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Phone Case Ideas! Brilliant DIY Phone Hacks!

Phone Case Ideas! Brilliant DIY Phone Hacks!

Hey, where did you get your phone case? Oh this? I made it! Nah! Yeah! All you do is make the design with beads,
iron it and stick on the clear case. Really? That’s so cool! I know right. I can show you more DIY phone case ideas. Yes, please! OK, let’s go! Mm… this ice cream looks delicious! We got to take a picture for Instagram and
show it to all our friends, right! Wait, actually… I want to have an ice cream on my phone for
ever and ever! Make a cone out some light brown felt and
stick it to the case. To make it more realistic I like to add a
few dark brown stripes in a cross pattern like that. All that’s missing are some delicious ice
cream scoops. What flavors would you go for? I’m starting with a pink strawberry. Next up is a yellow pineapple, and lastly
a scoop of vanilla. Mm… I can’t wait to eat this tasty creation! Just kidding! Our ice cream is obviously not edible, but
it surely looks amazing on the back of our phone! Cool phone cases like that can be ridiculously
expensive, but we can make our own with just a few dollars – Bingo! These rainbow shoe laces surely look great
on my sneakers, but they will look just as amazing on my phone case! All you need is a silicone phone case in any
color of choice. Grab an exacto knife and make small cuts along
the left and right side of the case. Silicone cases like this are really inexpensive
and you can get them online or in actual stores. Lead a shoe lace through the bottom parallel
cuts as you would do with your sneakers. Continue making a zig-zag pattern as you move
up to the last pair of cuts. Tie the shoelace ends into a bow to finish
up this cool phone case! How flipping epic! I’m obsessed with this phone case. And a great thing is that you can switch out
the shoelaces any time and boom you get a completely new phone case. Go for plain white, solid colored, rainbow
or even glitter shoe laces. The options are endless and you’ll have ton
of fun customizing your phone case for sure! I am that clumsy person that always slaps
her own face with a phone! This has to stop! I’ve been having this phone case for a while
and it’s time for a change! Out with the old and in with the new. Having a clear case and is seriously the best
thing ever if you get bored of phone cases quickly. Stick a plain inexpensive pop socket on your
phone case. On top of the socket glue a little fluffy
pom pom. Add a pair of googly eyes for even more cuteness
and your phone case transformation is complete! Pop sockets are so handy as they give you
a great grip and help you avoid the phone on the face accidents. On top of that, this pop socket looks just
out of this world adorable! I honestly feel like I’m having a little pet
with me wherever I go! How is it possible that my earphones always
get completely tangled with all sort of junk that I have lying around in my bag. Hair ties, bobby pins, clips, garbage – you
can literally find everything in there! A solution to our problem is hiding inside
this Kinder egg! The little plastic yellow egg can work great
as an earphones keeper. I like everything cute and kawaii so let’s
transform this egg into a pineapple. Make little v’s allover the egg using brown,
bronze or even black colored sharpie. Surprise surprise, we love a good old pair
of googly eyes in the Sarties family, so let’s stick it on the pineapple. The last thing missing are signature crown
leafs, which I made from a piece of green felt. Stick it on and the pineapple king is born! This little cutie is so adorable and he’ll
take a great care of my earphones. I am so excited to have a clean and organized
bag going forward. Not only is our little pineapple friend super
useful, but it brings a huge smile on my face every time I see it! Such a cuteness overload! How cool it would be to have a crazy hair
color like this? Sadly I don’t have the courage to pull it
off, but at least my phone does! Stick a pair of eyes on the bottom of
the case. Use a piece of furry fabric for an awesome
troll inspired hairstyle! I like to hide the hairline with a bunch small
pom poms for a neat look. This guy is just so awesome! Honestly so much cooler than me, as I have
been rocking the same old boring hairstyle for years! If you decided to color your hair into a crazy
bold shade, what color would you choose? I would probably go for bright blue highlights
to begin with! The only guns allowed in our DIY world are
glue guns and silicone guns, right?! I want to make a cool cake phone case using
silicone. You can see that my case is all stained so
I was thinking about throwing it away. Luckily I saw this idea on Pinterest and decided
to give it a new life! One of my favorite parts of baking cakes and
cupcakes is decorating with icing. Here we’re doing the same thing – decorating
our phone case with icing – but the icing is actually silicone. This looks so delicious! When you’re done icing the case it’s time
to decorate! You can use sprinkles or clay sweets like
these. Leave your yummy phone case to set, which
can take up to a few hours. I enjoyed making this DIY so much! If you love playing with icing too you need
to give it a go! I bought the clay sweets online and they are
really cheap. However you can totally make your own out
of a clay. Alternatively feel free to use decorative
stones, beads, gems or anything else you can find around your house. Fluffy socks are a must have when you want
to feel warm and cozy! And even if your socks happen to have a giant
