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Paulo & Miguel 07 A Shocking Phone Call (EN.ES.FR)

Paulo & Miguel 07 A Shocking Phone Call (EN.ES.FR)

A SHOCKING PHONE CALL ‘This number is not available. Please, try again later.’ – Who are you and what are you doing here? – What’s up, kid? How are you? – Hi, uncle! – How is everything here? – Where do you want me to start? – I really can’t be out for a few days, can I? What happened? – Many things, but… It’s better for me to start with the worst new… Becas died… – Of course Teresa told me about you… I’m sorry. I don’t know what happened with me. – It’s Ok, no problem. Teresa told me about you, as well. And if there’s someone you can trust is Teresa. – I know, I know. I feel so stupid right now! – Don’t, It’s ok! Oh, there she is! – How are you? – Can’t you tell? – What happened, Teresa? – Paulo, you won’t believe it… … Becas had a car accident and she died…. I just came from the funeral… – I really liked Becas… We weren’t much close, but anyone could tell she was a good person… – Yes, she was… – Dammit! Sometimes life’s really… bullshit… – But not everything is bad… For instance: Alice is living here again. – How did that happened? – It was dad that brought her again. It looks like her boyfriend used to hit her. – You’re kidding… – No, I’m not. I’m being serious. It looks like this time… she came to stay. – It’s a pity we met in such a sad day, Nelson… – I never know what to say in situations like this. When you texted me saying what happened, I couldn’t even answer. Sorry, Teresa. – It’s O.k. I understand. – Are you calmer? Yes? I’m gonna take a shower and leave you alone. O.k? – O.k. – See you… – See you. – Why did you come here? – I Miss you! I was frightened when your brother opened the door. I started to imagine things… – You started to imagine? – Yes… I’m really insecure… – I’m the one who should be insecure, Nelson. … Because you didn’t solve things with your wife! – Sorry. – I don’t wanna spend my time pressuring you, but I don’t wanna be a part of a double life. – I promised you I’d solve everything and that’s what I’m gonna do. – Now I need to clear my mind… to be strong to help Becas widower. He’s devastated. Poor man… – You spend your life taking care of others and I love you for that… But you should start to take care a bit more of yourself as well. – Did Nelson leave? – Yes. – Was he ok, Teresa? – Yes. Why? – I don’t know. He seemed to me a bit nervous. – He’s a bit insecure with people he doesn’t know well. – Is everything ok whit your relationship? – Yes. Why are you asking? – Did he tell his wife that he’ll leave home? – Not yet. – He should have told her by now. Do you think he’s being honest with you? – Of course he’s being honest with me. You can feel that kind of things, Paulo – He has a family, maybe he has no courage to leave them. – He wanted to leave them long ago… … he just needs courage for the first step. – Do you think he has the courage to leave everything for you? – He’s in love. – Ok, Teresa. I don’t wanna be an influence on you, I just want you to be careful, because you don’t know him that well. – I don’t know him well? He was my patient, do you remember? He told me things that nobody knows. He showed me a side of him that nobody saw. – Is he going to the new psychotherapist you’ve recommended to him? – He tells me so. He is very disturbed yet. It’s natural for him to take some time… – Ok, Teresa. I don’t wanna get into your relationship… but, I just want you to be careful. I just don’t want you to get hurt. That’s all. – If I never take the risk, I’ll never know. Did you fell asleep here? Sorry, bro. I didn’t wanna scare you. – You didn’t scare me. I was just distracted. – I thought you were asleep. Why are you still awake so up late? – I’m here waiting for Alice. – Waiting for Alice? – Is she a little girl for you to be waiting for her to get home? – Don’t be stupid, Miguel! – May I know why are you waiting for her? – Because she went to pick her stuff at her ex-boyfriend’s place… who used to hit her. – And let me guess… You were worried. – I wasn’t expecting you’d had that trait of being worried towards your sister in law. – I’d worry about everyone living in this house! It’s natural! I’d be worried with you, if you had a problem! – I’m kidding. You don’t need to be upset! – I’m not upset! – I just don’t like when you fool around with serious stuff. I’m going to bed. See you tomorrow. – See you tomorrow. – Good mornig! – Good morning! I wasn’t expecting you’d be awake so early and even less like that. – Now you’ll see me more often. I moved in! – Ok… – Good morning! – Good morning! I’ve told Paulo that I moved in! – Are you going to eat like that? Put some clothes on. – Sure. Sorry, I’ll be back in a moment. – It’s Ok. – Are you really sure about this? – I don’t know if this is the right moment. He left his house for me, I can’t send him away. – Good morning! I like to see you around! – Hi, Miguel! – I hope you have better luck this time! – Me too. Thank’s. I’ll do my best! – Everything is gonna be fine. You bring so much joy to this house! – Thank you! – My brother told me that things are not very good between you and your boyfriend… – I would prefer not to talk about that, I’m sorry. – Ok, Ok. No problem. I just wanna say that I’m also single and we could go for a drink one of these days… – We could… but I think you should think better… Because I don’t want anymore mess in this house. And I don’t like uniforms! – Good evening! – Good evening! How was your trip? – It was… It was fine. – I didn’t know you were coming. If you had told me, I would put one more plate on the table. – I forgot. – I’ll put one more plate in the table. – Well, I’m gonna put my stuff in the bedroom and change my clothes. – I go