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PHONE TERBAIK BAWAH RM700 – 2019 | Malaysia

PHONE TERBAIK BAWAH RM700 – 2019 | Malaysia

Hi guys, welcome back to this channel. I already make a video Top 5 RM500 phone If you haven’t watch yet, please click link above Today I will make Top 5 budget phone below 700 Ringgit. Without further due, lets start this video. Hi again. For those who don’t know me My name is Jerome Anthony In this channel, I have created video Review, Travel & Vlog Please support my tiny channel . Press Like & Subscribe button below. Before we start, i have disclaimer. All phone listed in this video Is only my own opinion So if you think got a better phone than this Can comment below Just make sure the price within the range 700 Ringgit If the phone better than today’s list Please comment below I will read all your comment When the time i shoot this video, this is the best phone maybe in the future have another better phone. In this laptop, i have all the list all the phone This is all my notes for today’s video. Can’t remember all the phone list. 700 Ringgit What is the best phone you can get For this video List 700 Ringgit is more competitive. much more phone need to compare even cheap phone made it to the list. Stay tune. Phone number 5 Vivo Y17 Launch on April 2019. Using screen panel IPS-LCD Resolution 720p Screen size 6.35′ Using chipset Mediatek P35 Storage 128gb & 4gb RAM Back camera 20MP Can shoot video 1080p 30fps port charging still using old port which is micro usb Battery is 5000 mah Charger support 18Watt Price for this phone 699 Ringgit Phone rank number 4. realme 5 not the pro version Launched in August 2019 Using screen panel IPS-LCD. Same like Vivo just now. Resolution 720 pixel Screen size 6.5′ Big screen but the resolution 720 which is we will not see the display is sharp Operating System: Color OS 6 Snapdragon 665 Storage 64gb RAM 3gb Support external micro SD Back camera 13MP Shoot video up to 4K 30fps 1080P 30fps Battery 5000mah Charging port micro usb Support 10Watt charging The price for this phone is 599 Ringgit Rank number 3 we have OPPO F11 Launch on March 2019 Using screen panel IPS-LCD The resolution is a bit better Using 1080P or Full HD. Screen size 6.53 inch same like realme 5 using Operating System : Color OS 6 Using chipset Metiatek P70 if compare with Snapdragon i would prefer Snapdragon. RAM 4gb & Storage 64gb Support Micro SD Back camera 16MP Can shoot video FHD 30 fps Battery a little bit small compare to number 4 4020mAh but it support fast charging 20Watt, VOOC 3.0 Price for this phone is 699 Ringgit. Why this Oppo in the 3rd place compare with realme 5 is because of the SCREEN RESOLUTION This phone using 1080p resolution compare with realme using 720p we go to phone Number 2 Phone number 2 we have Xiaomi Mi A3 This phone launched July 2019 Using screen panel SUPERAMOLED Screen resolution 720p Screen size 6.0 inch Using Operating System : Android ONE almost pure android experience Snapdragon 665 GPU Adreno 610 Storage 64gb, RAM 4gb Support micro SD Back camera 48MP Can shoot 4K video 30fps 1080p 120/60/30 fps which mean if you record 1080p video can capture 120fps for slow motion video gonna be awesome in 120fps This phone support 3.5mm headphone jack That is our favorite hole. and using Type C charging port Battery not so big only 4030 mAh Charging 18Watt Price for this phone is 699 Ringgit. For those watched this video until here THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Before we go to phone number 1 that make to our list Don’t forget to support my tiny channel Please LIKE & SUBSCRIBE Thank you guys!! OK! Phone number 1 In this 700 Ringgit segment, for me is Redmi Note 8 Not the pro version between this phone and Mi A3 a bit competitive. Let me explain the competition is between screen panel or resolution Mi A3 using SUPERAMOLED Xiaomi Note 8 is using IPS-LCD SUPERAMOLED screen is much brighter compare to IPS but for resolution note 8 is using 1080 screen size is 6.3 compare with Mi A3 using resolution 720p Screen size 6.0 inch. So we can see here Display for Note 8 more sharper Redmi Note 8 is using OS MIUI 10 Snapdragon 665 GPU same like Mi A3, Adreno 610 Storage 64gb, RAM 4gb and support Micro SD Back camera same with Mi A3, 48Mega Pixel f1.8 Can shhot video 4K 30fps 1080 120/60/30 fps If you want to shoot slow can shoot in 1080p 120 fps It also have 3.5mm headphone jack Charging port Type-C Battery a bit small from Mi A3 4000 mAh Charge 18Watt Price for this phone is 699 Ringgit So this is the best phone you can get for budget RM700 Xiaomi Note 8 So that’s it guys our 5 best phone in this segment 700 Ringgit Malaysia Which phone you think you want to buy Can comment below or maybe that phone not in the list today, please comment. and i will look into it why it did not make into the list. all you comment i will read and reply Thank you guys for watching until this far Next video is im going back to hometown next week in Sabah So i will Interesting places in Sabah Maybe a little bit of VLOG, meet up with family How our Christmas celebration. Stay tune for next video Once again, thank you..thank you!! watched until this far My name is Jerome Anthony Dont forget to Like Share & Comment below See you in the next video Bye-bye..ciaoo.. so, how’s this new setup? is it okay? suddenly this plant is here got laptop here got this nice right? even thou the smallest IKEA tree 12 ringgit giving big impact in decoration. comment below

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