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Pixel 4 vs iPhone 11 Pro Camera Comparison! // Insane Results!

Pixel 4 vs iPhone 11 Pro Camera Comparison! // Insane Results!

All right welcome to the camera comparison,
this is the iPhone 11 Pro versus the Pixel 4 both these cameras right now are shooting
in 1080p, unfortunately the Pixel 4 can’t shoot in 4K for the front facing camera only
the iPhone can so that’s one of the drawbacks of the Pixel 4. If you wanted 4k crispiness for the front
camera, then you got to go with the iPhone. Now you guys let me know how this audio sounds
right now. Based on what I’m seeing both phones are doing
a pretty good job in terms of stabilization you guys let me know which one looks better
which one sounds better and which one is more stabilized. So again same thing with the front facing
camera. I kept the Pixel 4 at Full HD, iPhone 11 Pro
at 4K. You guys let me know if you see a quality
improvement! Based on what I’m seeing it looks like it’s
a lot sharper just because we are playing with a higher resolution. Backgrounds on both phones seem to be pretty
even in terms of exposure, maybe slightly better on the iPhone but it’s hard to tell
since I’m just looking at both of these screens. And last up is the 1080p stabilization test
we’re gonna do a little bit of running. Chasing my daughter since she’s on a bike,
you guys let me know which one looks the smoothest probably gonna have an asthma attack! You gotta do it for tubes! Now this is slow motion and the iPhone can
do up to 240 frames per second at 1080p whereas the Pixel 4 is limited to 120 frames per second
at 1080p both phones do a great job. I like the color quality on both of these
devices. I think they both look great in fact the colors
look better on slow motion with the Pixel 4 than it does with the regular video. Now if you want the best slow motion out of
these two you’re gonna have to go with the iPhone just because it can slow it down a
lot more since it uses 240 frames per second. So this is 1080p video on both phones using
the rear camera, stabilization is pretty good on both devices but my god the difference
in colors are night and day. The Pixel 4 just looks flat, washed out and
the detail comparison just looks better on the iPhone 11 Pro. Now we’re going again this time in 4k with
both phones. The iPhone can do 60 frames per second, but
the pixel can’t. I left them both on 30 fps. Out of the results it’s a lot clearer now
on the Pixel 4 but it just doesn’t look nearly as good as the iPhone. Same idea 4k video but at nighttime, both
phones are doing a pretty good job, stabilization is great. The Pixel 4 is brighter but it’s introducing
a lot more noise into the video to compensate. It’s also making the sky look a little bit
too blue considering it’s not that blue at this time of night. I will say though the iPhone 11 pro is doing
a better job of picking up the details. If you look at the sign that says Petman you
can read it a lot more clearly on the iPhone than you can on the Pixel 4. Now this is your first daytime shot I wanted
to test dynamic range and I have to say the Pixel 4 definitely looks better. The iPhone looks more vibrant and contrasty
but the Pixel 4 does a better job with white balance and exposing the faces on the subjects. Both photos are kind of blown out in the background
but overall I’m gonna give the slight advantage to the Pixel 4. Now this is another photo we’re indoors, we’re
taking a picture of the background being blown out because of the sun I wanted to see how
these cameras would handle it. This is a beautiful cockerel and I have to
say they both did a good job, but again, I’m gonna give the slight advantage to the Pixel
4. I think it did a slightly better job with
the exposure! You can tell with the reflection on the table
and with the trees in the background. This shows you the difference in terms of
color science again The Pixel 4 leaning towards those vibrant yellows and contrasty colors
where the iPhone just tends to look a lot more natural. I am finding the iPhone to look a little bit
sharper not by much but it is noticeable in this picture. So this is the same photo but this time we’re
using the 2x telephoto lens and I wanted to see the shift and color science between both
of these lenses. I am finding it to be more consistent with
the iPhone like when you switch from the main lens to the telephoto lens the colors look
very equal, whereas on the Pixel, it’s still pushing towards the yellows, but it’s not
as vibrant and contrasty as it is with the main sensor. So here’s another photo, color science is
different again. Pixel 4 contrasty, more yellows, more vibrant,
looks better straight out of the camera. iPhone 11 Pro a lot more natural so this is
very subjective but there is definitely more dynamic range with the Pixel 4, like look
at the side of the shed. It’s not crushing the shadows as much you
can actually see the leaves beside the shed compared to the iPhone where it’s just too
dark to make out those details. So again, same photo, but this time we’re
using the 2x telephoto lens zoomed all the way in same color science. Pixel 4 doing a much better job If you look
at the brick of the house behind the shed you can make out the individual bricks whereas
on the iPhone the highlights have been completely blown out. It’s funny though because the exposure on
both of these photos are pretty similar but you’re just getting a lot more dynamic range
with the Pixel 4. So the same concept as before if you look
beside the shed on the left hand side, you can actually make out the bush whereas on
the iPhone 11 Pro you can’t just because the shadows are a bit too dark. This is the exact same photo but this time
with the ultra wide lens on the iPhone 11 Pro. Just looks very different. Gives you a different feel, different type
