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Phone Case Crochet Pattern & Tutorial

Phone Case Crochet Pattern & Tutorial

hi everyone welcome to the Jayda in
stitches show today we’re gonna make a little phone case this is the next
little project in our spring themed tidy up an organized series that’s aimed at
making sense of all the stuff and clutter we carry around in our bags with
us last week we made a travel tissue case and if you miss it we’ll make sure
that that’s linked either up here or down there this phone case
well not drop proof will help protect the screen of your phone from getting
scratched by other little things that might be floating around your bag it
ties shut to so once you pop your phone in its not going to fall out and even if
you’ve already got a case on your phone this makes it a nice little place for
your phone to live while it’s in your bag so let’s grab our hooks grab our
yarn we’ll head on over to the craft table and we will stitch up a little
phone case together I’m using a medium size four 100% cotton yarn for this
project cotton is strong and soft whatever yarn
you choose you’re going to want to make sure it is something that it’s got a
nice tight spin or weave to it and doesn’t have any kind of fiber or
bristle that is going to potentially scratch the outside of your phone that’s
why I’ve chosen cotton and because all of our phones are different sizes you’re
going to want to have at least 50 grams or a hundred yards of yarn in order to
complete the project you’re also going to want a pair of scissors a our needle
and I’m using a 5.5 millimeter hook this is also known as an eye or a nine in the
US a size five in the UK you’re also gonna want your phone and once you’ve
got all that together we can get started if you really enjoy our show and you
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browser you’re going to want to have your phone handy throughout this project
so I’m pretty sure it’s closed to you anyway but you want to make sure it’s on
hand so that you can continue to measure your case against it and a very
important note before we get started if you’re making your case for your phone
and you don’t already have your phone in some kind of case that’s fine
you’re gonna make this case to fit over your phone but if your phone already has
some sort of little protective case on it or even one that closes over leave it
inside your case you can crochet your crochet case to fit the entire thing so
it’s just added protection for your phone we’re going to take our yarn and
make a slipknot we’re all going to chain four to begin into that first chain
we’re going to work two double crochet so very carefully two double crochet
into that first chain we made and then those other three chains are going to
count as a double crochet stitch so there’s your chain four and you’ve
worked two double crochet into that first chain we’re going to chain three
and into that same chain it’s going to look a little bigger you’re going to
work three more double crochet all right you should all have something
that looks like this and now we’re going to continue this is Row two we’re going
to chain three to begin the chain three at the beginning of each of these rows
in this first little part of our phone case counts as a chain the chain three
you should say counts as a double crochet so when you turn your work and
you see that first stitch there you’re going to skip it because the chain three
counts as a double crochet and it’s already accounted for so you’re going to
skip over that stitch and double crochet into the next stitch double crochet into
the stitch after that and that brings us up to that chain three space into this
chain three space we’re going to work three double crochet chain 3 3 double
crochet once you’ve worked three double crochet chain 3 3 double crochet into
that space you’re going to work a double crochet into each of the tops of those 2
double crochet from the previous row and that will bring you up to the top of the
chain 3 which remember we’re treating as a double crochet so when you get to the
end there’s your chain 3 you’re going to double crochet into the top of that
chain 3 so just jam your hook through the top of that chain 3 and now we all
have something that looks like this so this is the little established pattern
this is why you want to have your phone case handy your phone might be really
narrow in which case the bottom of that work sort of fits along the edge maybe
it hangs over it a little bit if it’s really narrow but chances are we’re all
going to need to do one more row for our third row of this little triangle we’re
all going to chain three and turn you should all have six stitches here so
this is your first stitch your chain three counts as a double crochet so you
want to work at least five more double crochet there’ll be five double crochet
to work before you get up to that chain three space so there’s my chain three there’s a
double crochet worked into each of the other five stitches there that brings me
