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OnePlus 6 Clear Edition! – Would you buy a RED Phone?!

OnePlus 6 Clear Edition! – Would you buy a RED Phone?!

The OnePlus 6 is here. And while I’m a big fan of the super reflective
mirror black coloring, I kind of want to take a closer look at the design and, you know,
clarify some things. Let’s get started. [Intro] In the past, back with the OnePlus 1 and the
OnePlus 2, OnePlus had their iconic red battery inside the phone for us all to enjoy during
the teardown. It was visually impressive to the few of us
that ever opened up their phone, but then they stopped. I’m going to use a lot of heat to soften the
adhesive under the back mirror black glass so we can see if the OnePlus had a recent
change of heart and put the red back into the interior design. I’ll use a suction cup to slip in my thin
metal pry tool, and start slicing through the adhesive under the glass. And then I’ll use the instruction booklet
to help keep the adhesive from re-adhering to the frame after it’s cut. I guess instructions do come in handy every
now and then. I should also say at this point that opening
up your phone or doing any mods voids all the warranties on every single level, and
OnePlus won’t be able to help you if something goes wrong. So maybe don’t try this at home – it is
harder than it looks. Finally, with all the adhesive cut away, we
get our first glimpse of the battery and….it’s not red. Don’t worry, I think I can still fix this. The fingerprint scanner unplugs under this
metal latch, which has a nice red rubber accent which looks cool. And I’ll unclip it with my red pry tool, which
also looks cool. But I’m unplugging a non-red battery and it’s
just not as cool. The green pull tab is convenient for easy
battery removal. I do like that design. I’ll do a full teardown review of the OnePlus
6 in another video though. I vote we bring back the red battery on our
own. I asked dbrand for a solution and they came
to the rescue with some extra red phone skin material. This video isn’t sponsored at all. Tweeting dbrand is a lot like asking out a
girl…you either get a yes, or brutally rejected publicly. Either way, somehow they both end up with
all your money. I peeled off the adhesive backing on the skin
and lined it up with the top edge of the battery. With how thin and flexible this material is,
I doubt it will put any stress or add any heat to the battery itself. I’ll flatten it out and chop off some of the
excess along the edges, and fold it over so we have the bold red battery from the past. Never settle, right? I’ll get the battery all situated back up
in the phone body. And funny enough, OnePlus actually includes
stickers in the box with their translucent rubber case. I’m not sure if I like the big white sticker
in the middle, but I’ll leave it on for a second while we assess our options. Before anyone can truly enjoy the interior
design of the OnePlus 6, we have to make the glass clear. I’ll use a little heat to soften the adhesive
holding the fingerprint scanner in place, and then I can pull that off, along with the
dual camera lens frame and the LED flash diffuser. The rest of the process is pretty simple. OnePlus has added a thin layer of film onto
the glass to give us some sense of depth and reflection. Once I get the peel started with my razor
blade, I can pull it away in big chunks, leaving the glass pretty clean underneath. There are subtle curves along the glass sides
so I’m taking special care not to put any pressure on those. Glass is glass after all. Getting an up close look at the underside
of the film, there’s almost some hints of deep blue mixed in with the black. And that’s probably what helps out with that
depth effect. Luckily I was able to get the rest of the
black layer of reflective black film to pull off all at once, which was strangely satisfying. This is the sound of the phone losing all
of its manufacturer warranties. The OnePlus logo and bottom text remained
on the glass, which I think is pretty cool. The logo sits right over top of our newly
red battery, and I feel like the white sticker now is rather distracting. So I’ll just pull that off and stick it on
something else later. A little bit of glass cleaner to get rid of
any fingerprints, and then I can stick the camera lens back on, along with the flash
defuser. And finally, the fingerprint scanner with
its super long ribbon cable. A little bit of double sided tape around the
edges keep out dust once I set the glass into place. There’s definitely no water resistance anymore
– but you win some and you lose some. I’ll plug in the fingerprint scanner and latch
it down with this tiny metal tab and red rubber accents. And then the phone and the glass can safely
sandwich back together. And in my opinion, this just might be the
best looking clear phone I’ve ever made. Bold and beautiful. The red and black combined with the high-tech
internals of the OnePlus 6 just looks pretty good. Tossing on the included case from OnePlus
turned it more translucent, kind of like HTC’s U11, but I’m sure there are other cases out
there that are more transparent. You can choose from those as well. I’m the type of guy who always has a case
on my phone, but for this one, I might make an exception. It deserves to be shown off. Everything turns on and works like normal. What do you think of this clear color option? We can call it the OnePlus 6 subtracted edition
because, you know, we just, you know, subtracted the color. I think it’s a good idea. My Twitter followers got a sneak peek of this
phone before the video went live, so come hang out with me over there to join in the
fun. And thanks a ton for watching. I’ll see you around.

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  1. I wonder maybe one day phones can have Pixel-like backs with wireless charging through the screen of the phone🤔🤔

  2. Yes Jerry, when you ask someone out, the outcome is either a yes or no. Don't take it so personally when someone rejects you, which you've demonstrated here that you clearly have taken it very personally and then went on to generalize more than half of the world's population in a shitty way because of your failure to cope with rejection. Oh, and I'm sure you said that out of jest, just for the sake of filling your video with some comedy. So am i.

  3. I wish companies would release fully transparent versions of phones if anyone ever did im sure it would be hugely popular

  4. Hi, Zack hope you don't find nothing wrong if I share this video with one of the most known reviewer in Italy, Andrea Galeazzi. This will give you many more views and followers.

  5. At 4:40, if you turn on the subtitles and listen, the subtitles say "sneak peek" when zack clearly says "sneak Preek". Just thought it was worth the chuckle. lol

  6. Dear Jerry

    I'm an indian one plus six cistomer but recently my phone had water damaged and the oneplus team claim it can't be repaired they adviced me to buy new one plus device. But as i don't have enough budget available would u please send a one plus six device which have working display and motherboard.

    It would be a great help for me…
    Please Jerry

    Thank You

  7. pppllzzzz…pllzz…this will be my last comment….u know what i didnt have even a phone …..n u are wasting it… ….i m a bit of jealouse…..plz ….can u give me one ….plz …..😭😭😭

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