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OnePlus X Durability Test – Scratch, Bend, flame tests

OnePlus X Durability Test – Scratch, Bend, flame tests

I got my hands on the OnePlus X. The budget
smart phone from the company One Plus. I initially wasn’t going to make a durability video for
this phone, because I didn’t think It would be far to compare a 250 dollar budget phone
along side 700 dollar flagship devices… But… Between the YouTube comments, and my
twitter followers, I was convinced to give it a shot. And I am glad I did. Lets start with the scratch test. If you’ve
seen my other videos, you are familiar with Mohs Scale of Hardness, and the pics that
I have that let me know what level of hardness the glass has. The One Plus X is rockin’ Gorilla
Glass 3. It also has a screen protector included and
preinstalled on the phone! I forgot about this minor detail, and was very surprised
when the screen started scratching at a level 4. BUT… lets remove that plastic screen
protector and try the test again. You can see that my pics leave no mark, up
until number 6, 6 left a minor scratch, and 7 left a much deeper groove. This is exactly
on par with the other smart phones that have Gorilla Glass 4. Like the Nexus 6p and Blackberry
Priv. A razor blade could do a little bit of damage, but you’ll have no problems with
keys or coins scratching your screen. The back is made of the same exact material,
and scratches on the same level as the front Glass. A small scratch at level 6, larger
scratch at level 7. So far the phone is doing pretty well! While we are scratching things… lets scuff
up the camera lens. The camera lens is independent of the back glass panel, You can see it move
around inside its little circle as I scratch it with my razor blade. The lens is scratch
resistant! Which is awesome. A scratched up camera lens would absolutely ruin picture
quality. Props to OnePlus for protecting their camera. The 700 dollar Blackberry Priv did
not have a scratch proof camera lens. Thumbs up if you like taking clear pictures. Lets move onto the extreme heat test. I have
tested 10 different phones now with this lighter… and every single phone has survived unscathed,
except the Nexus 6p. The Nexus 6p’s pixels turned white, and then never recovered….
The same thing is now happening to the OnePlus X. The AMOLED pixels turn white… and never
recover. This particular background hides the damage pretty well, so let me switch it
to a plain black background so you can see the permanent damage. Now… I’m not going
to say that the Nexus 6p used a budget AMOLED screen…. but…. I will say the 6p screen
is very comparable to the budget AMOLED screen of the OnePlus X. But lets be honest. Don’t start a fire on
top of your device and you’ll be just fine. The metal sides of the OnePlus X feel very
good in your hands. It is relatively soft though, so be careful when your phone is around
razor blades, and keys. Onto the bend test. Ill be honest… I was
100 percent expecting this phone to break… but after the initial flex, it locks out and
will not let the phone bend any farther. There are no weak points. If youll watch my teardown
of the OnePlus X, you’ll see that each section of the phone, like the motherboard and battery,
and charging port, have their own little compartment inside the metal frame. Which allows the front
glass, motherboard, and battery, to all add structural integrity to the phone. Making
it unbendable. I am very impressed with this device. It is
awesome that such an inexpensive phone can be more durable than a device that costs two
or three times as much. Thanks for talking me into testing this device. Follow me on
twitter for updates on videos While I am filming them, if you are into that kinda thing. Hit
that subscribe button if you haven’t already, and I hope to see you around! Thanks for watching!

100 thoughts on “OnePlus X Durability Test – Scratch, Bend, flame tests”

  1. Xperia Z3c camera lens is easiest thing to scratch you don't have to do anything it just scratches like crazy and that thing cost $350-$600 and I own one
    Apple camera lenses are really great I notice on iPhones and iPad that have been abused have unscathed camera lenses iPhone 5/iPad Mini I also own an iPad mini

  2. You should do a dorp test of the oneplus x! There arent really any drop tests out there, and i think most people are more worried about cracks than scratches.

  3. Phone fell out of my bed onto the thickly carpeted floor (it's less than a foot between the top of the bed and the ground) with my case supplied with the phone by Oneplus and now the back of the phone is shattered. Not too happy about the Gorilla/ION Glass durability. I care more about impact protection more that scratch protection and I think most others do too, falling onto a carpet with a case on it shouldn't shatter the back glass. I'm passed this now and have ordered a DBrand Skin for it, but would like to replace the back glass if I could. Does anybody know of anyways to buy a back glass replacement? (the option to not have the Oneplus logo would be cool too)

  4. So the burning white thing with the nexus 6p and the one plus x might be from the organic compounds responsible for lighting up amoled screens burning up from the heat?

