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Phubby Wrist Cell Phone Holder: DEMO’D Phubby The Wrist Cubby

Phubby Wrist Cell Phone Holder: DEMO’D Phubby The Wrist Cubby

Phubby the wrist cubby is a wrist cellphone holder and wrist wallet. Phubby is the best wrist cellphone holder because you carry and operate your cell phone / mobile phone, right through the fabric. All size cell phones fit into Phubby,
including the new iPhone 5. And you carry your cell phone on your wrist. Phubby is a wrist cellphone holder and
a wallet. Have your cell phone at your fingertips with
Phubby the wrist cubby. All you do is slide your cell phone onto your wrist in your cubby, lift that little tab, then velcro it on and you have your phone right here. Amazingly, you can operate your phone
right through the fabric without even taking it out of your Phubby. Phubby is a cellphone holder that
attaches to your wrist and lets you carry your cell phone
on your wrist and allows you to work your phone
right through the fabric. Because the fabric is breathable and visible
and it’s comfortable just like wearing a watch, after a few minutes
you forget you even have it on until it rings or vibrates or you need a
credit card which goes on the back there’s a pocket on the back here for a credit card, ID, a key, maybe even some money. You no longer need a purse
to carry your cell phone No more wondering how to carry a cell
phone / mobile phone If you don’t want to take your phone
out of your nifty phubby you just work it right through the fabric. When you do want to take your phone out all of you do is lift the tab, push your phone from the bottom and be careful because it’s going to
come out the really fast – easy as that same on the other side where you have
your keys, your ID, your money. It’s a wrist wallet Nifty-Nifty’s Phubby has 2 pockets –
one on the front for your phone and one on the back as your wallet. Don’t be fooled by phubbys
offered as one size fits all, which only has one pocket. Go with the best, Nifty-Nifty’s Phubby
with 2 pockets so that you have the mini-wallet as well. Phubby is the best cellphone holder for running, for jogging, for hiking, walking, fishing, biking, cycling, when you’re on your motorbike, when you’re playing a musical instrument, if you’re gardening or cooking. If you’re working on your computer,
just flip it over and you’re good to work on your computer Phubby is good for playing sports, dancing, or traveling – it’s perfect. When you’re expecting a call,
or when you’re at home, so that you don’t have to search for your phone. When you’re going anywhere, just being handsfree. And if you’re in a crowded or noisy place you’ll feel the vibration through your Nifty Phubby. Carry your cellphone, your iPod,
your credit card, your key on your wrist. Phubby is the “never miss a call again”
cellphone holder. Phubby’s available in 3 sizes:
small, medium and large. Which size Phubby is right for you? Sizing or measuring for Phubby is easy. Take a dollar bill and wrap it around your wrist. If the ends of the dollar bill meet, or almost meet, you need a small. If there’s approximately a 1 inch gap,
you’ll need a medium. And if there’s a 2 inch gap or more,
you’ll need a large size Phubby. When sizing yourself remember that some
phones are larger than others so make allowance for that. Free your hands with Phubby, the best
cellphone holder for your wrist. It’s a great hands-free option and a
clever way to carry and operate your cellphone / mobile phone. It’s a useful gift idea and the best of all Phubby is machine washable So, get yours now at

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  1. Remember that we offer FREE shipping anywhere in the USA and CANADA and our International shipping rate is only a $5.00 flat rate.  Phubby wrist cellphone holder is an ideal stocking stuffer/gift for everyone.  Be the talk of the season by giving a Phubby wrist cellphone holder …

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