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OnePlus 5 Review – Is This The Best $500 Phone?

OnePlus 5 Review – Is This The Best $500 Phone?

Hey how’s it going? Dave2D here,
and this is the OnePlus 5, and OnePlus is a company which, at this point,
doesn’t need an introduction. This is their flagship phone for 2017. I think this is the best-looking OnePlus phone to date.
It has a double camera on the back and because they placed it in the top left corner,
it’s going to look similar to the iPhone 7 Plus. It’s a very clean and minimal-looking design,
super thin phone, it’s coming in at 7.25 millimeters. It’s their thinnest phone yet, and I like how it looks. I think a lot of people will mistake this for an iPhone 7 Plus. I guess depending on who you are or what you want your phone to do that could be a good thing or a bad thing. I don’t love the antenna lines. I know they have to be somewhere, but these look a little too Apple-y for me. And if you want to hide them, you can just get a skin from dbrand, that’ll also protect the finish and make it less slippery.
I’ll leave a link for them below. It has great build quality again, and in its naked form it’s comfortable to hold, but it’s really smooth. I’m not sure if it’s the anodization process or the finish of the metal, but it’s a very slick device. It has the alert slider again, with three
positions and an LED notification that has user customizable colors. The display is still 5.5 inches and it’s still 1080p and I think it’s the right
choice outside of VR because it’s like the
perfect balance between good resolution and good battery life. It has Dash Charge
again, if you’re not familiar with Dash Charge, it’s basically really fast
charging for the phone, the OnePlus 3 had it, and I got to be honest I think
this is the best feature of the entire OnePlus line. If you ever fall asleep and
you don’t charge your phone when you wake up in the morning you’re like oh my
god I have no battery you plug it in for 20 minutes while you’re getting ready
and you’re good to go for most of the day. Now there’s a few things that
haven’t changed that I’m not a fan of they didn’t change the position of the
fingerprint sensor and I know this is a subjective thing I would have preferred
it on the back and just prefer them on the back it’s still in the front and it
still only has a single speaker on the bottom I know a lot of people don’t care
about that but it’s something I care about and it’s also not IP rated it’s
probably water-resistant to some degree it’s just not officially certified with
any kind of number. It’s running Oxygen OS again, and a lot of companies put a
thick coat of like third-party sauce on their software I’ve always liked the way
that Oxygen OS feels, it’s basically stock but with a few extra tweaks to
give it some more functionality. So a few things that have changed: It has
Bluetooth 5.0 so you get better speeds better range and support for two
headphones at once, it’s running a Snapdragon 835 and it uses some speedy
UFS 2.1 memory so the combination of a fast processor with fast storage makes
it very zippy when doing anything so when you’re unlocking the phone,
launching the camera, launching apps, using apps it’s a quick phone. The
battery is 3300 mAh, which is bigger than OnePlus 3, but smaller
than the OnePlus 3T that was 3400 mAh, and there were rumors there would be 4000 mAh, it’s not; it’s
3300, but because of the more efficient processor, the OnePlus 5 has better
battery life than the previous generations. It’s still a full day
battery though, it’s not even close to being a two day battery but with Dash
Charge on this thing, I’m content with battery life. There’s another thing I
need to mention, OnePlus as a company has matured over the years, and one of the
issues that had in the beginning was customer service. I had one of the
original OnePlus Ones and I had a nightmare returning that thing for
repairs, it was just, I think was like a 2- or 3-month process and it’s just jumping
through hoops and flames was just not a fun process. OnePlus 3T, a week and a half, two weeks without a phone, sent it back, no issues and if you go on forums, you
look at XDA or just go on reddit their customer service has improved so much
over the years, at this point in time I would consider them equal to some of the
bigger companies out there. Now the big upgrade this year is the camera, dual
camera system with a lot of buzz about this thing because OnePlus announced
that they were working with DxOMark to make something pretty awesome and well I
think it is. So right off the rip, the camera launches super fast and that’s
step one of any good smartphone camera double-click and you’re in. Photos I took in
well-lit environments look great. The colors look proper nothing feels
oversaturated or over-processed, photos in low-light look good as well as long
as it’s not too dark they’re exposed properly there is obviously some grain
but it’s nothing too bad. I did notice though when it’s really dark the camera
seems to overcompensate and tries to make it brighter than it needs to and it
just ends up looking really grainy. The autofocus is fast and it has portrait
modes from the dual cameras for some of that creamy bokeh, but the most
impressive thing to me was the dynamic range on this camera. So dynamic range is
how well a camera can differentiate between the darkest
and brightest areas of a single photo so this is a photo of the Sun and some
buildings, this is a very difficult shot to capture. The Sun is so bright that
everything else is going to look dark in comparison. This is how the OnePlus 5 captures
it, it’s pretty good right? I think the camera on this thing is really solid. Now
image quality is subjective and it’s kinda hard to crown one as like the
best camera or the winner of the cameras, but I will say this, at this price point,
that sub $500 price point, this thing has the best camera right now.
Now speaking of price, the OnePlus 5 cost $480 for the 64 GB model, which makes it really price competitive. The OnePlus 5 is
packed with awesome hardware for the money, it’s like the poster boy of the
appropriately priced smartphone. It has a premium aluminum build, it’s a little
slippery, get a dbrand skin for it. It has a 5.5 inch 1080p screen and it’s got a fast fingerprint sensor up front, on the back we have the dual
camera system: 16 megapixel main shooter, 20 megapixel telephoto and combined they
deliver some very impressive photos especially in regards to dynamic range.
Inside it’s packed with the fast processor, fast storage, and 6GB of
RAM for the base model, the upgraded model has 8GB of RAM if you’re
interested and then the battery is 3300 mAh and it will comfortably last you a full day of heavy use. There are a lot of phones in the sub $500
market and a lot of them are good but If I had to make a recommendation right
now in mid-2017 it would be this one, OnePlus 5, really impressed with it this
year. Hope you guys enjoy this video, thumbs if you liked it, subs if you loved it, see you
guys next time. *End of another amazing D2D Video*

