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Oppo put a periscope inside a phone

Oppo put a periscope inside a phone

– Hey guys I’m Vlad with
The Verge here at MWC 2019. And what I have with me
is Oppo’s new 10x optical lossless zoom camera system
housed in a prototype. It’s on lockdown very
tightly, all we can really do is play around with the camera app. But that’s really what we’re here for. (upbeat music) Oppo’s new system is claimed,
it has a 10x lossless zoom that works with three lenses. Over here in the back
you have one main camera, 48 megapixels then you have a wide angle, ultra wide angle lens
that covers an equivalent of 60 millimeters. And then you have a
telephoto lens which covers in photos up to 160. So you’re going from 16 to 160 millimeters of optical zoom, inside your phone without it being especially thick. Alright so just to get an
idea of when it switches between the lenses, at the
moment it’s using the main lens. But I’m going to cover
up the telephoto lens with my finger at the back. And then start zooming, and at 8.2 it switches so. This is it using the
telephoto lens right now. And one thing I immediately
noticed with the telephoto lens, is you get quite a bit of a jelly effect. Because it does have
optical stabilization. But because it’s so zoomed in you get a jelly effect on the screen
when you’re moving it around. So obviously this is gonna be
terrifically good for video. Oppo doesn’t even let
us try to do any videos. So in order to get really
close with the telephoto lens it has a periscope system on the inside. Mirrors and lenses inside
the body of the phone. So having an ultra wide
angle lens like this, isn’t particularly new, companies like LG and quite a few others have done it. Even having a telephoto lens
on top, having three and four lenses isn’t especially new. What Oppo has done is
optimized everything. It has improved the size,
it’s reduced the size while improving the zoom. The results, we’re gonna have to test it we’re gonna have to review it. But on the first look it does look like a really compact system. I mean just look at the
thickness of this phone. When you consider that
it’s got this case on it, it looks exactly the
size of a regular phone you’re not really compromising physically. But you’re gaining so much
in terms of optical zoom. When I take a photo
with the telephoto lens versus when I take a wide
angle photo and then zoom in. The difference in detail and sharpness is really easily noticeable. That being said this photo
isn’t in focus because you do have quite a bit of
a minimum focusing distance with the telephoto,
you’re not gonna be able to take really macro shots with this lens. So it’s really designed for subjects that are distant from you. You will be familiar
that Oppo and One Plus are kinda sister companies
they work very closely. And Oppo tells us this is
coming in quarter two of 2019 which might be around the
time when we can expect the next One Plus flagship. So if the next One Plus
phone, which may or may not be the One Plus 7 happens to
have a camera system like this don’t be surprised. So that’s it our first look
at Oppo’s new 10x lossless optical zoom camera system. It’s not a new 5G phone, it’s
not foldable, it’s not even an actual device yet, but
again it’s an exciting new development, and exciting new addition. Camera phones are getting
formidably good these days and this is distinctly
different and unique. So for more technology
from here at MWC 2019 which includes cameras,
lenses, foldables, 5G but no 6G sorry. Stay tuned to

100 thoughts on “Oppo put a periscope inside a phone”

  1. This is truly innovative next level stuff for camera phones but dude not acting impressed cuz he couldn't find that Apple logo on its back… Understandable.

  2. In almost every video about Android, there are people talking about Apple and Apple isn’t even mentioned once in this video. Apple thanks you for making them even more relevant with zero effort

  3. عمر ديزر وراه ع اليمين لسه مخلص الفيديو بتاعك ياعمر 🙋🙋

  4. The Israeli company Corephotonics, that invented this technology was bought by Samsung, so expect this tech on future samsung phones.

  5. So the periscope is important enough to be in the title but not so much to deserve more than 6 seconds of screen time!?

  6. The made 5x for a phone few years back. But they didn't release a phone with it. I hope they release a phone with this 10x zoom.

  7. I liked very much the video, but I have to say that the title is misleading. The phone is using a prism system to change the lens mount.
    That's not a periscope – a periscope is an optical instrument that lets you see what's beyond a wall or other obstacles, while staying protected. Thank you.

  8. Oppo & Vivo have been really innovative brands in the last couple of years.
    But they need to work on their UI a lot. 🙂
    & In the Outro, you told no 6G sorry (Trump) 🤣🤣

  9. Asus actually did it first 3 years ago in their Zenfone zoom. Just a rebirth of this technology that did not sell to majority of the consumers.

  10. Pointless. They should focused on pic quality. Like Color, fuzziness, contrast, detailed. I use smartphone almost 15 years, a never use "zoom" function. Maybe it good for videographer vloggers, but of course they will use a proper camera, not a smartphone.

  11. Yess they finally brought back the Periscope design! I've been waiting to see when they would use it since they unvieled it 2 years ago. My question is however where is the flash?

  12. I used to think this was an innovation by Oppo. Turns out the tech is by an Israeli company called Core Photonics… which just acquired by Samsung.

  13. Any one alive ever remember Konica Minolta? They implemented this tech in a point and shoot device that did really well for its time…

  14. Why that test phone has a notch when there's no camera and a sensor in it? They should've made it fullscreen with no notch.

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