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Pixel 3 XL vs iPhone XS Max Camera Test Comparison

Pixel 3 XL vs iPhone XS Max Camera Test Comparison

– What’s up guys, Saf here, on SuperSaf TV and welcome to another SuperSaf
style camera comparison. This time between the Google Pixel 3 XL and the iPhone XS Max, so
you guys know the drill. We’ll be checking out all of
the aspects of the cameras front facing, rear facing, videos, images and we’ll also be checking out the audio. So look out for the audio icon
in the corner of the screen. And I will indicate to you which device the audio is coming from. We’ll be switching between these two throughout this video as well, to give you guys a good idea
of the differences in audio. So we are currently using
the front-facing cameras on both devices and just
to test out stabilization I’m just walking right now and
now let’s go ahead and run. Let me know what you guys
think of the dynamic range, we’ve got a lot of light coming
here from the background. And with the Pixel you also have a wide-angle front-facing camera, so you can see here that
I’ve switched to it. I don’t think you can switch
to it while you’re recording, but if you can start off with that, you can see that we can get
so much of the background with the wide-angle camera of the Pixel, compared to the regular angle
that we’ve got on the iPhone. Onto the rear-facing cameras,
4K 30 frames per second. The iPhone does have
two-times optical zoom. So this means we can get a much closer. With the Pixel, I can try to replicate it with digital zoom by pinching. But that is digital
zoom, let’s go back out. See the dynamic range here,
because we’ve got the sun out. And now we going to test
out the stabilization. So, let’s take a walk. And now let’s run. Testing out the auto-focus
on the iPhone XS Max. It seems to be doing absolutely fine. Same test on the Pixel, absolutely fine. And my ice-cream is about to go. (light thumping) So that was the video, now
before we move on to images, let’s have a quick look at
what we’re working with. The iPhone has a single seven
megapixel front-facing camera with an f2.2 aperture. The Pixel has two front-facing cameras, both eight megapixels. The primary camera has a standard angle of view with an f1.8
aperture and then we’ve got a secondary wide-angle camera, now this has a 97 degree field of view. This is going to be really
useful for your wefies, groufies, whatever you want to call them. Now things are reversed on
the rear because on the Pixel you have a single rear-facing
camera and on the iPhone, you have dual rear-facing cameras. The primary cameras on both devices have 12 megapixels with an f1.8 aperture, as well as optical stabilization. But the iPhone does have a
secondary telephoto camera, which is going to give
two-times optical zoom. This is something that you
don’t have on the Pixel. Now you may have noticed that
my iPhone looks very unique, and that is because I’ve got
a marble Dbrand skin on here, who are our sponsor for this video. They’ve got skins for the iPhone XS Max, the Google Pixel 3 XL
and many other devices, I’m going to be leaving a link to them in the description below. A fair point to mention is that everything that you see has been shot on automatic and that is to keep things
as fair as possible. I started off with some selfies outdoors, both are doing really good dynamic ranges, great on both as well. The Pixel does look sharper
compared to the iPhone, however, and with the Pixel you do have that wide-angle lens. So this is a perfect situation
where you might want to use it and look how much more of the background that you get here on the Pixel
with that wide-angle lens. You can appreciate so much
more of the surroundings with that wide-angle camera and it works really, really well. Now moving on to another selfie, I wanted to really test
it down on the question of the front-facing cameras. Here once again both
doing a really good job. We’ve got warmers tones on the iPhone and we’ve got cooler tones on the Pixel. I think this is going to come
down to personal preference. The Pixel is sharper one again, the iPhone maybe a little
smoother on the skin, you might prefer that. But the main thing I can notice here is that the Pixel does
have better dynamic range. If you look towards the
clouds in the background, some of those have been
blown out on the iPhone, and although the iPhone is
overall doing a decent job, the Pixel is doing better
in terms of dynamic range. Once again testing out that
wide-angle selfie camera, and the dynamic range
actually seems better on the wide-angle camera,
it looks like Google really applying some software magic here. Because everything is so, so good, nothing is blown out hee in
