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Phone Screen Mirroring With Your Phone on Windows 10 Hands-On

Phone Screen Mirroring With Your Phone on Windows 10 Hands-On

(upbeat music) – [Zac] Hey there guys. Zac here for Windows Central and welcome back to another video. Now today we are taking a
very quick look at the new phone screen option in the
Your Phone app on Windows 10. So this is currently in testing with a very small subset of insiders this will roll out to
more people over time but for now, it’s in preview
and it’s very early preview so not everything is working just yet. Today we can show you the phone
screen on the device itself, but more advanced features, such as being able to
interact with the phone through the app is not working just yet. That will be coming in a future update. So, if you click on
display phone screen here. It will connect to my phone and in just a second you’ll
see my phone’s home screen. Now like I said, in the
shifting version of this you will be able to tap on things and type with your PC, but for right now, that’s
not working so I actually have to use the phone to
interact with my phone. But let’s just pretend we’re using our keyboard or mouse to do all of this because that will be a
function of this feature when it’s done. So, we are on the phone here, I can swipe up to go to my apps list, I can push the home button to go home, I can open the search bar
here and start typing. Hello there and do pretty much anything I would normally do on my phone. And the whole point of this
feature is so you can interact with your phone without
disrupting your work flow. So, let’s imagine you are
working on something on your PC, you’re working very hard but your phone is on the
other side of the room or in another room or somewhere not on you or near you, and there is something you
need to check on your phone but you don’t want to
disrupt your work flow. Well now you can open
up the Your Phone app and just connect to it and
you can now interact with your phone through the app instead. So it does not interrupt
your work flow as much, you are still using your
mouse and keyboard and stuff and you can interact with your phone. So, if I want to, I can swipe up here to launch Snapchat, and now I’m running SnapChat on my PC, which is very exciting. Push home here, I can launch another app, let’s launch the Play Store. I can download an app here if I want to. Let’s download, WhatsApp. Install. And that will begin to download
like that, seminal edge. And go to a website, let’s
go to There we go. And it’s works pretty nicely,
let’s push home again. The latency isn’t terrible, in fact, I’d say it’s quite fast. If we go up to a game here, now Doodle Jump is not the
most intense game in the world, I admit. As you can see here, I’m playing the game and
I’m not doing too terrible. Now, naturally I’m bad at this game but you can see here I’m
keeping up quite well. Now, you would see this
would depend on your device and what not but as I said, the latency isn’t too terrible, I’m about to push on
the Appsees button now, and there’s the apps
list, I push home now. And there I am home. It’s almost instant, at least
it feels almost instant, which is fantastic. So there are a couple of options here if we go up to the top here, you’ll see there is a landscape option which changes the
orientation of the device. So now we’re running in landscape we can turn it back into portrait. There’s also this option, that does absolutely nothing right now, I have no idea what’s planned for that. And then there’s this option here, which takes you to the physical
keyboard area on your phone. I assume this will allow
you to tweak and customize how your PC interacts
with your phone once the keyboard and mouse input is working. And then you have the disconnect
button here, like that. And that’s pretty much it for now, and like I said, overtime more features
will be added to this but for now acts as a very
basic sort of streaming feature to your phone so you
can see your phone screen and whatnot. But there you have it guys. That’s a very quick look at
the new phone screen option in the Your Phone app
coming soon to everybody but for right now in
testing with insiders. Thanks very much for watching and I shall see you in
the next one. Bye-bye.

100 thoughts on “Phone Screen Mirroring With Your Phone on Windows 10 Hands-On”

  1. Wish I could use this, but I’m stuck on the fall 2017 update due to an error on boot because I was an idiot and got a windows insider update, which caused an infinite boot loop and I had to install a clean version of windows!

  2. Your Phone for some reason works only with Microsoft Launcher on my phone. It doesn't work with my default launcher or Nova. I've tried resetting it both on phone and PC but still works only with Microsoft Launcher.

  3. What you did not mention, but I assume to be the case, is that this new capability works only with Android phones, not any iOS devices. Clearly Apple do not want to let Microsoft get anywhere with Your Phone. One might wonder if in fact Google will attempt to lock Microsoft out in some way. After all they have a track record of refusing to provide a YouTube app for Windows, and a few years ago they bought up and destroyed a company that was enabling Microsoft Wallet to work.

  4. it seems you didnt had asus zenfone 2. this thing has been for asus zenfone 2 since its launch. glad now this is going to be in native windows 10.

  5. I don't get it. Your phone and PC have to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network AND Bluetooth? Not OR? Why can't it be either over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth?

  6. Don't know if you know this.. but, you can already do this with Dell Mobile Connect App. The app is in the Google Play Store (for any Android Phone) and in the Microsoft Store for any Windows 10 PC now. Install both and enjoy. Microsoft is actually a little late to this… but, hey better keyboard and mouse interaction with be welcomed.

  7. Samsung SideSync, you can connect via the same wifi or connect with USB cable. It doesn't just mirror your phone screen to your pc, it turns off your phone screen while projecting the screen to your pc.

  8. My Q10 running the BB10 OS had this feature, but the best part is that the PC and Phone did not have to be on the same network. You could forget your phone at home and as long as it was connected to the internet, you could interact with it.

  9. The problem is:
    Somehow I can't connect my Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 to my Asus X505ZA.

    Tried other combinations, it works well.
    It is just those combination won't work for me, I wonder why…

  10. Does the latency depend on your WIFI speed ??

    or we will have an option will allow us to use a cable method to mirror the screen ??

  11. that would make it easier to get distracted; you can just put your phone on silent in another room if you want to get focused on your work on your computer.

  12. The opposite of this would be amazing. Using your computer on your phone. I paid for an app (Vectir) which does this but the frame rate is a bit low. If it became better it would be great

  13. The future of PC or connected devices will change to give way to very powerful phones with specs like the best windows PC laptops or towers (64gb of RAM) etc… graphic cards like nvidia's RTX, etc… then you just connect a keyboard, a mouse and a monitor. And there you have your home PC and Work PC. No need of 2 – 3 pics macs etc… one phone would do it all. In a sense samsung DeX but with a powerful phone

  14. This is cool but I wish the reverse feature existed, whereby you can access your PC via your phone or as if it were a remote.

  15. Great! My only worry is Microsoft's snooping. How much of what I'm doing on my phone is going to end up on their servers and worse – in arvertisers' hands?

  16. I know developers need emulators for development. But for those that just want Android on PC, this is a great option. Microsoft's vision team is booming.

  17. I'd rather have a Chromebook. Just install apps from Play Store and run them. No Wi-Fi needed. No Bluetooth needed. No phone needed. Real time. Simultaneous multitasked Android apps, or run in tablet mode with one app or with split-screen. Resize Android app windows. Use a touchscreen or mouse or both.

  18. With Windows Lite and this feature, maybe the Windows Phone can make a comeback? I'd like to have an alternative to Apple's "ecosystem".

  19. Interesting feature but I would rather have file transfer (not limited to photos) and calls than this.

  20. i do hope they dont make us have to have that entire window, and just the phone screen cut out and we can move it around easily on our monitors.

  21. It works with windows phone too? Because is absurd, I can't mirroring my windows phone and all can mirroring a android phone!

  22. The real reason that this works for me, is that there are certain android apps that is in android play store, but not in windows apps store. and i badly need those to access in my windows tablet. I will go mad, if i carry two tablets with me(windows and android). Now it is just one android phone and one tablet !

  23. Tried to connect with my S7 Edge… This app can't get messages, can't get photos, can't do anything…
    Samsung Flow works without a problem.

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