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People Try Hunting Ghosts With A Phone App

People Try Hunting Ghosts With A Phone App

– I’m gonna text the
ghost, new phone, who dis? (spooky howl) – Today we’re trying a ghost detector app to see if there are any ghosts around. But, I don’t believe an app’s gonna work for ghost detection. (suspenseful music) – That’s something you always want to see on someone’s cell phone. A ghost detector app. Tells you exactly what
kind of person they are. – I walked in being like, this is probably gonna be fine. Now that I’m sitting
here, I’m like, scared. – I believe in ghosts. Because energy’s neither
created nor destroyed, like, where does it go? – The only think I’m
familiar with in terms of ghost hunting, that uses technology, is like, scanning radio waves randomly and like, seeing if you
can, like, pick up, like, small blips that, like, can
be interpreted as words. – I feel like this is
more like Pokemon Go. But like, Pokemon ghost. – Okay, here we go. Gonna test it out. – I’m just gonna keep convincing myself this is just a video game. And I’m like, I know
video games aren’t real, so it’s fine. – Okay, so there’s a
green circle going around telling you where the ghosts are. And it says one just went away. Ahhhhh, it’s moving! Is it this thing? Is it you? I knew it was you! You’re enchanted and you’re from eBay. – Okay, I see it. There it is. This app is asking me to text this ghost. – A Miley ghost? – What is your name? Transmitting. Ruby. – Oh! Come on, this is Pokemon Go. Oh, and it left. Girl, please! Girl, please. – It’s right there. It’s a little fart. Just an air floating fart. – How did you die? Cancer. – This one says, help me. (sigh) They just ask so much! Burn my bones. I’m done. I don’t need to burn anybody’s bones. I’m going home. – I’m in my apartment and
I’m going to scan my place for ghosts. It looks almost like a kid. – I’m looking for ghosts in the room. And I can’t find any. Alone in the bedroom again. – Found a ghost in my kitchen. I asked it what it
wanted and it said demon. – Ooh, ooh, ooh, wait a minute. Oh! (squealing) Hey there. – [Friend] Ask it, is it
gonna pitch in on the rent next month. – Okay, it’s, it’s, it’s
just flying around me. I’m actually sweating. – I said friends forever and
Peggy said, “let’s have fun”. – I went into my room. I turned off all the lights. And I looked around
when it detects someone, and I turned and I saw it, it kind of, like, made
me jump a little bit. – How did you die? This is a long message. Burned alive? Okay, that’s, this is starting
to freak me out a little bit. Even though the lights are on, I’m like, breaking, I’m like
breaking a sweat right now. – My night with the ghost,
that was really weird. It was very strange,
getting up from my bed to go look for demons in my living area. – It was like, fun to play around with. But I definitely didn’t take it seriously. And I’m a big scaredy
cat, so, I feel like, if I didn’t have a problem with it, most people wouldn’t. – I was spooked more than
I was on the set, for sure. – Overall, I think it
made me more open to the possibilities that there
are more things around us. (creepy music)

100 thoughts on “People Try Hunting Ghosts With A Phone App”

  1. I’m pretty sure it’s one of those things that just randomly generates a programmed answer and picks a random location to convince you…

  2. I try ghost my room in middle of the night at 1 am .I apparently saw a ghost,but I'm not a fraid of it, I know ghost is reall they are around us,but I don't believe it ghost ,because I'm a Christian.

  3. I use the app and an errant soul came up her name is Mary and she buried alive by someone I won't be able to talk to her cuz she left

  4. The app is fake I tried it before and tested it in many places sometimes it gives me different answers but at the same time it gives me the same answers even though I changed the questions and even sometimes the app gives like same names. Well it's just my opinion I don't really know if the app can really detect real ghosts or not.

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  7. I don't believe in this app
    I know ghost are real because I saw I one myself
    In my opinion, I think the app is just lieing that there is the ghost in your room or anywhere
    but actually there is no ghost there
    Correct me if I'm wrong ☺️

  8. That app is a bunch of bulshit even your passed loved one with know your own name I asked it if it knew me it avoided the question but it didn't know me I asked it if this is the person that passed away in the in the house that I live in I said yes but then I asked if it was a loved one it said yes but here's the big problem a loved one will know your name but I have passed loved ones that never died in this house the app is a bunch of crap

  9. Buzzfeed is downsyndrome y don’t they tell us what the app is so we can try out our selves… clickbaity pieces of shits

  10. Bruh i was in a planten with thuis app and he said there was one next to me above the desert, Then i asked him were are you and he said in my ROOM🤣

  11. people dont know what it is they are talking too and if they knew what it was they would not want to… because it was a demon of somekind… NOT a dead person.. there is no way to prove what it is anyway just because they want to think it is something does not mean it is.. but to find out for sure with common sense just go to the bible

  12. I wish you guys be more serious about this. They are out there and one day we will be like them.
    You don't wish people treat you like a joke, right? I really hope humans restore the spirituality like in ancient times.

  13. I'm a little confused it "uses evps to reveal different types of ghost" wtf is that to mean? A EVP is a voice that is caught on a camcorder or digital recorder. Mainly to try to get information about the spirt in question.

  14. I tried it , it’s said my real name … should I be worried and I’m not even sure if it’s real.

  15. Me if I had the app:*Sees a ghost*
    Me: OwO….Hai Not scared just wanting to be friends
    Me: next thing you know I'm dead
    Me as a ghost:…well sht!
    The ghost: welcome =-=

  16. It’s just fake because it’s
    Said a name but not my name it said that name but that’s my moms name maybe it knows because of my apple id

  17. this is a joke, entertainment app. seriously buzzfeed couldn't read the instructions clearly stating its a joke app?

  18. Haha! I tried this! And like it said in the video I got "help me" & "burn my bones". Lol! It was fun, and I went on a little adventure. I even went downstairs to my creepy basement which has many spider webs. What is wrong with me? 😂🤣

  19. How does this app know my name, I’m not lying, I don’t think I ever said my name to the app, it’s really freaky.

  20. You know what’s not fair that I found a demon and I was using the same app and I asked hi and it said hello Aya and I said are you gonna hurt me and it said no Aya and I said ty and he said my pleasure then I asked are you gonna be nice to me it said yes Aya and I said aww I like you now then it said do u believe I said believe what then I said I’m scared then if told me to get out

  21. Found a ghost in my house called mable I asked him if he was evil he said yes then I said I'm evil too wanna be friends? He said get out I was like waaatt this is my parents house they built it 🙄then I said wanna chat he said yes .?? Wasn't that rude? I mean even if it's just a game couldn't they make the ghosts less rude dam

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