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Phone Call Notes Expose Barr’s Deep Involvement In Ukraine Scheme | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Phone Call Notes Expose Barr’s Deep Involvement In Ukraine Scheme | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Phone Call Notes Expose Barr’s Deep Involvement In Ukraine Scheme | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC”

  1. Hey Barr, Rudy says you're not moving fast enough to suit him. When Rudy calls for hot towels, he means now Barr. Ya Got it? Barr if you want to keep being the aide for Giuliani, you had better step it up boy.

  2. No surprises here – a leopard (Trump) never changes it’s spots – especially when it’s being supported by a cunning hyena (Barr) …

  3. Rachel will end up in jail , Sedition + Treason
    `IC IG and Acting DNI referred Trump for prosecution to DOJ` – is a Big Fat Lie

  4. Wm Barr seems more henchman than AG….Now we have criminals in our Justice Dept. Terrific.
    The tubby toxic trump is a cancerous scourge on our democracy….make no mistake….and he is just as toxic to the Republican Party….He is toxic to all….he incites nausea and disgust!!!


  6. Barr ‘surprised and angry’ over Trump phone call with Ukraine
    no he is not as he has nothing to do with the Phone call
    This is FAKE NEWS ????
    This is NOT Barrs territory
    BUT when Joe Biden strong armed the Ukraine's
    Bribed the Ukraine's
    Threatened the Ukraine
    Then Barr should get involved ????
    Joe did it ?????????? and bragged and boasted about it ????

  7. Unfortunately, we can't even remotely close to being able to say Barr is an independent DoJ. Barr is one of those swamp creatures that put the country and the law behind everything else, including behind a swamp orange creature that is corrupt, deeply incompetent, a serial lawbreaker, a racist.


  9. Wm. Barr is corrupt. He IS Trump's CONSIGLIERE. His Roy Cohn. Congress need Barr to come before investigating committees and provide full coherent answers to many troubling questions.

  10. He won't recuse or resign. Barr is an alumnus of the "Roy Cohn School of Corrupt Law" : "Keep your nose down & hit 'em with everything you have!"

  11. It is a shame how these leaders or fighting against the American people. We would like to know the truth and they are obscuring the truth by attacking the messenger instead of scrutinizing the message. America will lose all of its Authority if it holds one man above the law, constitutional law. America will have no leverage to influence Any Nation about the Earth if these persons are not held accountable with this Reckless rhetoric about somebody who did the right thing and reported the abuse of power. Management in all levels of the institutions of America have a used its power and everybody who came to the Forefront seems to get attacked. every institution in America have people who have abused his power in management and they retaliate against those who bring it up. This is judgement hehe and now because if they do not respect that constitutional law then they do not have a constitutional law because no American citizen is above constitutional law including the president who was elected by constitutional law to protect constitutional law.

  12. This is judgement here and now because if they do not respect constitutional law then they do not have a constitutional law because no American citizen is above constitutional law including the president who was elected by constitutional law to protect constitutional law.

  13. Barr can not be trusted! He is a trump stooge!

    Right now, almost every Republican in Washington, is guilty of extreme corruption, resulting in a breakdown of the rule of law! Our Constitution and our laws are under attack and in extreme threat of being rendered useless and unenforced by these corrupt politicians! They all need to be brought to task, thrown out of office, brought up on charges of corruption, convicted and thrown into prison for life!

  14. Barr is on his way to doing some jail time just like Attorney General of the Nixon era was jailed should 'rule of law' be followed (and has not changed on such matters since) he will be getting a vacation in the bar hotel at the end of the Whistle Blowing Complaint of the Trump era saga compliments of any judge of integrity who can hold his salt. . . William Barr should try to 'save face' to some degree by resigning to start with and cooperate to save his sorry skin from the worse because at this stage it is already too late for him… – he likely will face serious consequences for his behaviour – breaking the law himself. . . He is a walking joke which makes the entire Trump administration look like a circus which shall make the Nixon era seem like chump change compared to what is happening in US history now because events of today are no longer 'domestic' …they spill over the US borders into international politics and a level of crimes the likes of which we had never seen before coming from the Oval Office. . . All this shall make great material for movie-making business in the future when the dust settles to recap the entire era and tally the count of all those headed for jail. . . THANK GOD there are people in the US Congress who have the intelligence to recognize the wrongs and to wake up the public as to the seriousness of the matter – AND – people in the public forum also keen enough to point out many issues which revolve around this ! The number of indictments and list of criminal accusations is getting longer by the minute. . . When you least expect it, the Trump administration keeps getting worse and this I am certain is only the tip of the iceberg. . . When the entire can of worms opens, I hope the orange Caesar will be getting an orange jumpsuit and head to the bar hotel because this is where he belongs! He should be tried for ALL his crimes – tax fraud, tax evasion, money laundering, assault against women, collusion, extortion, etc., etc. . . . I would not be surprised is somewhere in this entire saga if murder became part of the picture as there have been some 'political' mysterious murders since just prior to the 2016 elections which have yet to be resolved. . .

