100 thoughts on “Oppo Find X: Why You Probably Shouldn’t Buy It (Yet)”

  1. Just watched this video and I have to say; the worst part about it is whatever you were eating for lunch that you took a camera sample pic of. That salad looked awful!

  2. And one more thing: don't search for the weakpoints of reviewed products, search for strongpoints. So You get manufacturer support from their marketing budget (except there is something seriously bad, like with this Oppo Find X product) ! I am sure Oppo will improve next succeeding model of Find X and try to remove the weakpoints You mentioned. This way You will get more free review units ! If You become positive again…because Your voice is the Goldstandard ! Nobody can promote better than You. Because I have hardly heard from You a product is good except the looser products from Motorola. Promote the top 5 winners, except Apple, because they are mostly overprized. Incl. Huawei, Oppo and Vivo. People want good value for their money. Also at flagship level. Also review everything that Unbox reviews from Your perspective. This will increase boths subscribers and viewer numbers. Maybe simultaneously ! Or shortly after him. Review his reviews ! Cut throat competition among You both. But don't hurt
    Unbox-Lewis !

  3. This phone would have a market at maximum USD 300,- because of its weakpoints that You highlighted above. Would be stupid to spend USD 1000,- on this kind of unstable device. There are better products in the market and in the pipeline like the Asus Zenfone 5Z and the Sony XZ2 Mini with the same CPU 845 for less than half the price !

  4. Cannot change launcher is an issue for China edition only, global international edition had no issue changing default launcher. I am using Global International Edition and it can simply switch to 3rd party launcher.

  5. I use oppo and hell the OS launcher is annoying af (especially hate the default keyboard it comes with), good thing custom launcher like Nova ones exist

  6. I wish it had a fingerprint sensor. I dont mind the camera popping up for taking photos, but having it open every time i want to unlock the phone makes me nervous about the durability.

  7. For less than a year that moving part is the main issue .. everytime you unlock it moves especially for those selfie lord people then suddenly the parts loosen.

  8. Always appreciate your video reviews!! The deal-breaker for me here is the software. I really want a bezel-less cell but the software is a complete deal-breaker as well as a bummer. I like a lot of other things about this cell. I'll stick with my Pixel 2 until I can find a bezel-less cell that is up to par with software as well.

  9. lol apple comes back with the Xs notch shit again.. just get a grip apple.. they were once the legends making phones this cool like opportunity here.

  10. What I wouldn't do for a modern Razr phone again. That was such a great period between 2006 and 2007. 5mb of storage.

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  12. Any one of the things on that list that you quickly scrolled on the video would be an instant dealbreaker for me. No thx Oppo.

  13. Android is all about customizing your phone, and honestly this is not an Android if they don't even let the user put a custom launcher on it

  14. Not true, Papa bought Oppo Find X this November 3, 2018 and I opened it on Nov. 4, 2018.

    All good and nice work nothing problem and it the body is hard not too easy break.

    All Very Good unless you let Oppo Dusty.

    You just take care always of the camera. Always wipe out all dust.
    Not you should buy it.

  15. I was planning to buy find x next week.after i watched this video and do some digging in xda, i found that this phone is disaster.. I will go for s9+ instead

  16. I am in Australia and i would assume that the oppo software would be optimised for the australian market, because the phone sells in australia and not in the us.

  17. You could slap a QWERTY keyboard on a bronzed turd (oh, wait, the Pixel 3XL already exists) and that soothing voice could talk me into parting with 10 Benjamin’s for it. 😂😂

  18. Seriously go buy a Samsung or an IPhone no one is asking you to put up with Colour OS

    I'll stick with having the better features I actually want thanks

  19. I don't even miss my LG G4

    Oppo has been a mind blower for me 1 year of use of this phone and my only gripe sometimes the camera app is super laggy

  20. I purchased one today. I'm in Australia and all the software issues have been fixed you can use custom launchers etc etc. I love it.

  21. Thank God you made this Video… I was going to buy this, had I not seen your video I'd be heart broken just like you. I'll stick to my Motion, KEY2, Note8/9, OnePlus 6 that I already have and I'll pick another device to buy. What phone would you suggest with a Notch? I already ordered the OnePlus 6T but I want something with a bigger Notch so let me know what you would buy. Thanks.

  22. See this is what I'm talking about. No one else communicates these kind of points like this guy does. Way to put things in perspective about moving parts, motor powered components, etc.

  23. Unfortunately, you will need to root the device right now to get launchers. Even then, because the phone is from a Chinese market, there's a lot of propaganda because it's yknow a communist country.

  24. I remember the Nintendo 3ds, first gen had defects in the hinge causing it to fail. That's why I don't trust moving parts. I had 3 affected units that all failed.

  25. Just realised that this video is exactly a year old. The Chinese OPPO software is still just as restrictive. I didn't realise that I'd constantly have to fight to use my Nova Launcher when I bought my (now replaced) A9.

  26. Who cares… I love my global international version oppo find x but you can disable the pop-up camera also.

  27. Great vid as usual! But that shirt/sweater man.. OOUuuch!! Ugliest combo I'v seen since my horrid mall experience in Phuket!! And worse even, they destroyed 2 perfectly good garments to make it!! You should've gone with that mall outfit! lol..

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