keeps restarting, I thought of getting into the device and pushing it back out again. Is this possible or what else could i do?

  32. Hi;

    I have changed the microusb connector. Unfortunately I broke my coaxial cable.
    Now I have black screen but I feel the vibration when I power on the device.

    My question is there any relation between coaxial cable and screen?
    Screen should work without coaxial cable (if it's only for Wi-Fi)?

    Do you have any idea what happens? The screen worked well before I replaced the microusb
    Thanks in advance for your support

    Best regards

  33. Hi man ! Nice video it's all very clear. I have a question though, when i tried to remove the sim card "panel", some kind of liquid spray came out from the very little hole and the sim port wont get out of the phone.
    Now i'm scared of pressing harder, i think i might have hit the battery or something but i really have no clue what happened.
    You'll have all my gratitude if you can help me lol.

  34. I have this phone and I am very satisfied with it. Is it possible to make transparent back in this model like you did in galaxy s8?

  35. Thanks Jerry! I have replaced my charging port and battery after seeing this video. ☺️ Thanks a lot from India 🇮🇳

  36. Hi, I replaced the charging port and noticed the phone screen is not turning on anymore. When I press the power button it vibrates as it should when starting up, and when I connect the charger the red LED light at the corner lights up. I noticed when removing the battery I slightly nicked the edge of the screen flex cable. Would this cause the screen to not work entirely?

  37. I've been using this phone for 3 years, love it so much, unfortunately I just cracked the (inside?) of the screen? I dont really understand it, but the screen itself is not damaged on the outer part. But then there's a a small dark blue blotch on the top corner of the screen which spreads out fast. A day later ,75% of my screen is pitch black but the touchscreen still works fine. Saw this video and turns out that screen repair is very difficult. Guess its time to retire my phone. RIP my opx, what a great phone

  38. I did everything to u said now I have a WiFi issue.
    I has no range I have to be front of the router for the wifi to connect…..

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