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(original) “Simple Fix” for phone not charging, loose charge cord, or cord falling out #1

(original) “Simple Fix” for phone not charging, loose charge cord, or cord falling out  #1

Hi Everybody! I’ve found a fix, that works
for me, without taking my phone apart for the symptom of micro USB charge cord falling
out of the phone OK! I want to take this opportunity to say that if you are not comfortable in
doing this procedure, don’t! Take it to a repair person who knows what he’s doing OK.
I won’t be responsible for any damage or injuries that happen to anyone or anything that you
are involved in here OK that I did.Here we go! I purchased my phone, it’s an HTC Desire
HD, which doesn’t really matter the kind of phone I believe. Shortly after, about a month
after the charge cable started falling out of my phone. I bought a couple more USB charge
cords since then and had the same issues with those cords! I read on Google and on YouTube,
other people are having these issues as well but I haven’t found any solutions other than
if the phone has broken parts.Mine I didn’t believe to. So I was thinking, the phone does spend all day in my pocket. I was thinking what if there was compacted fuzz in the socket
of the charge port? That would stop the charge cord from going in all the way! Well, I grabbed
a needle and a flashlight, I REMOVED MY PHONE BATTERY and wouldn’t you know it? I pulled
out literally a carpet from the charge port! OK I thought this should make a difference.It
did a bit, but the cords were still falling out of the phone! The way the Micro USB socket
in the phone is made, there is a larger open area which is easily accessible with a needle.
But! there is this connector pin row for a lack of a better term that is positioned off
to the bottom of the micro USB hole.I wasn’t able to clean behind that row. I didn’t even
know if there was anything behind it that was causing the problem. I could barely see
if there was. Well, THERE WAS! The only way I could get behind that pin row, without using
some kind of a microscopic tool was to take my needle and flatten it with a file, by filing
it from above and below while holding it securely in a pair of needle nose pliers.I was careful
to file up the top from the bottom a quarter inch up from the tip until THE NEEDLE WAS
AS FLAT AS POSSIBLE! It’s important to say, that if that needle is too thick, and it is
forced between the pin row, and the inner wall of the charge socket,you could damage
your phone! That pin row could break off! You DO NOT want to do that OK. So, again,
I took the battery out and I carefully, gently with that needle swiped behind that row,
and out came even more fuzz. Lots of fuzz! I quickly blew out the rest and grabbed my
USB charge cord, plugged it in, and it plugged ALL THE WAY IN! That charge cord “locked in”
for the first time in months, just like the day I bought my phone! I tried a couple other
cords (the ones I bought) and they all locked in as well! This just amazed me. I thought
it just needed a simple cleaning, that’s all it took! And all this time I thought things
were getting worn out! Well for my phone, this was the perfect fix. It may be for you!
I’ve attached a few images in the video to help you understand what I just told you about
the cleaning method I did. And I hope you’ll have success with your phone. Thanks for watching!

100 thoughts on “(original) “Simple Fix” for phone not charging, loose charge cord, or cord falling out #1”

  1. Important tip!  I would advise everybody to use a good magnifying glass, AND a good light to "see inside" the charge port of their phone or device! You will then be able to see "the whole picture"!
    And by the way, there is an updated method that I've come up with that you might find useful. Here is the link.

    Thank you

  2. Thank you for your help. I didnt realize so much dust was compacted in that tiny port. Truly amazing and hoping it does the trick. Tired of it says 100% charge only for it to be at 42% or 34%. thanks again!

  3. Wow. My Nexus 6 charge port was really loose. I cleaned it out and it feels completely new! Some clumps had to be worked on to get them loose…especially at the two narrow sides of the bottom where the connector had compacted lint and whatever down into a solid. My tool was a wooden chopstick that I shaved with a safety razor blade into thin pieces and used as tiny brushes. Using this technique I was able to get it all out. Also used a hands free magnifier and bright light.

