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Palm Phone hands-on: an Android phone for your phone

Palm Phone hands-on: an Android phone for your phone

– Hey everybody, I am Dieter Bohn, And if you are of a certain age you know that means that I am the Palm guy. I used the Centro, I used
Pixi, I used the Pre. I founded,
I was all about webOS, I was all about Palm. Then it died, but now it’s back. Not the company but the name Palm. It’s coming back as this little thing that I was hiding in my hand. It’s a tiny little phone to go along with your big, huge, honking phone. Well what’s all that about? (upbeat music) So, this is the Palm phone, and the basic idea here is you don’t want to carry
around your big, giant phone. So, you can have this
little weekender phone, and it uses Verizon’s dual number system. So, you pay an extra ten bucks a month, and that allows you to have this phone, share your phone number and
also share text messages. So, you can leave your other phone behind, which is a great idea, except
there’s a couple of caveats. If you’re an iPhone user, your iMessages obviously won’t come over. If you’re an Android user,
you’re gonna need to use Verizon’s custom text messaging app instead of the built in Android messages in order to get your messages. The other question you’re
probably asking is, what’s the deal with this phone? Well, it’s an Android phone, and the basic navigation works this way. There’s a single, solitary button on it. You press it, it turns the screen on, you swipe up to unlock it. If you double tap it, it will
launch the Google Assistant, and it will listen to your voice
and you can do voice stuff. They did that because they
figured it’s a lot faster, you’re gonna wanna be
doing a lot of voice stuff. Now, there are no soft
buttons on the bottom, and so there’s this one,
single, solitary button, and it works one of three ways. So, if you tap it once it
serves as a back button. If you double tap it, it goes home, and if you long press it, it takes you to this overview screen. They have built in a
custom face unlock feature into the camera, but I’m
sure it’s nowhere secure as Face ID on the iPhone. So, you can just use a standard
unlock pattern if you want. The screen is 3.3 inches and
it actually looks pretty good. It’s not too bad, and for the basic stuff that it’s meant to do,
it’s relatively fast. Although, it is Snapdragon 435 processor with 3 gigs of RAM and 32 gigs of storage. So, this isn’t exactly a
powerhouse in terms of specs. As far as Palm, the new Palm is concerned, you really are just gonna be
using a few different apps with the same bopping in and out. So, it can run any Android app, because it’s running Android 8.1, but really they expect you’re
just gonna use it for music, maybe a little Facebooking, navigation, that sort of stuff. Really simple, weekender phone stuff. (upbeat tempo) Now there is a camera on this, it’s a 12 megapixel camera on the back, and I’m sure it’s no great shakes. We haven’t looked at it on a big screen, but on this tiny screen it looks fine. There’s our conference room. If you wanna adjust volume, you need to go into the
quick settings thing. Now the other thing I’ll notice when I’m in the quick settings things here, is there is this Palm button. This is where we start to get into why this is a little bit
more like an old Palm phone, at least why they claim it is. So, when you turn on Life Mode,
which is what they call it, this basically acts as both
battery saver and do not disturb at the same time. So, when this mode is on,
you turn the screen off and no notifications will come in. And in fact, they turn off the radio so not even phone calls will come in. So, this thing should last
a very, very long time in this mode. It’s only got an 800
milliamp battery in it, but if you have this mode on
the thing will probably just hang out, it’s inert forever. The other sort of cute
little Palm thing is they’ve made this shortcut
on the lock screen where you swipe up and you get this little graffiti area with four buttons on it. Then you can do a search for
C, if you wanna do the clock. Or you can jump right into the camera or messaging, whatever. The home screen here, it
is just an app launcher, there’s not two different things and it’s in this honeycomb pattern. You can, of course, move stuff around, drag it around, install it. You’ll notice here, I
long pressed on an item, that brings up shortcuts to jump directly into
things inside the app. It’s a really underused
feature in Android, and I’m really glad they
sort of foregrounded it here. That even works from that lock screen, so if I were to go here and write an S, it’ll jump into different
shortcuts inside the app. So, jump right into scan
inside the camera app, for example, or the drive app. So, that’s kinda neat. (upbeat tempo) I know what you’re thinking, Dieter, is this really a Palm phone? I mean, it’s got sort
of a Palm logo on it, but it’s not running webOS and the only really Palm thing about it is that a bunch of other
Palm phones have been tiny. Yeah, you’re right. You should almost think of this more as a really big Smart Watch
than a really little phone. You can’t buy it on it’s own, it’s actually sold on a
connected device plan, so it’s an extra 10 bucks a months. It’s 350, or you can get
it on 15 bucks a month on a installment plan. It can do more than a Smart Watch ’cause it can run every
single Android app, but it can do less than your phone, ’cause it’s got a tiny screen
and you’re not gonna wanna spend that much time on it. That’s kinda the whole idea here, is this is meant to be
a time well spent phone. It’s a phone that you turn
on, do a couple things, turn off and ignore. You can even turn on that Life Mode thing and completely ignore it entirely. So, it’s sort of like a
back up plan to your phone. Is that worth 10 bucks a month? Maybe. (soft techno music) Thanks so much for watching, we’re gonna have a whole
lot more about this thing, including a review, when
it comes out in November. In the mean time, you should
subscribe to the channel now, ’cause we’ve got a whole
bunch of Pixel 3 content.

