#Pixel: Puppies! by Connor Franta, Phone by Google

CONNOR FRANTA: I never get
to catch up with my friends as much as I wish I could. So today, I’m going to make
up for that lost time using Google Duo, and share with
them a very special surprise. Are you ready for
the best day ever? [DOORBELL] Hi, guys! Welcome. Come on in. Don’t be shy. [WHIMPERING] My friends are not
going to believe this. [RINGTONE] [VIBRATING] There’s no way she’s
not going to pick up. WOMAN 1: Oh my god! That’s insane. CONNOR FRANTA: She’s
totally going to freak out. [RINGTONE] WOMAN 2: Oh my gosh! I just want to pet them. I’m literally going
like right now. CONNOR FRANTA: Are you
guys ready to meet my mom? [RINGTONE] Everyone get it. Hi, Mom.

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