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OnePlus 3 Screen Replacement – Repair Guide

OnePlus 3 Screen Replacement – Repair Guide

I’ve used 3M black sticker to put the screen and frame together. But the effect is not good. The bottom of the screen is not stick well. The proximity sensor light is revealed from the bottom. There has an obvious gap between the screen & the frame. The link of tools is in the description. Check the link of the replacement in the description. Power off the phone. Take out the SIM card tray. Undo 2 small T2 screws. You need two plastic opening tools. Slide the tool to open a gap. Be careful not to scratch the metal back panel. Then insert another tool. Heat the top side of the screen about 3 to 5 min. Just heat the white part of the screen. Then insert a little knife or a thin card to open a gap. Insert a card from the little gap. Another card. The adhesive will stick together when its cool down. So heat again. The screen is hot after heating. You can wrap the screen in a cloth. Slide the plastic card to cut the adhesive. The adhesive is sticky. You need to put more efforts. Keep sliding. If you feel it is too tight. Heat the adhesive when its cool down. It can help loosen the adhesive. The adhesive is white and transparent. Then use a plastic opening tool to separate the side of the screen. The side is narrow. The same to the another side. Now you can separate the screen from the frame on the top side. Mind the screen flex underneath. Heat up the bottom side. The bottom side is a tough part to remove. The screen adhesive is very sticky. Mind the proximity sensor flex underneath. The proximity sensor also sticky. Oh no!The little black thing is the proximity sensor. I broken it. That means I need to replace a new one. Heat again. Put some effort to cut the adhesive. Mind the screen flex & proximity sensor flex connector here. Remove the proximity sensor flex if yours’ still work. Also remove the dust mesh from the old screen. Put the proximity sensor flex to the new screen. Make it fit well. This model of the device is A3000. Different model has different replacement parts. Check your model before ordering a new screen. Put dust mesh to the new screen. Install the components. Power on the phone. Open the dial-pad,input *#808#. Screen test Normal color. Touch screen test. Pass!! Keypad test. Settings. App-recent button. Back button. All good. Power off. This screen adhesive is from Witrigs only. It’s sticky than other adhesive in the market. We make this adhesive from a factory. Discard unwanted parts. Tear the white film off first. Then tear the blue film. The same to the bottom side. Tear off the white film first. Put the sticker in place & make it fit well. Tear the blue film off. Then put the screen & frame together. Mind the screen & proximity sensor connector. Make them stick well. Make sure that two connectors are through the frame. Put back signal cable. And the earpiece. NO OBVIOUS GAP. No revealing proximity sensor light. Better than which used ordinary 3M black sticker.

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  1. did u replace the hole panel including the amoled screen…i cracked my screen but its just the outer glass thats crack is there any way of removing just the glass and replacing that?

  2. 5:44 I get why Samsung places their capacitive button cable now onto the midframe, to reduce slicing off the ribbon cable when separating the display.

  3. Hi, I broke my oneplus 3 screen. The touch is working but the screen is black and has rainbow colours. But I can see that when I touch the screen it works like normal, what kit should I buy to fix this on my own. Thank you

  4. $109 for the kit????? That's like half the cost of the phone today! I
    wanted to fix the screen and sell it on eBay but with fees, shipping
    & screen cost… I'll get shit back! So I loose out, but you also
    lost Business, Fucker!

  5. Hey, i broke my screen 2 days ago. First the were only some cracks in the screen, but in the next day the touchscreen was not working anymore. Little bit more further from that my phone started having violet and black mess in the screen, now its just almost pitch black . So my question is, should i use this kit or do i need to use some alternative kit?

  6. Tool mistakes in this video. T3 Torx screwdriver should be T2 Torx screwdriver.
    OnePlus 3/3T screen replacement
    Global customer:

  7. I shattered my one plus 3 screen, the whole screen has gone black and doesn't respond to my fingers. Which screen do I need to buy amoled screen or lcd screen. I don't know any of these stuffs. please help me thank you.

  8. I broke my one plus 3t by dropping it on the ground and at the beginning edge flashed white light …. later on the lit started to fade away to black, and the touch still works. Any suggestions on what kit I should get ?

  9. hi wit rigs,

    Today my one plus 3 screen broke. The phone and touchscreen works perfectly well. Any reccomandations to do because I want to replace the screen. its just my screen btw the rest works perfectly fine.

  10. um just letting yall know but I contacted oneplus customer service and I got my screen and digitizer replaced for 104$. Was a lot simpler than this haha and a little bit cheaper as well

  11. I tried to repair my cracked display like in the video, but now, my screens left side isn't responding well, and if i touch the right side it registers a touch on both sides. Overall the touches seem to be off pretty much. Some1 know what to do? Any Ideas what to do now?

  12. Hi I think that the Oneplus 3T uses the exact same display as the 3?
    However I still want to make sure that I can buy the A3000 screen for the 3T?
    I really like the Wit Rigs products and tutorials so it would be nice if you can let me know if it's the exact same process to replace the 3T screen?

  13. I Just sent mine to oneplus , they changed a smashed screen for £87, I had it back within a week, excellent job. these people selling screens for 120 are rinsing everyone.

  14. Nah I don't need bcuz I broke my oneplus one my sister is getting new phone and I am keeping the old phone so yea

  15. Nice colour choice, net time take a different background colour, with a white OP3 and a white background I barely see what you guys where doing out there…

  16. STOP! STOP! STOP! Read this First.
    Pointless to DIY guys parts are more expensive, Its cheaper and quicker to get Oneplus authorized repair service to replace the screen and touch digitizer!

    My screen was broken so I contacted Oneplus using the "chat" button on their website and they organised everything, There is a set price to replace the whole screen/touch 88 Euro (77 GBP) for me Inc. shipping tax from the UK to Poland and back, Phone was repaired and back in my hand within 4 days! and the website keeps you informed every step.

    1) Save money: Oneplus Screen/Touch replacement Part + Labour is cheaper than third party part alone!!
    2) Guarantee: Fitted by a professional so it has a guarantee.
    3) Genuine Oneplus Screen and parts: Do you really want to use and stare at lower grade screen (if so buy a cheap 2nd phone)
    4) Faster: Can be quicker than ordering the third party parts and having the time to fit it.
    5) Hassle: DIY the job and it always has the possibility to go wrong. (there is also adhesive parts which are replaced by the professional repair and listed as parts which you can't buy third party to DIY)

    Hope that helps someone.

  17. So, I have done it and everything seemed to be fine until I switched off the screen. Although the hardware buttons work, the screen is totally unresponsive. I mean the screen works during start up and the entire phone works fine, but when the screen goes black it won't respond.

    The only thing I did wrong: I put in the cable that was labeled “sub” and “main” in the wrong way. Could that be the problem? Anyone an idea what I can do?

  18. good morning, I broke the oneplus 3t screen but the touch is ok, what do you suggest to do only change LCD or LCD with touch? also the suggested LCD is amoled?

  19. My screen and lcd display has been replaced because it was cracked, but now the touchscreen barely works anymore. Is this a part of it.

  20. There is purple spot on my one plus 3T and it's spreading all over.What should supposed to replace screen or LCD only?

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