100 thoughts on “Palm Phone hands-on: an Android phone for your phone”

  1. The fact that this phone exists shows that there is a fundamental design problem with leading smart phones. If you need a weekender phone why not use a smart watch with gsm? Shouldn’t your main phone be your main phone? Really it’s the tablet market that is throwing things out of wack. Too many phones want to be tablets, and most tablets want to be laptops. The direction the whole trend is leading to are hub ecosystem devices.

  2. Just get a smart watch, problem solved why would I want an extra phone I bought my phone for a reason to use it, and all its features, however nice idea palm obviously this is niche

  3. You guys are making really fancy videos but least amount of actual information. Please work on your videos because you look professionals.

  4. I like it I think it is geniouss, I guess my main question would be do both phones ring at the same time if that's so I can give my wife my mmain phone and I can use this while im at work and we only pay 10 bucks a month for a second line

  5. I’m not a fan of big phones I thought the iPhone SE was the right size easy to use with one hand just outdated. Currently own a a iPhone X but the phone itself is way to heavy

  6. But what if I want the Palm Phone as my daily driver? Playing Jetpack Joyride on that thing would bring memories, and it's quite powerful for a tiny guy. I had once a 3 inch display phone, with physical sliding keyboard, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro. It was so much fun to use. I would love one day to own again a small smartphone but not as second phone, but as my regular device.

  7. Why didn't you look at the pictures on a bigger screen and throw up a quick comparison with a flagship? Why didn't you test the battery life in Palm Mode vs regular over one day?

  8. Got a better idea lol make it smaller cheaper no internet access just email and txt/call use but drop the price lmaooooo

  9. Sounds like the perfect selling gimmick for a cellphone company. "Buy another device, $25 extra a month for device and plan" so you can use our services less and free up the clutter that is our conjested network on the weekends. Wow. here is an idea. Free hack; turn on airplane mode and leave your phone in your car. Use $25 a month for beer.

  10. WOW finaly a company ho makes cool phones and at this size with sutch good specs never seen befor I LOVE SMALL PHONES, stupid other companys has stop this.

  11. I like the concept of this phone; you can leave your main phone at home and you can take and use this small phone anywhere. The only and big problem I found is that this small phone, does not sync the Android Google LLC Phone and Messages apps, in your big phone; meaning that you have to use the Verizon Phone app and Verizon Message+ app in both phones, you like it or not. Everything else is pretty cool, very super comfortable to carry around. Camera is not to good. You are able to have to have two different phone calls at the same time; something I discovered by accident; I answered a phone call in the palm and suddenly another phone call came in, I tried to decline the phone call in the big phone and accidentally I answered as well. Must be because Palm uses its own sim card with a different number in Verizon.

  12. small and strong is better, I'm still looking for a new hardware samsung s2 sized phone. I can watch TV at home or through a separate tablet.

  13. I would buy it if it had flagship specs and if it was a main device of its own. I really like how small it is and the design reminds me of a modern iPhone 3g.

  14. Jesus, this whole industry has gone feckin' stupid! So, what they're now telling us is too get a smaller phone just for the weekend and give your huge phone a break. Ridiculous!

  15. This thing would be perfect to use in my car to connect to android auto. If only it weren't so expensive. Hopefully it'll start to get discounted soon.

  16. I don't know why but i want it 😀 why we don't have more compact phone, it's rediculus how many new phones are coming out all the time and none of them is under 6inch

  17. so your supposed to have your bigger phone near for this phone to work? cause if thats a huge waste of money, at first I thought it was supposed to be by itself….

  18. I am very well posted and the explanation is very nice but I have a question. Does it support Arabic? And from any marketing site I can get thank you very much

  19. Now we have a phone for our palm, a phone for our wrist, I m waiting for a phone for my ankle, neck, head, other wrist, other ankle, waist, thighs… and pretty much everywhere on our bodies that can hold a “phone”

  20. I do love mine and I’ve only been using it for a day. It’s great for people who have two smart phones and hate having to drag both around all the time. Great size!!! My iPhone is great with my iWatch, but my second line is a Galaxy so perfect to use my palm for it. I do currently pay for a line on my iWatch, but half the time I still have to have my iPhone close to me.

    So the PALM is a win win for me.

  21. Awesome. Think that the Palm has possibilites. Not a fan of big phones for the gym, etc. This fits the bill. Thank you for the video.

  22. Hey Hi, Just want to check with you on PALM phone. Being IP 68 resistant and outdoor phone, Have you checked that ? how much do you rate for being IP68 device ??

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