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PLAYING Fortnite: Battle Royale ON MY PHONE!

PLAYING Fortnite: Battle Royale ON MY PHONE!

I’m going for it, I’m going for it unlock My phone Build build build Noooo! Welcome everyone My name’s Ali-A today’s gonna be a crazy video Because I’m gonna be playing fortnite on my phone I’m gonna be attempting to win a game of fortnite on my phone and all of you guys will Be able to play fortnite Battle royale very very soon on your phone I’m gonna explain everything within this video I’ve got an absolutely insane gameplay, with a crazy ending all of that happening, whilst playing on a mobile device How is this going to work, well for those of you guys, that did not know fortnite announced yesterday that they’re Gonna be bringing their game to mobile and tablet devices and It’s going to be the full experience, a hundred players the map that everyone else plays on we’re even gonna get updates at the exact Same time it sounds crazy I’ve no idea how They’re actually gonna do it and there’s even more, cool features so also supports cross play, and also cross progression so you can actually rank up on your phone and it will carry over to other consoles and the pc Leveling up as well, on top of that you can Also play on your mobile and then join up on games that are happening on your friends pc or your friend’s playstation I don’t have a Good news it sounds like voodoo magic it is honestly insane now sign ups to play fortnite battle royale on your phone aren’t Happening until monday however, I’ve got a very cool, little workaround that’s gonna, let me play on my phone in this video today that I’m about to show you guys So guys on my screen I have fortnite booted up in my playstation 4 And I also have it booted up on my phone as well . This not photoshop. I know to do this but I’ll move, my, thumb, stick around in game and you can see how it’s moving around on screen I can jump, I can swing my pickaxe, I can literally do everything Using, my phone remotely it’s basically an app, that allows me to do it. It isn’t obviously the full fortnight experience that will be coming to mobile, but it’s basically the exact same simulation. And I can do right now early and I’ve got myself a challenge for it as well Look at this when i chop down a tree look on my phone you can (x2) do everything on your phone remotely. So this is a challenge I’m gonna set myself obviously playing the whole game on your phone, it would be very very hard. It basically uses some sort of streaming system I believe, my phone and the Playstation are connected to the same wi-fi source. It then thinks my phone’s a controller. So sometimes it works really well Sometimes it’s a little bit laggy, but I am gonna work, my way all the way to the final two Okay, guys the final two position and I’m then, gonna drop, my controller pick up my phone Connect from my phone to the tv and try and get the final kill, with my phone in a game of fortnite battle royale to win the game so in terms of the official launch of the Fortnight mobile version as soon as we know more about it as soon as i get hold of it i’ll obviously be making a Video right here on a chance to make sure you subscribe for that turn on notifications to see that as soon as it goes live Otherwise sometimes you do not see it cuz. Youtube sometimes doesn’t send you videos So guys without further, ado for today let’s play fort night battle royale on our phones try And win on our phone give it a Thumbs up you excited this certainly isn’t gonna be easy without further, ado let’s give it a, go Actually people have landed a pleasant park i think over new. Targets, they put around the Around the map is really good are you getting people to land in different places and not send everyone to tilt it ours there are more places to land people and Thankfully, but it looks of it lots of them have landed in pleasant now Obviously if you didn’t think the final, one b1 was intense enough and sometimes it’s not sometimes Thank, you at the games for giving, me an easy target at the beginning if you, okay Was the target in the middle that football field i think you went for the supply drop Someone’s looking at me though not expect, someone to see me on the roof Mmm supply draw chess Sorry, or going for action i’m playing it a little bit more cautiously a moment only because i’m running i’m getting close to a hundred Solar winds and very very close indeed of a chest up here it’s underground alley come on man sort it out So i’m just going for games at the moment that i just like nice and clean wins rather than just rushing Absolutely everyone i see but There’s a lot of pressure because not only do i have to get to top two but i need to have a good weapon loadout? Hopefully, like a grenade or an explosive load out at the end and all sapped hope the final guy, isn’t too good at The game to be honest with you let’s be real here If i’m gonna try and win on my phone i mean depends i have been practicing i’m not too Bad my phone if the internet connection and the wi-fi signal to the phone stays strong i can, actually take people down But this is basically the builder this is the important part What is this guy, he’s bursting, someone off to the right To, come towards, me is he seeing, me is he hiding What are you doing, what are you doing Damn he’s gone over the edge, some good shots though good shots he’s