up to the chain three space and we work three double crochet chain 3 3 double
crochet into that space so there’s three double crochet chain 3 3 double crochet
all worked into that space and now you should have 6 so 5 actual double
crochets and then a chain 3 those all count as 6 stitches
you should have 6 stitches to work across so that means 6 double crochets
until you get to the end of row 3 of our little triangle there we are that’s
three rows of a little triangle shape so you should have 9 double crochet across
each side so 9 double crochet a chain 3 and 9 double crochet that includes your
chain 3 and then if you put this across the top of your phone case it should
come out the side a little bit so you can sit your phone case across it you
should have a little bit of overhang and that overhang should be able to come up
on both sides of your phone if it’s still not wide enough chain 3 crochet
all the way back so double crochet all the way back to your chain 3 space work
three double crochet chain 3 3 double crochet and double crochet in each one
of those stitches including the top of the chain 3 to make a fourth row in
which case you’ll have 12 double crochet on each side of that chain 3 space so
that’s only if you need to do a fourth row but if the bottom long edge of your
little triangle fits over sort of the top and the sides of your phone case
then we’re all ready to move on to the next step we’re going to take our little
triangle and we’re going to focus on this edge now so the long edge this is
the edge you might still have your little short tail hanging out and we’re
going to work across the top of it so because we were using the double crochet
stitch each double crochet stitch is going to get the equivalent of two half
double crochets worked across the edge so here’s your first stitch that’s the
double crochet we’re not going we’re just going to
chain one to kind of bring ourselves up but this chain one it turning isn’t
going to count as a stitch we’re going to work a half double crochet so I’m
gonna try and kind of grab edges of the stitch here so a couple pieces of the
stitch working right through it and another one so that’s two half double
crochet worked along the edge of that first stitch then you come to what would
have been a chain three you’re going to work two half double crochet along the
edge of that so you just want to kind of crab grab a piece of chain stitches let
me go then there’s the next stitch at the end of row one which is a double
crochet and we’re going to work two half double crochets across the edge of that
stitch and you see when you work through the stitches you get a nice even edge
there’s no pulling and there’s no gaps then we’re all in the very center that
was that first chain we made you’re going to work one half double crochet
into that and then you’re going to do the same thing out the other side so
you’re going to work a half two half double crochets across that chain three
two half double crochets across that double crochet stitch and two half
double crochets across the edge of your chain three you might want to get your
last one to sort of sit right at the very edge but I’ll catch up with you
when you get there all right I’ve worked a half double
crochet to in fact across the edge of each of those rows so there’ll be six
one in the very center seven and then another six up the other side I’m going
to put my last half double crochet sort of right at the very edge that’s my
little short tail that began the whole thing so just ignore that so you should
have thirteen half double crochet stitches across the bottom edge of your
triangle that’s if you did three rows of a triangle if you did four rows of a
triangle you’ll have an extra four stitches so we have 13 if you did four
rows of the triangle you’ll have 17 stitches but most of us would probably
have a triangle that looks like that now it’s pretty easy from here on out we’re
all going to just chain 1 turn our work always ignore your little turning chain
the turning chain doesn’t count now and you’re just going to half double crochet
in each stitch all the way across so every row will have the same number of
stitches for most of us that will be 13 for some of you that will be 17 and
you’re going to continue to half double crochet in every stitch chain one turn
at the end of every row and you’re going to work on this sort of back and forth
half double crochet stitch until this length of fabric from the edge of your
triangle down is the same height as your phone I’ll show you that when I get to
it I’ve crocheted another 15 rows of half
double crochets so we did the first half double crochet row across the edge of
our triangle and now I’ve done 15 more it doesn’t matter how many you’ve got as
long as your phone can sit inside that fabric and you can see those edges kind
of come right up and over the edge which is just great it’s better to err on the
side of a little wider than it is to be not wide enough now that I’ve gotten 15
extra rows I know that’s how many more rows again I have to add in order for
this piece of fabric to be able to flip back up over top of my phone so that’s