    Thanks for the Inspiration!

  4. Not going to lie, I thought I broke a piece out but it was just built up lint. Scared the crap out of me. I immediately checked to see if I broke a part and guess what the phone held the charger. Hallelujah! I seriously spent $100 worth of wireless charges because I thought the USB cable was busted

  5. Holy shit thank you dude the little protector cap thing feel off months ago and only recently it stopped working. Then with a simple a clean it's back to new and it's even charging faster. Thank you so much.

  6. I have nearly resorted to throwing a flat out temper tantrum over this phone. I will plug it in,firmly. And after about 6-9 attempts will get it to stay carging, sometimes the vibration signalling that its charging …..will make it lose connection so I start over. I will get it set so I KNOW its charging & will leave it charging all night and until nect day at noon or so,pick it up ….its at 2% %$ Soooo mad!!!! After months of going thru this very often,to a point of reviewing other phones,even though I like this one (my 2nd of same model) … And after trying to blow,vaccuum,pick any dust from it …. I see the video & feel maybe there is hope, TY …. TY ….Thank You! will try this.

  7. Thanks for posting!!!!!!! As soon as i moved the needle around all kinds of lint and crap fell out. I plugged it in an BOOM! My phone is charging. It's Saturday and I really didn't want to go out tonight without my phone! You have a new subscriber! Again, thanks for sharing!

  8. I was going nuts in the car because my phone cable would wiggle and the phone would not charge.
    You are a god thank you so much.
    I filed down a pin nail on my bench grinder and pulled out a fair amount of sawdust. I was skeptical though as it didn't seem like THAT much.
    Sure enough though, my cord plugged right in and won't fall out!

  9. Thank you so much on this video, I though the drop I had earlier caused the connector to bend, but after fishing through the connector managed to remove what I'm imagined to be washed paper (from a washing machine) out of the connector.

  10. I just played around for like 5 minutes with both my cables and the socket. Turns out the socket was all dusty, after like 4 or 5 attempts to get rid of some of it with a needle, now all my cables magically stick beautifully. Didn't even file the needle, tbh I was being quite rough with my phone (at first tried a flat screwdriver, jiggled the connector in my phone a bit because I thought the part that connects maybe moved over too much). So, don't worry about the whole safety things too much, just grab a needle, get rid of the junk in your phone connector, then lift the tabs up in your cables and you're all set!

  11. how I fixed my phone. got really mad when nothing worked threw it on thr floor broke it and baught another

  12. I'm so thankful that this really worked! I recommend using this method that will end your frustration and save you money. 🤣😆🤣 thanks once again

  13. I had this problem, but I decided to send it to Buzz Box to be repaired because the battery cannot be removed from my Nokia and a steel pin could short out the contacts in the port and possibly damage sensitive electronics.

  14. OMG thank you I kept putting a hair clip in the phone and got the fuzzy stuff out of the bottom bit and when I got it all out my charging cable stayed in

  15. Mysimplefix can you help do a video for a type C charger it does not want to stay in the charge port and falls right out

  16. it would have been much better if the cellphone manufacturers would have gone with USB to USB ..for their phone charge ports instead of the USB to MICRO USB. A double USB cord and how it connects is a much stronger connecting point …considering the material its made out of, and its strength.

  17. it really worked! the problem was a tiny amount of dust and dirt in the small gap between the pin and socket. THX man 🙂

  18. didn't solved my problem completely but yeah now my phone charges better ,and require less attention.
    before I had to keep holding to charge ,now I just have to put a soap below the charging plug (of charger)
    it works

  19. Thanks man! This was a huge help. Charger was always falling out, to the point charging my phone became nearly impossible, thought It was something wrong with the phone, watched this video, took a piece of guitar string and and an exacto knife blade I had and was able to remove a bunch of fuzz. The charger now doesn't fall out. No more missed calls because my phone was dead!