unshielded now Put it down a second too late good so good i’m using his ramp Wow that guy, barely, touched me? Think, there, may be someone else here though so Yeah, i can hear someone where are you buddy, what are you doing you’ve left a chest Coming in my squeak There we go? It was good the poor guy, had nowhere to go, what to do let’s not forget about that, uh supplies hide that chest keep We supply drop with a, manali Sort it out man sort it out Ok, we’ve already got 3 kills, won’t be surprised the maven bees people left i don’t know We were pretty loud if there is anyone laughter definitely gonna come for a second, oh? So let’s talk, about the mobile version of for a battle royale a little bit there’s a lot of questions i’ve seen People tweet, about it it is the full version of a game in every way Controls have no idea how. They’re, gonna do it i can only, assume that Like, say i wanted to pick up, my medic it right now i could click My, med kit on my iphone screen or if i want you to build Metal i’ll you just click the metal i think that’d be the easiest way of doing it obviously i played, games like Lose the survival on my phone and obviously the controls were pretty damn good Someone is hiding here Don’t think he’s on this floor though because his feet of really, like, deep-sounding and normally that, means they’re on a different floor Yeah, he’s on this floor hollinger bus, and he’s on this floor hello Where are you hiding Are you screwed beautiful little headshot click hello, come out come out look coming in there hello lose, my shield i closed her in No, she was facing the wrong way for a second what are you doing Epic smg the best gun in the game Probably, my most used weapon right now is the epic, smg i’m trying to keep a little bit like low Key, because to be honest with you the less people know, about how. Good is the better because it is such a good gun um i think We look looking like a situation, where We have probably cleared out pleasant right now so glad people landed here i’m trying to avoid to to the moment i’ve landed Too, many times and yes to squeak a pickaxe that’s been updates for every hit Every single time just swing it it’ll make a squeak noise i complained About that and it wasn’t just me to complain lots of people Who, were like wanted to make the noise overtime and as we’re so at the game change it’s such good guys such good guys Seeps any other loop in here as, well before we go leaving it’s a beautiful town And thing over here soon That is the most pointless creation i’ve, ever made there we go it’s a bit better um but, yeah the mobile version of the game One thing i really, want to explain, that probably a lot of you guys have Been thinking or asking is how. Cross play works so for those guys that don’t know. You can play Pc and ps4 players together doesn’t work with, xbox i don’t want to give reasons, why Cuz i do not know doesn’t really make too much sense since microsoft, is pc and they, own xbox i don’t know What’s going on there to us with you i just know That cosplay, does works with pc and ps4 actually it last night and it works seamlessly you can Link epic games account. You can invite each other and then you all review their
Own apart to get pulled into pc servers so pc players cannot play on ps4 Servers but ps4 players camp pc servers now with Mobile users you can, also play with ps4 and pc users gonna get some few more tools here and all linked up you have one personal pc one personal peaceful and one person on Iphone however you will, also be poured into pc servers Basically what i’m trying to say is if you’re on ps4 you cannot play on mobile servers and if you’re on pc you Definitely cannot play on mobile servers if they leave Its guys, a little bit annoyed, by that apparently not too keen at all hmmm i Don’t really in any way of attacking this guy in a good, way I’m gonna fall back and see what’s here, oh? That’s the take, it that’s the take it Or he’s getting, aggressive he’s getting aggressive ron why Try to do it up with me i don’t think so opie season No, oh come on he left quickly man he was annoyed He was really annoyed yeah Let’s get that shotgun, back as, well it’s who else i should have got three med kits so I’m fine i’ve got so much eatables right now but the burst Honestly just sort of like a placeholder weapon right now. Justjust in case i need it, oh Slurp, okay i should put on right now on you go? nice nice nice Tilted, we got to go past actually Yeah, just basically in summary it’s like a hierarchy you can, never go down, the hierarchy but you can, go up it so Pc ps4 pc players can, never play on mobile servers pc players can, never play on ps4 servers but everyone underneath it can Play, outputs mobile players can, pair on their, own servers ps4 servers or pc services hopefully that makes sense it sounds really confusing out loud, but if it’s really cool, technology’s insane i can’t wait to see how, we do it She thank god he, was like a little bit uh evidence cool cuz He would be able to put that wall up in front of him please someone ever scar anyone Know me nice though i’ll take that blue a are actually not too, bad still not scar though cannot lie Also, give your votes down below in the comments, do you, like the sound off the new scar yes or no let me know I’m gonna Try, truck truck trap but that is the biggest tongue twister in world if anyone tries to loot