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OnePlus 5 Teardown – Screen Repair, Battery Replacement Fix video

OnePlus 5 Teardown – Screen Repair, Battery Replacement Fix video

The OnePlus 5, the Android phone named after
a first grade math problem, is on my desk and ready to be taken apart. Let’s get started. [Intro] OnePlus is still using the rare T2 bit that
is not normally included with most cellphone repair kits. I’ll link a kit that includes the bit in
the video description. The build of the OnePlus 5 is pretty similar
to the iPhone which has 2 little screws at the bottom. Then I can slip my metal pry tool between
the plastic rim of the screen and the metal edge of the phone. It’s still very securely snapped into place
so this takes a little bit of aggressive persuasion. I switched to a plastic tool in the middle
of the process to avoid scratching the metal because I would hate to do any damage to this
phone. And definitely take out the SIM card tray
before you attempt any of this. Once we get that last clasp undone we get
our first glimpse at the non-red battery. OnePlus used to include a brilliant red battery
inside the OnePlus One and the OnePlus 2, but stopped with the red battery after the
OnePlus X. The OnePlus 3 didn’t have it either. I guess OnePlus didn’t get the memo that
internal beauty is just as important as external beauty. I have nothing against yellow, but red is
definitely more cool. One interesting thing is that the charging
port and the headphone jack are still attached to the back panel. Removing one Phillips head screw allows me
to pull off the silver metal bracket on the motherboard and unclip the charging port. There are 4 screws holding the two components
onto the back panel and once those are gone the ribbons can pull free. This is extremely convenient because the charging
port and the headphone jack are some of the first things that stop working on a cellphone
a couple years down the road, so it’s nice that they have easy replaceable access. There’s a little rubber ring around the
charging port, but I would assume this is to protect the port from stress of plugging
and unplugging and nothing to do with water resistance. There’s no adhesive around the port or around
the lip of the screen, so I would not trust this phone anywhere near water. We still have no access to remove the battery
yet but we can unplug it. Eight normal Phillips head screws need to
be removed from the motherboard. I’ll unsnap two more ribbon cables; they
just unclip like little Legos. And one black wire cable. Finally the board can lift away from the frame,
giving us access to unsnap the one remaining extension ribbon hidden on the back. I’m using my plastic pry tool for all of
this so I don’t hurt any of the fragile electronics. The dual camera set up comes with two individual
ribbons. The regular 16 megapixel camera is on the
left and the 20 megapixel telephoto camera is on the right. Neither of which have the optical stabilization. All of the shake reduction is done internally
– electronically, which isn’t always my favorite. The front facing camera also has that same
electronic image stabilization, no OIS, but it does come with 16 megapixels of its own. I’ll snap the rear cameras back in like
little Legos and then move back to the body of the phone. The little silver circular guy is the vibration
motor. And now we have access to the extremely average
looking, yellow and silver colored battery. I don’t read Chinese real good, but I’m
going to assume this tab means “pull”. Luckily no heat is required for the removal
of this battery. There are no magical pull tabs but it’s
still pretty user-friendly. I’ll give OnePlus a thumbs up for that. Making our way down to the bottom of the phone,
there are 6 screws holding in the loudspeaker. It’s a thin little guy with two golden contact
pads on the back to receive the signal. The extension ribbon can come loose and then
the larger ribbon on the left. The last little connection is probably for
the capacitive buttons on the front of the screen. In the past, OnePlus replacement screens came
without the frame installed, so to complete a screen repair you’d have to heat up the
old display, remove it from the frame of the phone, and reuse the same frame with your
new display. You can check the video description for replacement
screens. I’m going to leave my display intact because
the old screen will not survive the removal process and mine still works just fine. Now that the new screen is on I’ll clip
the 3 ribbon cables down into place including the extension ribbon for the motherboard. And I’ll screw in the loudspeaker. This loudspeaker does not have the waterproofing
mesh that we’ve seen in water resistant phones like the iPhone 7, Samsung or even
the HTC U11. So once again, I would not trust this phone
around water. There has been some false speculation floating
around out there that this is a water-resistant phone, and that’s just not true. The boring battery is back in place though. Before I can set the motherboard down I do
have to attach the extension ribbon cable to the underside of the board. After that’s clipped in I can drop the board
down into the frame. I’ll connect a few more ribbon cables and
then the one wire cable, and make sure all those screws get back into place. Over here on the back metal panel, we have
the charging port and the headphone jack that need to be screwed with their 4 screws. And I can plug it back into the motherboard
right next to the battery connection. Both of those connectors get covered by the
metal bracket and that last motherboard screw. Getting the screen to pop back in the frame
was easiest for me by lining up the top first, getting those clips in place and then pressing
down along the sides very carefully. Overall it was very nice opening up a phone
that didn’t require a heat gun. I might not approve of the battery color or
the lack of optical image stabilization, and it is kind of nice to have water resistance
on a phone, but I am a fan of this phone in general. If you haven’t seen the durability test,
go check that out. And subscribe for more videos like this in
the future. It’s free and I have plenty more videos
coming. Thanks a ton for watching. I’ll see you around.

100 thoughts on “OnePlus 5 Teardown – Screen Repair, Battery Replacement Fix video”

  1. Really like this phone. Durable and easy to take apart. This make the lack of OIS (for the back camera at least) a bummer. Still, very nice.

  2. Hello sir,
    I am confused which phone to buy
    Lg g6 or one plus 5 ?
    I am from india and i am getting the phone with almost same price…

  3. I have a question for you. What do you think of the new Wagner heat guns with the temp settings? Went to go look for one that wasn't just a single setting and seen this. Thought it might be good a start out heat gun till I can afford a plate like you use.

