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Phone Tips

Phone Tips

Herb: Did you know that in today’s modern society people no longer carry cell phones? They carry phones because that’s what they’re called now. Hi, I’m Herb Tankersleigh, and I’d like to give you seven pieces of helpful advice on how to properly use your phone. Number one, keep your away message brief. Tripp: Hey, this is Tripp. I’m not available right now, but if you’d please leave your name, your number… Herb: Nope, no need to give us the same instructions you’ve been given us since the mid 80s. I think we’ve got the hang of it now. Tripp: This is Tripp’s voice message. Herb: Much better. Tripp: Thanks Herb. Herb: You’re welcome. Anyway. Number two, do record an away message. No one wants to listen to a robot slowly say your entire phone number that ironically makes it harder for us to know if we’ve dailed the right person. Robot: Three-five-five-five-six-four. Herb: Now it’s time to settle something once and for all. If you’re talking to somebody and your call gets dropped. Tyler: Yeah #[00:55] perfect one day at the mall. Hello? Herb: It’s the person who made the initial call who is responsible for calling back. No need to keep trying each other at the same time only resulting in instant voice mail or waiting three seconds, then trying to connect again at the same time, only resulting in instant voice mail. Number four, when you do get reconnected, there is really no need to spend the first two minutes of the resumed conversation justifying why it couldn’t have been you who dropped the call. Tyler: No, it wasn’t me. I have four bars. Tripp: Well I haven’t moved and I have 13 bars. Herb: Now we’ve reached the most important section of this video. What to do when you friend leaves his phone unguarded when he goes to the restroom? In this situation, you are legally obligated to do one of four things. One, change his keyboard from Querty to Azerty. Two, change his away message to something really embarrassing. Tripp: Hey leave a message…. Herb: How many times have you listened to your own away message. Exactly, he’ll never know. Three, make a screen shot, zoom in, and set it as his backrest, and repeat, creating an impossible to look at home screen, or four, my personal favorite, pick some random people from his contacts and say things that are just bizarre enough that he’ll be confused when they respond. OK, lastly, number seven from when I was counting my main points, if your in public and you run into someone you haven’t called back, you have two options. Tripp: Did you get my message. Tyler: Oh, um. Herb: One, ask him if he got a new number while scrolling through recent calls with a confused look on your face to ensure maximum believability. Tyler: Not seeing it. Herb: Or two, just tell him you got a new phone. Tyler: Oh, I got a new phone, so… Tripp: Oh. Herb: While you may not have gotten one since the time the message was left, you have gotten a new phone at some point in your life. And that’s it. Oh, I almost forgot. The most important thing to remember about talking on the phone with your friends is this…Just text. Stay tuned next time for an indept look at how to end a phone conversation with just one closing remark. Tyler: Alright man, it was good talking. Tripp: Ok. Tyler: Alright. Tripp: Alright. Tyler: Ok. Tripp: Ok. Tyler: Alright. Tripp: We’ll see you tonight? Tyler: Yeah, see you to night. Tripp: Ok. Tyler: Alright. Tripp: Alright. Tyler: That about does it. Tripp: Yeah. Tyler: Yeah. Alright. Tripp: Ok. Tyler: Tell Hannah hey. Tripp: Ok, bye. [Tripp and Tyler talking over each other] Tripp: Don’t forget to check out our good friends at You can click below to get a free trial subscription. It’s an amazing video conferencing technology that actually works on your phone.

56 thoughts on “Phone Tips”

  1. I'm wondering if Bryan ever got his rake back…because I'm going to need to borrow it for a couple months myself….

  2. Ha ha I am so going to text people in my phone list something like that just to see what they respond with I don't even care that it's a tip to do to your friend I'm going to do it to my friends myself that's freaking funny

  3. This was so amazing and Herb Tankersleigh is a near perfect name, I'll have to check out your other videos but you surely got yourself another subscriber now, cheers!

  4. Herb is awesome! And the trick of when someone goes to the john to redo their settings. Classic prank, although I legally never did it myself. Plead the fifth.

  5. The "mess with your friend's phone" bit — where was that filmed?  My husband and I are racking our brains, it looks so familiar.  We keep replaying it and pausing and dissecting the decor….  We'd say the Little Five Vortex but it's too bright.  The Atlantans want to know!  Thanks, we love this and the parenting videos are great!

  6. You guys are amazing. Came here for inspiration for my entrepreneur comedy channel. But now I’m staying for all your videos. Keep it up!

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