  15. I don’t understand: if in the complaint, the name of Barr is mentioned, why those 2 persons went to his office to report aboutir complaint?

  16. This person is wasting their talent! He/she should be winning screenwriters Oscars based on this fiction she's weaving. Out-right fabrications and lies of omission! Can you say "Smoke and Mirrors"? Nobody is above the Law right? Remember that when Barr starts dropping the indictments against many Democrats! #DrainTheSwamp #TrumpTrain2020 #TriggerALiberal

  17. The Lefts narration has way to many holes in it, dosn't even reflect what's happening know. Good Luck, Truth is way more powerful than your narrative. Evidence will exonerate.

  18. We're going to take bets on how many times R Maddow twitch's her feet when we hang her . Pedavores will die by the rope. Gitmo Gitmo Gitmo Gitmo Gitmo. Trump2020/2024 Trump 2024/2028. Haha Charade you are.

  19. We're going to take bets on how many times R Maddow twitch's her feet when we hang her . Pedavores will die by the rope. Gitmo Gitmo Gitmo Gitmo Gitmo. Trump2020/2024 Trump 2024/2028. Haha Charade you are.

  20. Grow up we won!! Next one to.
    To obvious that it's a Coup Datt'a,most Americans are to wise of it.See right through it. We are coming Reddy or not.

  21. Trump is So corrupt, illegal president. This all only proof that Russia did help Trump. Trump got away with it the first time, thought he would get away with it for second time. THE WBLOWER IS A HERO. Trump presidency is illegal, its stolen.

  22. a nation under new leadership .finds crimes done by our nation , ask the US look in to the crimes , the other party who lost , tries to cover it self by launching a attack . the old counterattack to stop a attack rule of the nazi party . this is the war for last 3 years i have seen . demm have never been wrong , they have always done this tactic . going on 197 years . they have never faced trump

  23. I agree Barr should be impeached, and disbarred from ever practicing law again. The Republicans need to be thrown out of every office they are in they are corrupt disloyal traitors!

  24. Somebody, somewhere has something on Barr. He unfortunately, has been around the block and probably is in a position to call in very many high level favours – why would he have volunteered to get involved on Trump's behalf. There's much more to this than meets the eye. You have to wonder if it's Trump himself that's the distraction.

  25. Wait and see !!! You will lost this time again . Trump 2020 for sure because you guys makings things up . Americans are now Fed up all these Hoax.

  26. Impeach that treasonous Putin's puppet immediately! Just sickening and disgusting! Despicable even! Enough is enough already! Impeach that traitor! Impeach! Period!

  27. When your own FBI and DOJ refuse to cooperate with the president what else is a person to do? Nothing negates what Joe Bidden did , he with held money from a foreign government in exchange for the prosecutor looking into his son to be fired! Quid quo pro! Without any question!!

  28. Bart's whole family was mixed in with Epstein, I think it's safe to say that the Atty Generals family likes child molestation. Why else would that have him teach kids their "special school". And by the way, 109 of those kids are GONE

  29. Just because Biden is running for president doesn't meant the executive branch has to ignore admissions of crimes. You guys are masters of illusion.

  30. Barrf should be impeached and locked up.he was appointed because he WOULD PROTECT THE TRAITOR IN CHIEF.
    he is protecting trump NOT the constitution

  31. Thanks Rachel for shedding light on Justice Dept. Barr is far more corrupt than many prisoners presently serving hard time.

  32. I hope Barr is deeply involved it is his job. I'm so tired of members of Congress the Senate and all government employees not earning their salaries. Until the media stops playing games and get down to business instead of causing division. Until then and only then will Americans hardworking Americans stop being robbed of their tax dollars.

    Maybe then we can afford to help homeless starving people including undocumented individuals off the streets. When was the last time you heard Marrow call out a Democrat? People it can't only be Republicans at fault. Rachel is in a position to help so many people and she is wasting her position as well as her talent.