  4. I'm not sure I understand based on the video – is replacing the front glass possible without replacing the screen+digitizer+glass combo?
    I have a small crack in the corner of the phone, but the display and touchscreen work without issues

  5. Interesting thing : I don't trust ANY phone near water. Frankly, water resistance/water proofing on a phone is overrated, and near pointless. I'm not going to go dunking mine in the bath, or down a toilet.
    Not difficult to look after your electronics.

  6. Hi Zack, I've been watching most of your teardown videos quite recently and I've liked most. I have a Lenovo P2 that I recently bought for its stunning Super AMOLED display. However, it's best USP is it's greatest weakness. I have seen tonnes of complaints and reviews regarding how fragile the display unit is and how easily it shatters from the slightest fall. I'd love to see a teardown to see what exactly makes it so structurally fragile.

    An impulsive buyer.

  7. Very glad to learn that a heatgun isn't required to get into the OnePlus 5. I've had mine for two weeks & Loving it. Thanks for the excellent teardown video.

  8. Hey Zach, I wonder if you can do a tear down of the Oneplus 5's 99% brother of a phone Oppo R11. it'd be interesting to see just how similar they are both inside and outside. @jerryrigeverything.

  9. I Jerry, I dropped my OP5 on table edge and it timed to drop on Volume Rocker down button. So the button has gone inside and it remains pressed. I went to their customer care they said, we need to replace the whole back cover to replace the button which will cost me around 100$. is there a way it can be fixed. I dont want to spend so much on that.
    Also opening the back case will void my warranty? Help greatly appreciated. I can mail you photos of how button is damaged. Due that button, sometimes power button don't respond, may be it can't detect two button pressed simultaneously.

  10. New Subscriber. Epic Video. I gotta see if you did a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Repair Video. Both my Cameras are failing and no one the USA can fix it because I purchased the phone in Dubai. If you can fix both of my cameras let me know and I'll gladly send it to you.

  11. Anyone else realised how the phone back does not appear to be CNC'd aluminum, but just pressed? No milling lines on it, like the iPhones or OnePlus 3.

  12. hello everyone, today i experienced this problem on the back panel of the phone while charging, buzzing electric shock. however, if you connect it to a power back there's no such problem.
    Also,Earlier maximum temperature while charging OP5 was around 35 degree, but from last 2 days it is going upto 42 degree Celcius. phone became very hot. i had never experienced heating issue before.
    Certainty there is some current leak issue while charging on AC.

  13. Brought this kit and tried. The screws on the bottom seem to be T1 not T2 screws. Totally wore out the grid and cant open.

  14. Thanks for your videos, Jerry! Want to ask you and your subscribers where is it possible to find a battery for OnePlus 3T in 2018?

  15. Hi Jerry, Please point out the NFC antenna/coil. Most of the time its difficult to connect with NFC because users dont know where is the NFC antenna/coil in mobile phone.

  16. Does anyone know which are the GPS antenna contacts? My OnePlus 5 has terrible GPS connectivity and I suspect a hardware fault

  17. Hii, thanks for video… Do you know Oneplus 6 mirror and midnight blaks model have the same as frames or different? I will bay the screen with frame and I need know it. Pls answer and good luck )

  18. Hi.
    I'm facing problem with sim slot Sims are struck inside they are not opening. Can you tell me tip. I'm insert inside manually cutted Sim how can I open

  19. This is odd.
    At 1:52 the top right screw is missing on my phone.
    Instead of the white paper over it I had black foam/rubber with no screw underneath.
    I bought my phone new straight from one plus.
    Is this a common occurrence in electronics?

  20. Can somebody pls post me a ebay link or some other site where can i buy display with digitizer.
    I broke my op5 display and don't know what should I buy or how much does it cost.

  21. Hello, please, can you help me … I'm from Brazil, and I have a Oneplus 5 that stopped loading. It has 1 year of use, there was no drop or no other problem. Just after an ordinary day, when the battery was at 20%, I put it to charge and no more charged. Can you tell me where the problem is? Which piece do I need to fit? Knowing that there is no authorized maintenance of Oneplus in Brazil, if you need to import, which part would it be?

    Oneplus is a fantastic device … I believe this is not such a serious problem … but after opening and testing, I have not yet identified the root cause of it not loading. Original cables.

  22. Hey Zack I am a OP 5 user my alert slider is not working what should I do to fix it pls help.
    Customer care said to replace the whole back panel which is not affordable by me pls help

  23. Can you help me out i found some cheaper ones but they have same pictures as the one you provide the lcd but around 40euros cheaper

  24. thanks a bunch for this video. I didn't need to replace anything, but the volumen button got bent by being dropped in a very unlucky way. the volume up button was permanently pressed, which, as you can imagine, is not an ideal thing.
    I was a bit scared of opening the thing up myself, but I felt comfortable following your instructions. I applied a little bit of pressure on the volume button from the inside and rectified it. Phone works perfectly again

  25. Thanks to your teardowns, I had enough info to confidently replace the back camera in my OnePlus 5. Thanks!

  26. Hey Zack, thanks a lot for this video, I had dropped my Oneplus 5 with such bad luck it was in need of a new screen. This video was just what I needed to build up enough courage to attempt a repair myself and it worked perfectly, my phone is back to full health. Thanks a lot!

  27. This video helped me last year after my wife dropped her phone in the washing machine and again today after another bath.


  28. It is in fact ip67 water resistant so you can submerge and the speaker will only sound muffled for a while.

  29. Depends on location and person, but waterproofing isn't necessary for many. Although it should be a standard it's about once a year where I would need it or like it.

  30. Can you add a wireless charging module inside oneplus 5. Make a diy video on that and even with other oneplus 5's brothers 😁

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