  20. WOW Thanks.. I don't have a spare couple of hundred bucks to fix the sloppy port on my moto pure. I made a minor change to your method.

    (1) I snapped off a piece of a safety razor blade (with googles!) and embedded the piece in an eraser. (Carefully).

    (2) Since I cannot remove my battery and didn't have the patience to fully discharge it, I coated the blade with a sharpie marker. As far as I know, that will insulate slightly. Wait till it dries, then scrape. You have to recoat after every couple of seconds of use.

    I absolutely could not believe the amount of lint. It appears that the cord now pops in and it is charging OK.

    Thanks again!!

  21. Great common sense idea….
    kicking myself for not thinking of clearing mechanic obstructions as an obvious first issue to address.
    My LG G4 USB charging port will no longer retain ANY cable end no matter the quality. Plug just falls out at the slightest movement. Have been using rubberbands to hold in my charging cables in place for months now. EXTREMELY frustrating.
    I have a bag of plastic dental pick/flossing tools with the pick end shape very flat at the tip and very supple. I'm going to attempt a cleaning like you described with the aid of a can of high pressure CO2 electrical contact/duster.

  22. Keeping fingers crossed that this works….REALLY don't wanna spend $200.00 to have the phones port desoldered and replaced as I am alway wary of poor workmanship by incompetant repair techs.

  23. Tip for the needle-tool:
    The power cord is usually delivered coiled up and held together by an insulated wire. Strip the insulation off and pound the wire flat with a hammer. An anvil works good for pounding on but any other metallic surface schould work as well.

    Worked great for me

  24. I have a Bluetooth speaker which is a press fit can I know how to open it, it's Charing port is damaged and it needs to be opened.. im afraid that it might beak of the casing..

  25. I used a plastic fork. I would recommend this so you don't have to worry about accidentally shorting anything.

  26. The clasp of a badge ID holder has a very sharp tiny needle, and it dug to the bottom of the iPhone 6's port; and out came a brick of gunk! Now it connects readily; thanks for the advice to dig to the bottom!

  27. All the Android phones I buy, the charging ports seem to go bad in less than two years time always..they need to make them better qaulity

  28. There was a tiny plastic piece in my s7 edge charging port that prevented the cable from clicking in..i recommended taking a flash light into your port and checking it well to see if theres anything stopping you…Pro Cho

  29. My charge port on my rather cheap bluetooth speakers, which I love, is too loose to charge. I have to wiggle it and hold it in the right spot to get it to charge. I can easily open up the back of the speaker, if I knew what to do to fix it. I've never fixed any electronics before but want to learn. There is no dust, as this is a rather new speaker, just a couple of months old, and never in any pocket! Can you tell me what to do?

  30. My grandma stole my phone and let her grandaughter see it and she messed up my phone and now when i put it in the charger the battery goes down instead of up and it is loose while in the port

  31. your a life saver but what i did was used a toothbrush 🤗 and then a super sharp knife and i bent the bit in the middle of the port more torwards the center. but i did it carfully and not even noticibly different to the eye. not much pressure and it clicked like branddddd new 😄

  32. Hmmm, I got here because my connector would barely stay in the charging port. Got my headband jeweler's loupe and a fine tip Xacto, and dug out enough link to knit a sweater. Now I'm warm, wearing the sweater, and my phone charges. Thanks!!!

  33. Wow! Just did this to my phone and the charger actually hooks in! I forgot what that was like lol. Simple video but for 5 minutes of your time could save you lots of headache.

  34. Mine kept falling out so I actually put a small piece of silicone inside the port and now it works perfectly

  35. Thank you so much! I had been blowing compressed air into the port periodically so i thought it was clean and just worn out. I was wrong, you were right.

  36. This works for me. I used a cocktail stick trimmed thinner with a knife, to lessen the risk of damage

  37. I tried to fix it and after taking the pin socket little bit up the phone doesnt show slow charging warning again. Thank you very much!

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