the shot and I’m very impressed with this wide-angle camera on the Pixel. Now let’s move on to the portrait mode from the front-facing camera, where it’s going to blur the background. Both doing a very good job overall, but the edge-detection
is better on the Pixel. This is something that the
Pixel has always been known to do really well from
the front-facing cameras. The iPhone is not doing a bad job at all, but if you look towards
the edges of my glasses as well as my hair, then things have been a little bit blurred out. Also the dynamic range on the Pixel does seem to be better overall. And moving on to another portrait selfie, again both doing a really good job. But the iPhone here does
seem to have slightly better dynamic range, if you look towards my nose things haven’t been blown out as much as they had been on the Pixel. And also if you look towards my T-shirt and jacket on the iPhone, you can see things more
compared to the Pixel. The Pixel once again is
sharper and I do prefer the edge-detection overall on the Pixel compared to the iPhone. On the iPhone things are a
little bit more blurred out towards my hair, whereas
the Pixel has done a great job in terms of edge-detection. Now moving on to some
low-light selfies here, I think it’s very clear
to see that the Pixel is doing a better job. It’s a brighter image and that does seem, thanks to the wider f1.8 aperture that we’ve got on the Pixel. And if you do use the front-facing flash where it illuminates the display. The iPhone is doing
much better than it was in the previous shots but here once again I do prefer the image from the Pixel. It’s just brighter, you can
see more of the background, and the colors have also
been better maintained. Now let’s move outdoors. So
we’ve got some shots here of the ice-cream, which
I specifically bought for this camera comparison. Color difference is once again. We’ve got warmer tones on the iPhone, whereas we’ve got cooler
tones on the Pixel. I think this is going to come
down to personal preference. And moving on to some outdoor wide shots. I think both are doing a really good job, but I overall do prefer the iPhone image. I think in terms of dynamic range, it does seem to better overall. If you look towards the dark areas, It looks like the shadow details have been better maintained on the iPhone compared to the Pixel,
which is very interesting. Now the iPhone does have
two-times optical zoom So it is going to let us get
in much closer to our subject. I did try to repeat this with digital zoom on the Pixel and both are
actually doing a really good job but the iPhone is sharper
and that is because it’s got a dedicated lens. But the Pixel was
actually doing pretty good considering it’s digital zoom. So they’ve got this superior zoom which is using software to
be able to zoom in closer to your subject, and I have to say, it is doing an impressive
job, but I would have to give the win for zoom to the iPhone. I what I really want is to
test the dynamic range further. This is a very, very tricky situation because we’ve got the
sun in the background and then we’ve got this ice-cream van. And here I do prefer the iPhone image. The colors are better
maintained on the ice-cream van, details on the shadows are
better maintained here as well. The Pixel is doing good overall but I prefer the iPhone image. Now let’s look at the portrait mode from the rear facing cameras where it’s going to blur the background. Both are doing very good here. You’ll notice that the Pixel is wider. That is because you have a
single camera on the Pixel, on the iPhone it is using
the telephoto camera to be able to achieve this. So to match things as close as possible, I have cropped in a little
bit on the Pixel shot, just so you can see it side-by-side. They are both doing a very good job in terms of edge detection, once again those color differences. We’ve got warmer tones on the iPhone and cooler tones on the Pixel. But generally speaking, both
of these are doing great. Now one time I took a
bunch more portrait shots just to really test out how
good the edge detection is. And something that I did notice
is that the iPhone did seem to do better in terms of edge detection from the rear-facing cameras. If you look at this example here, you can see that both have
struggled with my ear, but the Pixel has struggled
more and it’s also struggled a little with my hair. Now, I can only assume
this is because we’ve got the single camera on the Pixel, compared to the dual
cameras on the iPhone. So in terms of sensing depth, it’s not doing as much of a
good job as the iPhone is. Now, this is visible once