with you. – Oh, sorry. I had to put some of Nelson’s clothes in your closet, because it didn’t fit on mine. It’s only a temporary solution. I’ll solve it later, ok? Sorry about that. – Ok, Teresa. ok. – Hurry up for dinner! – Ok, I’ll go in a moment. – Hi, Miguel! How are you? I need you to save me from an extremely happy loving night, can it be? Can you pick me up here? We could go to some club or something like that. Ok! See you! [LEO Calling] – Sorry, I really need one of my coats. Dinner is almost ready! – Sorry and thank’s! – It’s ok. – Sorry, guys. I’m not having dinner. – Why? – I’m going out with Miguel. – Then, you won’t taste this wonderful new dish I cooked! – It really looks good! I’ll taste it next time. – Let me get the soup! – Are you upset? – No. Why? – I thought you’d have dinner with us. – You need to me alone with eachother and I’m… – Paulo… We’ll go to the movies afterwards. You know when it was it the last time I went? I don’t even remember! – I can tell! But you know what? I’m glad for you. And go to the movies! – Aren’t you gonna get it? – It was Leo, Teresa. – Will you stop talking to him? – I don’t know, I don’t know… He tried to call for a few times now. I didn’t pick up the phone… He’s in London, I’m here. That’s it! – Don’t you wanna know how he’s doing? Why don’t you call him, Paulo? – Do you think so? – Yes! Call him! – Yes, Leo? Leo’s sister?… But… this is his number, right? Why are you trying to call me? Is there something wrong? What? – You’re beautiful! – Do you like it? – I feel bad compared to you! – Oh, don’t be silly. – It’s true! You look as a queen and I’m just a simple servant. – Oh, I don’t even remember how does it feel to go out! – But from now on, we’re going out and we’ll do a lot of things together. – It must be Miguel! – Hello, Miguel! How are you doing? – Hi, Teresa! I’m fine! – It’s Nelson! – Nice to meet you! – Nelson, this is Miguel! – I’ll tell Paulo you’re here already. – Ok, thank’s! – May I? Miguel is here waiting for you! Is everything ok? – What’s up? What happened with Leo? – Did you have a fight? – Leo… is dead! He killed himself… – Can you tell me what happened? – I don’t know, Teresa. I don’t know anything. His sister just told me… she found his lifeless body… at the house he was living in… in London… with a bottle of pills… empty… Oh, Teresa… Why is this happening to me? – Calm down… – He didn’t leave a letter, a justification… anything… – Calm down… – I can’t calm down, Teresa! How can I be calm, dammit? – What are you going to do? – Nothing! I can’t do anything, Teresa. It’s over! It’s over! I’m… I’m going out side. Miguel is waiting for me. I’m going out with him. I need to clear my mind… and you knon what? I’ll get really drunk to honor Leo! That’s what I’m gonna do! – Paulo, that’s not a solution! You’re suffering! You can’t be like that! You need to get it out of your! – There’s nothing to get out of me! Me and Leo had nothing with eachother! Put that in your head once and for all! Please! Leo chose is way, right? And it’s a pity, but that’s the way he chose, Teresa. If you wanna know the truth… I didn’t feel anything for him anymore… – That’s not possible! After all you went through together… No one forgets anybody like that, Paulo! – You know what? Poor, his sister and mother… I pity them… – Leo has always been very very very much disturbed… Look, Teresa. I’m going out with Miguel. You’re going out too, right? – Paulo, I’ll stay by your side! – Teresa, you won’t cancel your night because of me! You were going to the movies, weren’t you? – I spoke with Leo, here! He told me he liked you! He told me he couldn’t live without you! – Life goes on! Life goes on, Teresa! Don’t wait for me! – What’s the problem, Miguel? You’re always looking at me since we got here! What’s wrong? – I don’t know! You tell me! I never saw you like that! That’s not normal in you! You were always drinking at dinner, you talked to a barmaid. That’s not normal in you! – What’s your proplem? Tonight I’ll do everything I want! So, don’t bother me! Another drink! Vodka, please! – Do you have any problem? – No! Don’t bother me, ok? Don’t bother me! Don’t you want a vodka as well? – Yes! – That’s the spirit! One more vodka to my friend, ok? – Are you sure nothing happened? – Yes, I’m sure! Everything is great! – I never saw you talking to the bartenders like this! – Miguel, now you’re playing my older brother, aren’t you? – No, but you’re acting weird! – Are you’re jealous? – No! But I want you to be fine by the end of the night, not falling in the floor in a little while! – For your information, I can stand alcohol much better than you do! – I doubt it! – Really? – What’s this? – Let’s bet! – Tonight it’s gonna be legendary! So, don’t bother me! Don’t make any questions! And enjoy it, pal! Let me enjoy the music and forget about the world out there! And let me forget it too, ok? Let’s enjoy it, man! Ok?

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  1. Queridos Amigos, here's another part of our favorite Portuguese Gay Storyline! Enjoy it!
    EN: Paulo Furtado & Miguel Macieira are the sweetest couple from Portuguese TV. These two private jets pilots (Pedro Carvalho & Duarte Gomes) have been best friends forever. Miguel is a womanizer, unable to open up emotionally, no matter how interesting the women he finds on his way are. Meanwhile, Paulo lives in the closet and can't commit either, to the men he has sex with. And that's because Paulo is secretly in love with Miguel. Their two families were already united by business (Shopping Place Group) but now they'll be together also by the love of these two men. Watch their adventures, while they overcome their emotional barriers and face the world with Love!

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