  5. Thx for help u kinda great guyz who sacrifise their phones so that we can see wheathwr to buy or not btw that phone rocks

  6. Awesome, I'm surprised, the only downside about the phone is their marketing cover i't not purchasable in many countries :/

  7. as an owner of a OPX this video made me both cringe and also be very glad my device is so resilient.

    that said, I've noticed that in six months of use my front is scratches, but the back is full of micro scratches tho i almost never leave it on crappy surfaces… weird

  8. In all burn test smoked screens turned white… Is it a problem with the anoles screens or they are just cheap?

  9. How does it withstand a fall for example? The overall glass design doesn't appear durable in the case of it falling down. I am considering to buy this phone since I managed to crack the screen of my moto g gen 2, which took me many many many accidental drops… (I guess it is not made for tortoise claws.) I will try to be more careful with my next phone and probably use a cover, but I would like to know if it can live through a falling a couple of times from about 1-2 meters of height.

  10. Bro, my name is shravan. my phone is oneplus x, two days back a small incident happen. my phone was in my pocket, when i was riding rain started suddenly and i was in rain for 30 mins. After reaching home…i don't know what happened to my phone it was switched off and i felt water inside my phone when i tried to turn it on, its not happening …..after two days i removed my phone from rice bag…i tried to turn it on buts its not showing anything in my display…when i connected my charger, in display its not showing anything but i was red light in notification….

    So, bro please tell….if water entered into the phone…will phone turn off automatically or not……if you say it will turn off automatically please tell me the reason…and tell me why phone showing red light when i connected charger

  11. to give information: guys my oneplus x phone is water damage one….but now my phone is showing (the battery is low, charge for a while to power on)…i showed in service centre …he said the mother board is gone but everything is fine……so anyone wants spare parts call me but you have pay for parts (expect mainboard)

  12. moto G 3 is the budget smart phone that sets examples of phone integrity. bring it and test it, u surely will like it.

  13. oneplus x is my fav phone OP3 i bought but still waiting for x2 with dash charge , 64 gb internal storage , 4gb ram and sd820 proccessor 🙂 after all maximum 5.2 inch

  14. Just recently discovered your channel on the front page for the note 7. Subscribed now due to the durability test. Watching this on my one plus x and I'm feeling pretty good nodding my head that this little smart computer I have is pretty alright thanks for the videos mate cheers!

  15. Somehow on my OPX,(even though i am extremely careful with it) my whole front screen is completely scratched. I only put it in my jeans pocket and my bag sometimes. I dont know what could possibly be scratching it

  16. Change your channel name to "cell in hell"..just kidding..very important and unique info..thanks//JerryRigEverything

  17. Your durability tests are pretty detailed and accurate. They are also very unbiased for certain phones except Samsung. You just love Samsung, don't you? Anyways, thanks! Keep up the great work!

  18. I got this phone without really thinking about much. Especially not this. So I am very glad to see this doing so well in this test.

  19. i proudly was an owner of that phone, it's a very attractive rectangle that won't feel slow with time, it's very good for the price, and greatly well built on that matter too, i sold it to my nephew cuz i changed to a S7 edge, because i felt like nothing under 400$ would be a worthy upgrade. (the 3T costs more than 400$)

  20. hey Jerry please make a GIONEE p5w video its not available in the US but you can buy it and make its jet black thank you

  21. I have an IPhone 6 and sometimes I feel like I just should have gone with an Android. Instead for an IOS device. I’m not trying to say ‘don’t buy apple devices’.

  22. Wtf?! My one plus x doesn't have digital buttons , it has the gold plated off screen buttons like the back and multi windows of the the Samsung phones under the same glass as the screen

  23. The OnePlus X was ahead of its time. Only now are mid rangers at £200 starting to meet or exceed it's specs, and that's only with LCD panels. This thing was a steal.

  24. had it for 3 years now, 3 words, best phone yet… disregarding os version and slight lac of power into the 18s…

  25. The Oneplus X really is an amazing phone. I've been using it since I got it Christmas 2015 and only now have I started thinking about a new phone, but can still do with this one. It is so unbelievably sturdy, even survived a marble staircase and me punching it from rage. Good specs too, I can still play newer games coming out. Comes with a micro SD slot which is awesome, as it allowed me to upgrade my storage even more. Sucks they aren't making a Oneplus X2.

  26. ;~; My one ended up falling to pieces after almost 3 years. Somehow it warped in the heat when we went on holiday and the screen separated from the body of the phone. RIP

  27. I imported one of these to Australia. Loved that phone. I dropped it, though, and it's too expensive to fix :/
    Now rocking a Nokia 8.

  28. 0:42 "6 left a minor scratch and 7 left a much deeper grove. " In the future I predict you will say "scratches at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7"

    Hit your name and go to any video at the top to see I was right 🙂 Thumbs up for that

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