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OnePlus 3 Rear Camera Repair Guide

OnePlus 3 Rear Camera Repair Guide

Power off the phone. Take out SIM card tray. Undo two small T2 screws. You need two plastic opening tools. Slide the tool to open a gap. Be careful not to scratch the metal rear cover. Then insert another tool. Keep sliding. Then you can see a gap here. Be careful not to scratch the metal rear cover. Then pry up the rear cover on the bottom of the phone. Keep prying up. Similar to iPhone here. Slide the plastic tool to separate the side of the rear housing. Mind the power button. Take you efforts. The same on the other side. Need some time to remove it. There is no adhesive. After slide along the rear housing cover. You can separate the rear housing and the front screen assembly now. Undo 8 Phillips screws. There are 3 small and 5 big screws. Remove the metal bracket. Remove the wire cable Motherboard cable flex connector. Charging port flex connector. Battery connector. Release screen flex connector. Pry out the motherboard. Release rear camera connector. Take it off. Remove sponge from the old camera. Put it to the new one. Peel off the protective cover. Remove rubber seal from the old camera. Put it to the new replacement. Install new camera Connect the camera connector well. Put back motherboard. Pressed down the motherboard into the frame. Reconnect the screen cable flex connector and battery connector. Another 2 extension cable flex connectors. Wire cable connector. Power on the phone. Open camera app. Works well. Power off. Put back metal bracket. Fasten 8 Phillips screws. Put the screen assembly back to the rear cover panel Put the top side in first Pinch down two sides. Don’t put too much pressure on it in case you broken the screen. Mind the button. Pinch down the bottom Check whether the screen works well by power on the phone. Check the ring silent switch and the volume buttons. It works well. And the power button. Fasten two T2 screws at the bottom in place. Put back SIM card tray.

66 thoughts on “OnePlus 3 Rear Camera Repair Guide”

  1. How hard is this? If I take this part to a repair shop will they be able to do it? The repair guy didn't know what a OnePlus 3 was but said he could fit it…

  2. Thank you. I completed all the steps from this tutorial and could successfully fix my rear back camera.

  3. I just wanna say thanks, It is just as easy as it looks. . . 11.00 for the kit with the tools and . . I paid 20.00 for fast shipping and got it in Montana in less than 6 days. . . Once again thanks

  4. This is everything a repair video should be!
    *detailed, broken down steps
    *shows tools needed
    *shows clearly what you should be looking at and what actions are being taken- visuals match steps
    *warns you of potential hazards
    *tells you how to put it back together, step by step. NO ONE DOES THIS.
    *alerts you to the correct time to test each component, so you don't have to take apart everything all over again.
    There are too many accented mumbling, hands in the way, poor lighting, step skipping videos out there. This is such a breath of fresh air

  5. is it normal for the top part of the phone to have this tiny gap between the back cover and the screen after putting everything back on (i assume cause the glue isnt there anymore so the back cover wouldnt stick to the screen anymore?)

  6. yea cool, did this and now my phone only shows a penguin symbol when i try and turn it back on…. please respond

  7. Worked like a charm….so easy…. got my camera and tools today, changed it in 15 minutes finally I can continue making amazing photos, thanks Wit Rigs ….but on the other hand I will think twice before upgrading my Oneplus3 to another Oneplus, less than a year and this camera problems, a bit disappointing….

  8. Is it necessary to remove the whole main board for just replacing the camera module? Wouldn't it be enough just to disconnect the battery connector and replace the camera? Also, why transfer the black sticker from the old to the new module?

  9. Hey so I did something stupid before watching this video and removed the camera module without removing the motherboard. And after reconnecting it, my phone doesn't recognize the rear camera. Every time I open any camera app, it automatically opens the front camera and it can't be switched. The LED light doesn't work either. Any tips on how I could fix this?

