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OnePlus 5: The perfect phone for students

OnePlus 5: The perfect phone for students

Ahhh, the student They wake up a bit slower than the OnePlus 5 This young male is late for his 9:00 am, again Fortunately his phone gets a days power in half an hour He captures notes with the telephoto lens, to get back to more…important things Here, he uses portrait mode to snap a fellow student He could use the 16 megapixel front camera to say “hi” to his friends back home He makes excellent use of the expanded screenshot when a love rival threatens his dominance He will use this to boast about the confrontation with his friends The OnePlus 5 can suit any style he can think of, even if he goes commando Oh dear… it looks like someone can’t get it in! Thanks to a screen off gesture, the party can start hmm, not quite yet If he’d used the notification slider, he could have prevented his Mum’s call from crashing the party to tell him to…finish that essay Back home, another screen off gesture allows him to turn on his torch to help him find the right key The reading mode will help take the strain off his eyes while working on that last minute all nighter Fueled on nothing but a mix of energy drinks, memes and the crushing weight of that student loan Ready to do it all over again The OnePlus 5, now with a 10% student discount! Take that student debt!

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  1. Dump phone specially student never purchase one plus because of high SAR VALUE this phone drastically effect your mental ability , latency and concentration , best for student keep low SAR device Samsung may be an option or tab , laptop and more important focus on ur books and self makiing note it will empower and nourish ur brain

  2. Oneplus 7, el celular perfecto para estudiantes
    Oneplus 8, el celular perfecto para estudiantes
    Oneplus 9, el celular perfecto para estudiantes
    Oneplus 10, el celular perfecto para estudiantes
    Oneplus 11, el celular perfecto para estudiantes
    Oneplus 12, el celular perfecto para estudiantes

  3. I have watched this video at least 10-20 times when OnePlus 5 was my crush.I bought that phone last year and loved it. My new crush is 7 pro but this video is still on my YouTube recommendation. Everyday !

  4. The perfect phone for students they say. Nah, im gonna buy an ipad pro, an apple pencil and a smart bluetooth keyboard

  5. I buy this… And then I've been addicted…. Until i actually drop out just to play alot of games on my new oneplus phone….

  6. It’s strange to include a MacBook Pro in the scenery of a one plus advertisement,this will encourage people to buy apple products.

  7. OnePlus: "We add a gesture to turn on the torch."

    Me: "Hi Bixby, turn on the flashlight."
    Thuglife: OMG

  8. Did anyone see that in the last scene of the video the computer in the top left corner is a MacBook Air 😂😂

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  10. Every student thinks iPhone is cool in our country so they buy iPhone 7 , 6s or lower. I'm not one of them but oneplus is hell expensive for me. 400$ is my budget

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