100 thoughts on “OnePlus 5 Review – Is This The Best $500 Phone?”

  1. Giving one away on Twitter this week. Follow me there!
    I don't do phone videos often – Hope you guys enjoy watching this one! Thanks for the support 2D fam =)

  2. nice video but if you have to choose considering the baterry life and the camera quality(photos) what phone should i get? oneplus5, huawei P10 or the honor 9???

  3. No it's crap with a shit to of problems, if you're thinking of buying… Please search about all it's issues first. I feel like a I got scammed by OnePlus since I bought this

  4. I though the dbrand skins were like elastic thinner cases but they are just overpriced pieces of elastic papers that don't stick to the phone properly, just threw that shit in the trash. $15.00 wasted on a piece of shit product, ill never buy anything from them again.

  5. I made the move from Samsung Galaxy S7 to OnePlus 5 and I have to say, it was absolutely worth it. I have had the OP5 for a month and this is my load down. Don't get me wrong, S7 was a great phone, but the OP5 is so much better. OP5 took the best from Apple and Android, and made a solid phone. Battery life is on point and Dash Charging puts it over the edge. The customization with the everything is fantastic. The OS is just clean. I am a very pleased customer. Oh, one more thing. Headphone jack.


  6. Fingerprint scanner should be infront the panel or side. There is no logical sense to put it behind the phone there fore You have to pick the phone up every time. And who wants 2 speakers on the phone. Really? You have bluetooth speakers etc. There is no logical reason to spend space and engineers time to fit 2 speakers. Speakers always suck in phones. And what kind of hand or how much stuff modern man needs in his pockets if you are constantly blocking speakers. Or you are deaf.

  7. The charge times though… I can't believe they're all slower than mine.. when my S6 edge was still new it only took me 20+ minutes from low battery to a full charge using the adaptive fast-charging charger that came with it

  8. Dave I really like your video and whole presentation but to correct you op5 isn't there thinnest phone I mean it's there thinnest flagship but, op x is thinner than opx and stands at 6.9mm..

    Thanks really appreciate your videos..

  9. I'm thinking about switching because Apple is just getting too expensive. I just don't know. I was looking at this phone and the pixel or just sticking with Apple.

  10. My Sony xperia m4 aqua had been in repair process for 1year, until they returned the phone after the end of the warranty saying they couldn't repair it.

  11. So do you want to buy everything as cheap as possible? Well, there you go:


  12. Would anybody recommend this as a iphone replacement? Its getting to the point where I have to break the bank for an upgrade and this looks like a nice potential switch.

  13. < Hey Dave, purchased this phone after i watched your vid, and oh my is it awesome, it beats all the competition in my opinion, even iphone 8 – Love your vids, keep it up (Y)

  14. I know the 8gb version is objectively better, but are there any tangible differences besides storage? RAM wise, is it like going from 2 to 4 gigs?

  15. Hey , I'm from India and I'm a great fan of your videos . And brother please say that which animation software or video editor you use for your videos ?
    And how do you make your Logos too

  16. iphone 8
    cons: too expensive, there wasn't an interesting technological improvement and limits user
    pro: night view for the late sleeper, durability

    samsung s8
    cons: too expensive, battery life is shitty, overheat
    pro: flexibility with user usage, dynamic and friendly

    1+ (internet base, never had one)
    cons: design of the phone, blur sometime in some corner doesn't work,
    pro: flexible and dynamic, can actually be compared big known companies out there and beat them in some categories moreover the prices is cheap when it offer the best advanced technology in the market right now

  17. I specifically bought the 3t for the finger print sensor on the FRONT. I hate having to pick the phone up to unlock when it is on a desk.

  18. Hello Sir Dave Lee, do you think that last years phones are still good for 2017? For example the Huawei P9 Plus with its Kirin 950 processor you think it still worthy purchase?

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