  33. MSM all belong in jail for fraud, lying to the American public, being organizations of Soros deep state propaganda.

  34. Richard are not shame of ur self if not I am ashamed of u 3 years of ur Russian collusion now Ukraine collusion MSNBC fake news just wait tee 2020 election u we cry again

  35. There's not much difference in Agnew and Trump. …self enrichment just doesn't work …when you are a sloppy POTUS or vice POTUS …

  36. Crooked Republicans for some strange reason seem to be FAT – trump, BARR, LIMBAUGH, HANNITY.. Criminality seems to be fattening..

  37. Barr is the one who let Reagan off scott free during the Iran-Contra Affair, He has a long dishonorable career as a scum bag.

  38. Rachel Maddow is so much more intelligent than her viewing audience it's almost not fair. More propagandist than journalist,she takes her viewers hostage,with piffy narratives as a way to manipulate her viewers into jaded perceptions,as if her rhetoric is the gospel truth. Mixing supposition,with half truth and flat out lies. She's dangerously manipulative. The propaganda that she's spewing now,is exactly the same rhetoric she was selling for over 2yrs,with the Mueller hoax investigation. Rachel Maddow actually convinced Americans that Trump was a top secret double agent for Russia and Mueller was on an Austin Powers mission to take America back from the claws of Putin.

  39. Trump must have interesting information on so many of The high-level positions-held people who continue to support and defend Trump’s position and his actions!

  40. I see a dozen scrambled eggs in the face of the shameful corrupt MSM and the Dems who are serving globalist ideology at Americas peril. Trump 2020

  41. Trump said he can't be bought. Name one swamp creature who didn't make lots of money off of political position?? Clinton's Obummer who are prime ex. Of making truckloads!

  42. Grotesque transformation of our office of President, office of DOJ. Praying that this scourge of dishonesty, immorality will soon be gone.

  43. This stable genius has the kind of supporters that believes in Santa, tooth ferry and the likes… SAD Republican party puppets!

  44. Men over 55 who are overweight and under great stress are ripe for a heart attack or stroke. Pompeo, Barr, and dumpy fall into that category. That should scare each of them enough to call it quits and save what little life they have left. They already have lost their dignity, so life is all they have left to lose.

  45. Rachel Madcow supporters are a bunch of sheep. Following narratives to suit their subjective opinion against Trump. Jumping from one narrative to another without even waiting for a fact to be proven before accepting what they are being fed.
    Let us go back to:

    The Comey notes = nothing burger
    Comey hearing = nothing burger
    Mueller report = nothing burger
    Russia collusion = nothing burger

    Forget about:

    Clinton and Lynch tarmac meeting
    Hillary's mysterious destruction of laptops and mobile phones
    Blind eye to the Clinton foundation
    Fake Dossier

    Have fun with your make believe, while you can…

  46. So Barr is involved. ah…he's the AG, you bozo. The Biden's committed crimes…why wouldn't he be involved?

  47. Sounds to me like we desperately need a revamp of checks & balances within our govt so not more than one person can end up being involved in these corruptions… when we have such a turnover & see so many people being "fired" so quickly who have done well in their office until now, something isobviously NOT right there …
    What a red flag in our faces, of course !!! ….crooks appoint who they know, or truly think, will do their bidding …they also do not TELL them what they plan, they let them slowly see more & more of it for themselves as most "honest, caring" people dont see this stuff immediately…. I feel the people who have lost their jobs due to not going along with all this WH corruption should be compensated in some way for their loyalty to our country & for our govt not accounting for this in their checks & balances of our govt. … I'd rather see my taxpayer dollar go to assisting them than to assure a crook another seat in govt in the next election
    Impeach with Godspeed

  48. More fake news. William Barr is AG and one of his job is to investigating corruption, including the corruption of a Democrat party and ex administration in WH.

  49. At the end of the day a great number of people are going to be going to jail because of Trump. While they have shown loyalty to him, he will show none back. They will be out on a limb and will ultimately answer for their crimes. For some like Barr this will probably mean they will lose their license to practice law, and so while doing Trump's bidding they will have destroyed their whole career for nothing. Others like Miller will become laughing stocks who will find employment very difficult to find. They will have nobody to blame but themselves because they all seem to believe that they have become untouchable and can do whatever they like. Forty nine people finished up in jail because of Nixon and the level of corruption in his administration was nothing like what Trump has overseen.I would hope that a members of this administration are putting aside funds for legal representation because they are going to need it

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