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PC Minecraft On Your Phone (Tutorial)

PC Minecraft On Your Phone (Tutorial)

If this video get 500,000 views I’ll make a video on how I got the phone to work as my monitor *inaudible sound* I posted that comment thinking that this video would actually get 500,000 views in the next month or so. But YouTube has a demented sense of humour. Ha ha, hey guys, he thinks he’s going to get 500,000 views lets just make it so he stops getting views right there, ruffly a year and a half later, it’s time to fulfil that promise in this video in going to teach you how to use your phone, as a monitor for PC Minecraft. Step 1; you need a phone, step 2; you need a copy of Minecraft. Ok, you’re done, that’s it. that’s the tutorial, Thanks for watching. Alright, after you’ve got your Minecraft and you’ve got your phone Go download an app called “Splashtop” on your phone. There’s a link to the app in the description below Now basically what this app is going to do, is it’s going to mirror your monitor So whatever you’re computer is displaying to your montior It’s going to also going to display your phone though this app. So once you have the app it’s going to ask you to sign-up because you totally need an account to do this it’s completely free to sign-up so enter in your email and your password and create your account. After that you’re going to see a verification email. This actually to see a test to see you have the middle capacity to click a button. To prove your intelligence by confirming your email. Alright, now you’re signed up and you’re one step closer to Winning the Prize. Alright, now you’re going to need to download the Splashtop streamer Program to your computer, go to scroll down to Splashtop Personal then go ahead and download the Splashtop Streamer Installer for your specific Operating System I have Windows 10 so I’m going to download this one. After the download is finished, click to install. After the program installs, input your account details Once again this is a test if you forgot your account details That you created a few seconds ago then ahh, you don’t Win The Prize. Once you’re logged on your computer, go back to the Splashtop app on your phone, tap the refresh button on the upper left hand corner of the screen The app will begin searching for your computer, make sure that your phone and your computer is connected to the same wifi network they wouldn’t connect unless they are, tap on your computer when it appears select use computer native display setting and tap done then, continue both screen are going to flicker for a bit, just before they connect and your poop monitor. You can actuality turn off your computer and the app will still work, open up Minecraft and enjoy the PC Minecraft experience, on your phone. There is actually a few similar apps like TeamViewer but Splashtop is the best for this purpose because of it’s low latency. Best part is that you can take this anywhere in your house, as long there is a wireless connection. You can still connect to your computer from anywhere in your house, wait a second. Taking poo in PVP, it matters, it affects the game With this, maybe taking a poop isn’t A valid excuse for losing a game Damn, I really have to take a poo, can’t lose this fight though nah, I can’t stand it, I’m going for it Ok, I just have to make my way to the bathroom, just got to remember that this is a game of skill just keep tapping, keep tapping. I can beat this guy. A few more hits, Just few more hits poop, I have got to wipe my butt, I’m so close to killing him, okay, jitter tap, here we go, concentrate, just got to concentrate. One heart, haft a heart I won the prize. If you guys enjoyed this video make sure to check out this one, It’s the original poop gaming setup video. Make sure to leave a like if you found this video helpful, and ahh, as always keep it fresh “Win The Prize!”

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  1. >streaming from pc afaik there was a way to run Mc natively but it's broken in Android 7 and above due to the removal of the legacy unzipper so it will just error out with a zipexception

  2. Also just saying, if you have a pc with a GeForce gpu, you can download moonlight for free on the AppStore (I’m pretty sure it’s free) you can have onscreen controls for any game or even play at school, work or on the bus (anywhere with WiFi as long as ur pc at home is switched on)

  3. Wait I have a question how do I eat in Minecraft in my phone cuase I don't know how only i know at a computer but not in my phone

  4. I just got a Razor Phone, time to test out that 120hz display MUAHAHAHA! (Or maybe melt down my house, i literally got a few shocks from it the other day, gotta replace it for a new one in the store, hahahaha 😬 (pls don't kill me)

  5. If I was you in 0:52
    Mom:Why Is The FBI Here?
    Me:IDK 😒 Mom
    Mom:*Speaks to the FBI and after
    Me:What Happened???
    Mom:The FBI Said you purchase a App and it's on my ACCOUNT
    Me:……..Lol Idc
    Mom:got angry then Gets her favorite thing if I'm grounded
    Me:*Looks At the Thing*Runs*AHHHHHHHHHGG
    Mom:You come back here you Brat!

  6. bruh what if u dont have a computer or dont have Minecraft on ur computer. PLEASE reply cause i dont have a computer.

  7. Wow you mirrored your PC. You must be very technical…

    … In the eyes of all these minecraft kids lol

    You know what you did by omitting "Mirroring Screen" in the title. You led us astray

  8. Me: omg it works ama play survival mode
    Mom: why is the fbi here??
    Me: Hold on a min i am playing minecraft
    FBI: mam your under arrest for getting minecraft for free using a hack
    Mom: crys

  9. Oi cara eu eu sou João Vitor eu quero dizer uma coisa e olha eu tô conseguindo como a baixar Minecraft de PC no celular mas eu não consigo

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