15 rows for me however many rows it is for you you’re going to double it now so
you’re going to do another however many rows 15 for me it could be
14 for you it could be 12 it could be 20 however long your phone is what you want
to achieve is a piece of rectangular fabric that can fold up nice and neatly
with the bottom edge aligning across the bottom of your triangle I’ve completed
another 15 rows so including the one I built across the bottom of our initial
triangle I have 31 rows of half double crochet
each of my rows is 13 stitches long or struck through 13 stitches across I
pulled up on my loop and now I just want to double check that my phone will fit
inside if I fold up the fabric so if you stretch it a little bit and you fold it
up you should be able to completely hide your phone inside the little case and of
course this triangle is going to eventually become the little fold over
piece that keeps your phone from flying out the top if it’s not long enough then
go ahead and add another row or two however when you need but if it’s long
enough like I said with a little bit of stretch it completely covers it then
you’ve got enough rows of half double crochet and now we’re going to seam the
entire thing together and work a little border all the way around we want to
bring the bottom of our long line of rectangle so the bottom our long
rectangle up to a line with just underneath that first row of half double
crochet we made so you don’t want to cover it you wanted to just sort of sit
along the bottom of it now we don’t want to chain one at the end of our last row
so if you did chain one carefully take that chain one out you don’t need it
what we’re going to do is start to crochet all the way up the edge of our
little triangle and the first thing we’re going to do is work a single
crochet right into that so this is probably where you worked a half double
crochet this little space right here you see all of the actual stitches start you
want to just basically begin your seam by working a single crochet into that
first space that’s just to sort of anchor up the piece of fabric then you
can skip to the next stitch you’re going to work a single crochet into the top of each one of those double crochets all
the way up the edge of your triangle now this triangle will probably have nine
double crochets in it for most of us this sort of side of the triangle might
be 12 if you had to make a bigger triangle it doesn’t matter you just want
to work a single crochet in the top of each of those stitches so it looks nice
and even when you get up to the chain 3 space you’re going to work 2 single
crochet 4 chains and 2 single crochet so 2 single crochet chain 4 2 single
crochet and that gives you just a little extra loop at the top there and then
make sure you don’t miss the top of that first single crow the first crochet
stitch you need to work into you’re going to work a single crochet into the
top of those 9 stitches or 12 down the edge the other side of your triangle and
I’ll catch up with you in a second once you’ve worked a single crochet into the
top of each of those double crochets all the way down the other side of your
triangle it’s time to join the other edge of our rectangle and this will be
the edge of that first half double crochet row you worked you’re going to
grab the top of the last stitch of your row now that would have been the first
stitch of your last row I should say it’ll be a little bit small and you’re
going to stick your hook through the side of that half double crochet row and
you’re going to single crochet and now you’ve joined it so you should have both
of the top edges join together now into open sides so just a recap you should be
joined it both tops you should have a nice neat row of single crochet you’re
running up and down both sides of your triangle with another nice loop at the
top that’s a top part done now all we want to do is single crochet a seam down
the first open side of case and you’re gonna do this by just
grabbing pieces of the sides of stitches of each row and single crocheting there
is no set number of stitches we all have a different number of rows you just want
to work a single crochet making sure that you get through both pieces of
fabric just put your hook through the stitches right where it feels natural so
whatever you think the next stitch should go pull back every once in a
while make sure that you’re not accidentally missing one side or the
other make sure that it lies nice and flat it doesn’t look like it’s buckling
like you’re working too many or too few stitches and if you have to you can just
take the time to put your hook first through one side and then jam it through
a piece of a stitch on the other side there is no fine science to this just
work your way at single crocheting a little seam down the edge it will look
really neat and tidy on both sides and it’ll provide a nice solid seam I’ve
worked single crochet through both sides of my case down that first row or that
first side I should say looks nice and neat and tidy I’m at the bottom now and