again in this example if you look towards my
sunglasses and my hair, you can see that the
Pixel has struggled here compared to the iPhone. So for edge detection, it does seem like the iPhone is doing
a better job overall. Now let’s move on to low light. At first glance the Pixel does seem to be the better image. It’s brighter, but I can
notice more noise in the clouds compared to that of the iPhone. And if we go in 200%, the iPhone does seem to
be a little bit sharper compared to the Pixel. Now this may be because the Pixel is using a slower shutter speed
to let in more light, which is resulting in
a little bit of blur. So I would have to call this
image a draw and trying out another image in low light. Here I do prefer the
Pixel image is brighter, the colors are better
maintained and if we go in 200% this time I would say
in terms of sharpness, both are very similar but I do overall prefer the low-light
image here on the Pixel. There will be a night-sight mode available on the Pixel
soon via a software update but that software update
isn’t currently available. So those were the results, now
in terms of my conclusions, lastly we talked about images. From the front-facing
camera, I would have to give the over win to the Pixel, and that is because you had slightly
better dynamic range, you’ve got the secondary
camera which is going to be great for group selfies and also to get in a lot more of your background. For the front-facing portrait mode, the edge detection also
seemed better on the Pixel. And for low-light as well the Pixel did seem to be better
for the front-facing camera. But when it comes to the
rear-facing camera images, things were very interesting,
and very, very close. In good light I did
prefer the iPhone overall. I think you had better dynamic range. You also have two-times
optical zoom on the iPhone, and also the digital zoom on the Pixel was actually really good. The edge would have to
go to the optical zoom. The edge detection for the portrait mode from the rear-facing
cameras was also better, in my opinion, on the iPhone
compared to the Pixel. This is something that
I also found last year with the Pixel 2’s. The edge detection from
the rear-facing camera is not consistent,
sometimes it can struggle. I think this may come down
to the fact that you’ve got a single camera on the
Pixel, so it’s not as good as sensing that depth as the iPhone is. And we did have the color differences, warmer tones on the iPhone,
cooler tones on the Pixel I think that will come down
to personal preference. But for low light images, I did prefer the Pixel overall. As mentioned, we do not have
the night sight update as yet, so things should only get better. If you do want me to do
low-light, SuperSafStyle, camera shootout between
maybe a few devices, the Pixel, the iPhone, the Note, maybe, the Huawei device that’s coming soon, definitely let me know
in the comments below and which devices you’d
like me to do a low-light shootout of and I’ll try to do that. Once we’ve got the night
sight update on the Pixel. And finally, let’s talk about video, I think hands down you have to agree that the iPhone was much better
compared to the Pixel. And if I’m completely
honest, it seems like video was very much an
after-thought for Google when it came to the Pixels. They very much concentrated
on the image side of things and those have worked very well. But video seems to be
very secondary and this is something that I also found
with the Pixel 2 and 2 XL. If we compare the Pixel 3 XL to the iPhone XS Max,
the video on the iPhone, firstly you’ve got higher frame rate. So you’ve got 4K at up
to 60 frames a second as well as 1080p at up
to 240 frames a second. But the actual video quality,
the color seemed better, we had better dynamic range on the iPhone, both from the front and
rear-facing cameras. Stabilization and auto-focus,
I would call a bit of a draw. And although both devices
now record in stereo, the iPhone just sounded better to me. The Pixel sounded a little bit tinny. You ca go back and have
a listen if you like. And that’s what I think. What do you guys think? Definitely let me know
in the comments below. If you want to see more
SuperSafStyle comparisons, let me know which ones you like to see and be sure to subscribe
and hit that bell icon so you don’t miss anything. If you want to see lots
of images from lots of different devices then give me a follow on Instagram I’m at SuperSaf. I hope you enjoyed this
video and found it useful. If you did, do the thumbs up for me. Thanks for watching, this
is Saf on SuperSafTV, and I’ll see you next time. (upbeat music) And, that was long.

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