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Panasonic GH4 Touch Screen PROBLEM And REPAIR!

Panasonic GH4 Touch Screen PROBLEM And REPAIR!

hey everyone so today I’m just sharing a
fix I have four frustrating issue I’ve had with the Panasonic gh4 and
specifically it’s with regards to touch SCREEN not working or a black touchscreen and I hope what worked for me might help you if you’re experiencing the same
problem, all right this is my Panasonic gh4 as you can see it’s turned on but
screen turned black I lost the touch screen about a year ago as you can see
viewfinder the EVF works so I’m gonna see if I can repair the touch screen, I’m
thinking it’s just loose cables so I was actually able to work with a black
screen for about a month or so because I was just using the camera on a static
tripod and controlling it through the image app as you can see I’m
doing right now also but eventually I had to get it fixed, reading online it
looked like the issue had to do with what’s kind of curled up right now the
cable that attaches the touchscreen to the body so I tried taking apart the
camera to replace the cable myself but long story short it got a little more
complicated as as it required opening the body and at that point I decided to
hand it off to a professional so first thing I thought about was to wait until
I go to Japan next to get it repaired because I actually bought my gh4 in
Japan because it cost less the downfall is that it has Japanese firmware and
Japanese menus so you have to be able to read a little bit of hiragana in order
to decipher or at least memorize the menu positions so panasonic is really
popular in Japan and there are a ton of repair centers however in North America
the same can’t be said so there are only a handful of Panasonic certified repair
centers in North America and I would say they’re more like certified individual
and looking at the reviews it seems like they’re entitled individuals because
there’s more demand than their supply and honestly looking at the reviews it
seems like they take their sweet time and they overcharge for some of their
services and because there’s so few individuals it also means you likely
have to pay the shipping to the center and back you’ve got to pay a fee just
for them to assess it was usually about $90 and then you have to pay the repair
fee on top of that so the quotes I was getting to repair the touch screen even
though it”s a known issue was hovering around $300 so on top of $300 there’s
also a good probability that it could take a few months for the repair to
finish so instead I bought the cable on Aliexpress for about $12 and decided to
go with an unauthorized but professional service center and I gave them the part
with specific instructions to just replace the cable and I would just have
to cross my fingers and hope that was the problem. I’m outside Sun camera service right now hopefully I’ll have to take my camera in
Japan these guys said they can check it out for free
a lot of crappy online repair services because lumix doesn’t really handle
repairs out here so I got some good news today apparently my camera’s fixed so
I’m just gonna hop on the subway right now, I’m taking the TTC because
traffic was hell out there and the good news is the TTC , the Toronto Transit
Commission, they have a two-hour transfer window now so I can go there
and back on one fare alright so I’m back see if everything thing is working. OK so I rushed back onto a bus back into the transit system before my transit expires here’s the old cable see the touchscreen is operational. Should’ve definitely brought this in for repair much sooner, so as you can see I’m pleased to report that it’s fixed, camera’s working right now and I’m using it, the repair
costed me ninety five dollars Canadian plus tax so maybe 75 dollars USD and the part that I got from Aliexpress in China thankfully
worked we’ll see how long it works and I’ll report back in the description if
anything goes wrong . Hi my name is Jesse and I’m on a quest to face all my fears
and learn as many skills as possible

8 thoughts on “Panasonic GH4 Touch Screen PROBLEM And REPAIR!”

  1. Hi bro , been looking for if any GH4 user experienced the same issue, my gh4 seem to have the same problem , the only diference is i still can view my image on the screen, just the touch function not working

  2. i know this imight be weird but if i send my camera to you would u be able to do this for me and tell me where to get the wire or what ever cause i have the exzact same thing going on and i need it to work like yours did hahah =) please find me on IG @epidemicmedia and we can talk about it thank you sooooooo much

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  4. My problem is the touch doesnt work. The screen is fine but cant use focus for example on the svreen. Do you think this part will work or do you or anyone has the sam problem?

    This part:

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