I’m going to single crochet all the way across the bottom this will give the
bottom a little added strength and it doesn’t it allows you to not have to cut
your yarn and then rejoin your yarn so we’re just going to keep going in a
solid row there are probably lots of little things that you could use as a
guide to work your single crochets through I’m just going to use the little
bits of stitches that’s show up in between or those little loops I’m just
going to try and use the same thing every single time and there should be 13
all the way across I’m not going to work extra stitches in the corner I’m just
going to round the corner and keep going and I’m just going to use these little
loops that sort of are part of the stitches from that particular row it
doesn’t matter what part you use you can work right through the fabric you can
use just a couple of simple loops whatever you think you like the look of
better so that’s what it looks like if I’m just using a piece the same piece of
a stitch as I work all the way across and because I had 13 stitches there
should be roughly 13 of these worked across the bottom but it doesn’t really
matter as long as it looks nice and even and that brings me up to the other side
so now I’m going to keep take care to make sure that I keep my two edges even
and I’m just gonna do what I did on the other side I’m gonna make sure that my
hook gets through both pieces of fabric both sides and I’m just gonna work at
single crocheting up the other seam and making sure that it looks pretty much
even to the other side stitch count doesn’t matter whatever looks nice and
even when you get back up to the top make
sure that you haven’t missed any parts of your seams so you can sort of stick
your hand in there and there are no little gaps you can just join with a
slip stitch to the top of that first single crochet you made and then fasten
off you can grab your your needle and take a
moment to weave your tail in you can weave it in underneath sort of some of
these easy to grab stitches up here or you can just flip up the inside edge of
your case and weave that in back and forth underneath some of the stitches
along that last row of half double crochet remember to weave it back and
forth a few times just to make sure that it stays put and doesn’t want to unravel
on you now all that’s left is to make a little
time so I recommend you put your phone inside your case and then you pull your
your little triangle down over top of it and figure out where you want your
little sort of joint to be where it’s gonna make sure that your triangle is
pulled down nice and snug I think right about here would be good so I’m just
gonna mark that stitch with my yarn needle I’ll take my phone back out and
now I’m going to do some chaining so I’m gonna grab my yarn again I’m gonna start
with a slipknot I’m gonna chain 20 to begin alright I’ve
chained 20 that’s a fairly decent length that’s about 15 centimeters or 6 inches
and now I’m going to just slip my hook or my stitch marker out of there
and I’m just gonna slip my hook underneath that stitch making sure that
it’s sort of it’s definitely kind of in the middle so that my thing isn’t gonna
be pulled to one side of the other that’s a nice middle stitch I’m going to
slip stitch to that middle stitch there we go so now I’ve connected my chained
length and now I’m going to chain another 20 out the other side once
you’ve chained 20 you can snip your yarn fasten off make sure the two little
tails on either side of those little chains are nice and tight and then you
can trim them up so I’m gonna hold them both together and then just trim them so
that they match and now you’ve got a simple little built-in tie so you can
put your phone into your little case run the tie through that top loop so just
one side and then you can tie a nice little knot
or a little bow and now your phone isn’t gonna come out the top and there’s a
little added protection so that it won’t bump into stuff in your purse and there
you go one nice little phone case it’s a cute place for your phone to live while
it’s hanging around inside your bag and it does make it easier for you to find
it when you’re reaching in there trying to find your phone when it’s ringing
that is the second little project in our spring themed tidy up an organized
series you’ll also find our travel tissue case linked in the description
box down below if you want to check that out too it does make a nice little set
we’ve got a couple more coming in this series but next week it’s the next
installment in our 2020 calendar blankets so stay tuned for that
we hope you I’d find out making this along with us this week and we will see
you soon here on the day that stitches show until then stay safe stay crafty
and have an awesome week bye everybody hi everyone this is mom on stitches
thank you for watching here are a few other videos you might enjoy don’t
forget to subscribe and you can also click the like button and the bell thank
you have a wonderful day

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