  10. Hey so I did something stupid before watching this video and removed the camera module without removing the motherboard. And after reconnecting it, my phone doesn't recognize the rear camera. Every time I open any camera app, it automatically opens the front camera and it can't be switched. The LED light doesn't work either. Any tips on how I could fix this?

  11. I received the camera with the tools today and it took about 40 minutes for the entire process as I wanted to be careful with every part that I remove.
    The process is very well explained and I'm glad the camera is good as new. It makes me want to use my phone even more now. You've help me save a lot of time and money. Thank you so much!!! 🙂

  12. The focus on my Op3 stopped working so every picture was blurry, with this now everything is working as it should. Very easy to do.

  13. Successfully replaced my camera module using this guide. Removing the cover is the most difficult part, after that it's all pretty straightforward.

  14. I can't seem to open the cover, I've already removed the 2 screws on the bottom part of the phone. The plastic tool things (the blue one) are already wearing off from my repeated attempts to open it.

  15. My phone felt down a month ago , the top of the phone hit first the ground , and since then my rear camera and led arent working, in the camera app i try to switch from front camera to rear camera but it doesn't respond anything like i didint even tryed to switch, the front camera works still perfectly , same for the led i try to turn it on and it doesn't respond either. physicaly the camera is in good condition.

  16. great video. it helped me in replacing a new camera however after placing back the panel im facing a new problem. bluetooth and wifi aren't working properly. bluetooth works at a distance of about 5cm and wifi about 2m. what could be the problem? somebody help!

  17. The number of people with this issue should have been addressed by one plus with recall. Never buying one plus again

  18. The only tasking part of the repair is detaching the screen from the aluminum body. After this step, everything is smooth-sailing and quite simple. These instructions were helpful. Thank you.

  19. This video saved me so much money and its so easy and reliable. Just changed my OP3 camera, dont have to get a new phone anymore.

  20. Hi, can I use camera sensor from xiaomi mi5? As I know OnePlus 3 has same sony imx298 sensor. Will it work good?

  21. It doesn't last. I changed my original camera according to the video, the replacement worked perfectly for over a year, but then the focus of the replacement started acting up again. Luckily I also ordered a spare replacement camera in case I screwed up the replacement. I think it is some fundamental flaw in the focusing mechanism, possible related to wear and tear in the teeny tiny mechanism. When it spoils again, I will just buy a new phone as I think I won't be able to get a new camera module 1-2 yrs layer. Maybe an Oppo, Huawei, Vivo, or Xiaomi

  22. I'm kinda freaked out, how come my phone wont power back on, is it safe to try out the charger in, yes the clips are on properly

  23. Thank you for the informative guide. Just replaced my broken camera. I can't believe how easy you made it look to remove the back cover. Took me hours and a few scratches/dents just to pry the cover open. Not sure if it's worth it in the end.

  24. Thank you so much for this video, it helped me a lot replacing my op3 rear camera 🙂 Now i can take pics of my dog again 😀

  25. A great break down of what to do but i managed to remove the camera without having to remove the mother board, just thought i 'd throw it out there.

  26. camera STILL didn't focus after I replaced it with new camera from you… 🙁 waste of money and effort. Although video WAS very helpful…

  27. Great video was able with help of this to install new rear camera, found extracting unit from frame tricky, so pleased it works, thanks sooooo much

  28. I replace the camera, arrived within 1 week plus and have new problem, do you know why flash not working in photo or video mode?

  29. Simple and easy. The hardest part was removing the screen which became a lot easier once i used a hair dryer to warm things up. Great product great video.

  30. Just used it to fix my 3T and it was perfect! Even to the detail of the different phillips screw sizes and where to apply pressure to remove the motherboard.

  31. At first i almost got a heart attack, because my phone wouldn't power on after replacing the camera. But when i plugged my phone into the charger, the oneplus logo showed and my phone booted 😀

  32. Thank You for this thorough repair guide.
    Got Your Tools and bought OEM Quality OnePlus Back Camera from and got my device repaired.

    Thank You

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