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Phone Pichidhi Ft. Chill Maama| Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

Phone Pichidhi Ft. Chill Maama| Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

What is your problem?
– Phone addiction. – I get it. Off late, phone addiction has really become a problem.
Back then, to check time, we had watches calendar to check the date and TV to check weather.
But since a phone has them all, people are getting addicted. Sometimes, people use their phones even before me.
Since you aren’t checking your phone despite notifications I appreciate you.
– How many times do I’ve to ping you? Are you the psychiatrist?
Sir, please tell her I’m not addicted to my phone. Now I understood who the patient is. My phone is running out of battery.
I’ll charge it and ping you back. Running out of battery.
– Sir, can I use your charger? Don’t give her your charger.
Don’t! Sir, she’ll talk even while the phone is getting charged.
– Is it? Give me your phone. I’ll put your phone on charging.
– I can do it. – I insist I do it. But, I..
– Trust me. I’ll put it on charge for you. While taking your phone away, you seemed as upset
as a patient on ventilator would if you remove his oxygen supply. Tell me, what is your problem?
– She has no problem, but I’ve problems with her. What do you mean?
– What do you do right after waking up? You open eyes, right? Yeah.
– But do you know what she does? Since you’re checking your phone even before
opening your eyes, yours is a severe case. This is just the beginning.
She only woke up. See what all she does from here. What are you doing inside? Get out.
What took you so long? I just found a very funny video.
Give it a look. Back in the day, we used to read newspapers.
But now, you read memes to learn about the latest news. Now, this is all too common.
– Exactly! So, can I have my phone back? It is getting charged.
– I received a notification. Maybe someone pinged me. Even if someone did ping you, it won’t be about something
as important as GDP or Corona Virus or Sotari Brothers 2. Right.
– Everyone uses their phones. But consider it a problem if it is causing
hinderance to your daily routine. She has no problem, but her actions
make me feel embarrassed. One day.. This is why people ask you
to watch your step. Shall we order? Get whatever is the most tastiest here.
– Sure, ma’am. May I get your order, ma’am? Get whatever looks the best.
– What! Okay. What are you doing?
– This is perfect material for an Instagram story. So many likes so soon? How is it possible?
– There are so many phone addicts like you. It is possible. Eat up.
– No! I’m full already. I ordered just to click some pics. My phone is ringing. Pass it to me.
– It is a spam caller. – Still, pass it to me. Like I said, it is a spam call.
– Atleast you tell him. – I am. While eating, while crossing the road,
she is always on the phone. Even she doesn’t know why she is checking her phone at times.
– Don’t you get bored checking your phone all the time? I do. – What do you do then?
– I search ‘What to do when I’m bored’ on Google. Sir, please pass me my phone.
– Why? It didn’t even ring? – Is it? I thought it did. Oh my God! You started hallucinating.
For you to come out of it, you’ve to keep taking her out. I tried that too. Jaythri, how about a movie?
– I’m watching a movie. – In the cinemas, I mean. There are so many OTT platforms now.
Who goes to the theatres? I’m hungry. Atleast, let’s go eat out.
– Why go out to satiate your appetite? Let’s order online.
– You know how lazy you’re becoming by the day? Come on, say something.
‘You are even lazier.’ You can say that to my face.
– I don’t want to talk to you now. You seriously are crazy.
You better take.. Jaythri, shall we play badminton?
– Sure. – ‘What! She really wants to come out?’ QECST.
– What’s that? – You wanted to play badminton, right? That is the code for the multiplayer game. Shall we atleast play chess?
– Someone actually turned the virtual game into reality? People are updating themselves pretty quickly.
– Dumbo! This game was invented decades before phones were. Is it?
– This is what too much technology does. It has turned outdoor
and indoor games into in-phone games. When I said we’d consult a psychiatrist,
she said we could do that online too. Sir, I want you to return my phone! It’s high time!
– Calm down. I will. I missed you so much!
– This is the longest she’s been away from her phone. Please, put that phone away.
– While she is on her phone, nothing else matters to her. Give me your phone, please, I need to make a call.
– To whom, sir? – You’ll see. Hello, Jaythri here.
– Hello, psychiatrist here. Put your phone away, will you? I’m sorry. So, yeah, tell me.
– Until 1995, we had 5 vital organs in our body. Brain, heart, lungs, liver, kidney.
But after 1995, a new organ came into the picture. That is the mobile phone.
Initially, phones were used only to make calls. But slowly, they turned into smart phones
and everyone started using them for everything. Getting used to these phones
we’re becoming dumber by the day. Recollect how peaceful your life was before phones.
Don’t you too want to be the same old Jaythri? I do, sir.
– So, can you put that phone away? – I-I will. Good! Anything that you do should be done
within limits. You know what I mean? I do. I lived many years without phones.
I’ll live like there are no phones, hereon. I’ll be the same lively person again.
– That’s the spirit. In this happy moment, go on a trip. Thank God she put her phone away
for sometime atleast. Do we go left or right?
Right, I guess. Jaythri! We should go right. – We decided on no phones.
– Was just checking the directions. Why didn’t my mom call me at all?
– So? You told her you were coming here. I told her in the morning, but now is evening.
– You can not not use phones, can you? My bad.
I won’t use my phone anymore. Jaythri!
– W-Well, this looks so good. Just one photo. Such a lovely pic. I’ll put it on Instagram.
– You said you won’t use your phone. How can I not share this beautiful scenery
with everybody else? She’ll never change. Jaythri..
So, this was the video. If you liked it, do like, share and mention
your phone addict friends in the comments. And please, subscribe to Wirally!

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