hole, there’s no need to stress out! Let’s give it a new life and transform it
in a cute phone pouch! If you’re using knitted socks a great hack
is to use a razor to remove the fluff and the socks will look as new again. Measure with your phone to see how big phone
pouch you need and cut it with scissors. Apply a stripe of hot glue to stick the bottom
and top part together on one side. Now flip your new fuzzy phone pouch inside
out and you can decorate it however you like. I decided to go for these mouse shaped buttons. Feel free to sew them on but if you are a
lazy potato like me, you can totally use a glue gun. Pouches are a must if you want to keep your
phone scratch free. I always have keys and other pointy objects
laying around in my bag. Make this cozy pouch for your phone and you
won’t have to worry about getting it all scratched and damaged. I love cupcakes and I love pom poms! Let’s combine those two and make an adorable
fluffy cupcake phone case! Stick a pom pom on the case using a bit of
hot glue. Next chose a silicone cupcake liner of your
choice. My favorite color ever is blue so obviously
I picked this one. Cut your cupcake liner in half and stick it
to the case. Mmm… what a tasty looking cupcake! You can finish here or add a few more decorative
pieces to your case and make it even more interesting. Guys! Isn’t this the most adorable phone case ever?! You can also stick a pair of googly eyes to
the cupcake, which will instantly give it even more personality. I like cupcakes and all these yummy sweets,
so having a fluffy cupcake with me wherever I go, is pretty spectacular! Galaxy shirt – check! Galaxy shoes – check! I want to have a galaxy phone as well, so
let’s make one! Take a plain black phone case and stick three
pieces of masking tape on in a triangle shape. Grab a dark blue nail polish and pour some
of it on the case. Blend the color using a piece of cosmetic
sponge and a gentle tapping motion. Let’s go in with purple and repeat the step. Pour a few drops on the case and tap tap tap
to blend away. The best thing about galaxy is that everything’s
random and you just can’t go wrong with it. I want a little bit of hot pink for some pop
of color and why not adding some light pink or white to represent those beautiful star
clusters in the sky! Of course there’s no real galaxy without a
ton of shiny stars. Apply some silver glitter polish on a piece
of cosmetic sponge and add lots of bright stars to your galaxy! Now that’s what we’re talking about! I feel like glitter makes all the difference! I’m very pleased with how my galaxy turned
out so it’s time to peel of all the three masking tape pieces and reveal the final look! Check out these sharp and neat lines! Wow, it’s so elegant and professional – it
definitely looks like a store bought phone case, but we’ve made it for way cheaper! Instead of triangle shape, you can do a galaxy
stripe along the center of the case, diagonal stripe or even give this epic galactic transformation
to the entire phone case! So cool, easy to make and the result is epic! Time to make an awesome watercolor phone design
using sharpies! Start by drawing colored flower shapes on
a plain white phone case. I chose blue – pink, yellow – green, and red
– orange – yellow color combinations for my flowers. Fill the dropper with some rubbing alcohol
and drip one drop at the center of each flower. The alcohol will spread out, dilute the colors
and mix them together in a pretty marble design. Can you see that?! It looks like magic! Wait a few minutes for the alcohol to evaporate
and the design to set. Ta daaa, we’re left with adorable bright colored
marble splatters! Such a fun DIY to make and the result is honestly
gorgeous! Instead of flowers you can make any kind of
shapes or patterns. Sky is the limit, so go grab your markers
and have fun creating! Sometimes life can become so stressful and
tense. In those moments stress toys and relievers
can be very handy. So let’s create a fun stress reliever prone
case. Using a black sharpie I’m first outlining
the design. I decided to make a happy clown phone case
with a big red squishy nose! Feel free to change the design into whatever
you prefer. Once the outline is complete, we can proceed
to coloring. You know that I love all the bright colors,
so that’s exactly what I am choosing for my happy joker phone case. Quickly color the pupils in black and proceed
to applying a red lipstick to the mouth! This already looks so cute and fun to me! But of course the squishy nose will take our
creation to a whole new level. Fill the balloon with slime and tie it with
an elastic or make a simple knot. Stick the squishy balloon to the center of
our phone case cover and voila! Our squishy toy phone case is all done. When you’re feeling stressed or anxious, slow
down, take a few deep breaths and grab your phone case. With his happy smiley face Joker will tell
you that everything will be alright! Well I may be exaggerating a little bit but
for real. This little creation will definitely keep
us calm no matter what stressful situations life throws at us! You can even play with his squishy nose for
a while and I am sure he will bring a smile to your face as well! Don’t waste your money buying expensive phone
cases when you can make far more amazing things with your own hands! Unleash your creativity and have a ton of
fun along the way. Thank you for watching, make sure to subscribe,
ring the bell and I’ll see you soon, mwah, bye!

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