of emotions. Something that the Pixel 4 can’t do because
they decided to omit an ultra wide lens. In this photo, we’re facing the sun and this
is a good way to test out dynamic range and I’m finding it to be pretty good on both of
these phones, but again the slight edge for the Pixel 4 just look at the door. You can make out those details much better
even though it does look like there’s a bit more noise. The iPhone looks a lot more natural, like
this looks like a typical photo at this time of day, but the Pixel 4 kind of looks cool
kind of looks like a nice vintage shot. Now it’s time to test portrait mode using
the rear cameras the Pixel 4 definitely blurs the background a lot more than the iPhone
but you can change the blur amount using the app on the iPhone. So you can fine-tune it to whatever blur you
like in the background. I do like the colors they’re better on the
iPhone this time. I think they look a lot more vibrant they’re
a little bit more punchy and find them to be a bit too flat on the Pixel 4, but when
you zoom in to check out which one did a better job around the edges of the subject. On The Pixel 4 look at the hair, on the bottom
of the hair for both of these phones. It didn’t do a good job but when you look
between the hair and the jacket the iPhone completely missed the background and left
it in the foreground whereas the Pixel 4 completely blurred it out. Same with her pom-pom on the top of her hat. The edges on the iPhone 11 Pro are just way
too soft. The Pixel 4 just did a much better job of
picking out the individual tussles on her pom-pom to make it look more realistic. So this is a nighttime shot we’re using a
subject which happens to be myself, the pixel has night sight, the iPhone 11 Pro has its
own night photography baked into the camera app. They both did a pretty good job. The iPhone 11 Pro did a better job with the
color science like that’s actually how my jeans looked rather than the Pixel 4 they’re
a little bit too blue but the Pixel 4 did a much better job with the rollout. Like if you look at my shirt, look at my face,
the highlights are just not rolling off properly on the iPhone 11 Pro, they’re kind of blown
out a little bit too much. Whereas on the Pixel 4, it did a much better
job of exposing them. This is a furnace room. It is completely dark and the results kind
of surprised me 11 Pro did a better job. It’s cleaner, there’s less noise you can see
stuff in the background. I find the Pixel to do a good job but it’s
pushing more towards the blues. I just find there to be a bit too much noise. So this nighttime shot is kind of tough because
they both look really equal except for the color science. It just depends on the mood you’re in. Do you want the cooler tones like you have
on the iPhone, that looks a lot more representative at that time of night or do you want more
of a warmer tone that makes the picture a little bit more inviting I will say this though
the Pixel 4 did a slightly better job if you look at the open sign and the other two lights
beside it. It’s slightly better exposed with the 11 Pro
but the differences are so minor. Flipping the camera to the front facing shooter
Pixel 4 just has the advantage because it has night sight whereas the 11 Pro does not
have any sort of night mode for the front facing camera. As you can see here, it’s just brighter. It looks better and you can see everything
in the background. In this nighttime photo, I want to test out
exposure both of these phones are doing a pretty good job. Pixel is definitely a little bit brighter,
so if you look at the building on the left-hand side, you’re gonna see a bit more noise, but
at least you can make out the details of the balconies on that building. Color science, same idea Pixel 4 is boosting
the contrast in the grass You are getting a bit too much blue around the lights whereas
the iPhone looks a bit more realistic. Flipping it back to the front facing shooter
and this is a tough one. I think they both do a really good job. I think the Pixel 4 did a better job with
highlight exposure but the iPhone just looks a little bit more vibrant. This is a tough one. I think this one is purely subjective. And last up front facing camera again portrait
mode, both did a great job. This time the iPhone is a little bit more
punchier. They both look good. I think I look a little bit older with the
Pixel for as it tends to be a bit more aggressive but again the Pixel 4 is doing a better job
with blurring the background like if you look at the sides of my head. It’s getting the hair better compared to the
iPhone 11 Pro. This was a very interesting camera comparison
because the difference between both phones for regular stills, we’re very small. Yes, the Pixel 4 has more dynamic range and
mostly takes better pictures, but the gap is so small. It’s not like previous years where the Pixel
was just completely destroying the competition. Nighttime photography, these both are pretty
much tied unless you’re talking about front facing camera and the pixel does a better
job just because it has night sight on it. Video iPhone just destroys the Pixel in terms
of video quality except for the front-facing cam pretty even but overall the video is better
on the iPhone. Now, I still prefer the iPhone overall just
because it has the ultra wide lens, it has more features to play with giving you more
options to use as tools when you’re using the phone as a camera. The Pixel 4 is great, but I think they missed
out big this year by not including the third lens and the extra features that a lot of
people want. Anyways that wraps up this camera comparison. Let me know your favorite in the comments
below, like the video if you liked it, subscribe if you haven’t already and I’ll see you guys
in the next video!

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