they’re coming out of tilted There’ll, be met with the spikes of doom at least i think that’ll work i don’t really you know I like to leave random traps around, about on the map as they play just in case you get someone hasn’t happened in a While trap easier kills on easy to come allowed bar What do you do get them they’re all assumed, oh? Okay, so i’m acting kind of chilled right now By count lie i have played a lot of fortnight today probably the most amount for tonight i played in one day in a, while trying to get Trying to get a final kill on my phone First you have to get to talk to Dennis get to talk to with a. Player that i have weakened, always just very not very good either the ideal Here that sums here Let’s be let’s be careful i think they’re just down there we just come up Shoots gone that you she’s happy that tree, was there basically kept her alive hey, someone Goddamn, oh, my, gosh isn’t no one ever get attacked So many gun fights, going on right now this is not fun i’m just going to russia i reckon i was going to go in Maybe she, oh, my, god there’s someone else here Are you crazy right now, oh? my, god my, gosh – rpg i was just at all okay, that’s fine that’s fine chill – chill we’re gonna give a good As literally, about to say the best weapon i can End up with is an rpg so i don’t have to wait him too much and i can just shoot at People this, is perfect it’s the perfect Holy, moly cannot believe we came out of that someone maybe they’re actually alive So i think, someone just built that i think i just see the wood going to play some when, we got shot in the back This, guy, i think it’s coming for me yeah i think he’s coming for me Wow i don’t know, what he was shooting, me with but i went from full shield? to 1:1 shield in total bagel, my, leg, is back can’t complain, about that, oh? My, daisies these, games i’m playing like, putting the best fort never played at the moment but at the same time every gun Fight is an mlg bath – let me tell you people Be i may be bad about everyone else is better as, well You, serious i’m being shot in the back, while someone is ramping on top of me where and that heck is Okay, that person’s behind Why, leave me alone Top, 11 with 9 kills it’s been a crazy, game so far we’ve got the rpgs exactly, what we need? and hopefully We can get into top 2 situation right, now i’m gonna go on the toughest, mans i’m pretty sure So i think, someone scoped a yard me yeah guy, miles way wow i can’t believe i can’t she see him Mate 8. No no i said i was gonna try Some potshots that would have been a little bit that would be a little bit risky i would, have just drawn fights Myself we’re fine were fine 9 of 9 kills and numbers are even right now We wanna win this we’re definitely, gonna get double digits Always, aim for double digits now the biggest and scariest thing about this is the to use my iphone i’m gonna put my controller down unlock my phone and then and then i’ve got to try and boot up the app that i use Connector, cut the iphone is a controller and then play it is ain’t easy alright many failed attempts have happened I’ve got 30 plus rpg slices Into this guy’s base I’ve never sewn in networks with. You may have anyone left What you reckon, that causing it oh i think i see a bit of a odin? Think i see a bit of bounine Someone’s definitely in there thank god f you haven’t moved enough rpgs that’s for sure, oh you see anything Headshot headshot that’s it that’s all we’re talking about She forgets him, oh you are lucky Okay, watch this i think he’s gone into the heart if he’s gone into the heart trip this is literally the end of him? Always, come out he’s come out He’s scared he’s smart though he’s smart, we don’t, want him last cuz. He’s smart The, worst player possible please come forward actually no no, no, no the worst player in this lobby right now don’t move Hide hide until top two. Okay, they, do what i want you to do right now is hiding – oh my god? well He definitely didn’t listen rounded voice Get out of here smg beats everything, and we’re being bo and arab why are people not leaving me alone where’s that even coming from 10 kills for the players left no, idea that crossbows coming from There’s not like Crossbows i like if i’m being trapped, by them because i just pretend that i don’t know i’m being shot By, them to act really upon me really ignorant that’s not right so what our ally i should do, some the pregame lobby i always forget So i can just pretend i’m not being shot, by, them keep on letting them fire at Me and then eventually i’ll spot them about unloading them and i’ll have, no idea i’m gonna medkit rp Okay, i think he’s go a little bit louder now he’s using a sniper he’s ditched the silas crossbow, was having none of her he heard me and Talking, about how, easy is to bait out, oh my, god okay he definitely heard me Wow wow wow wow wow? how’d you, like, that buddy six jesus i swear to god i could Not be more of a target in this game if i tried i think everyone in the map was fight least one shot in my direction so far i do have a launch pad i Want to get this guy, off the mountain, oh my, gosh Even this back up alright let’s try and sneak out guys try, and sneak out Hopefully it is okay, okay? okay Okay, this scares him If only a little bit, oh wow. What the heck is whole base filled elves there’s just one wall? Please, don’t snipe me in the back, oh? Why, he is right It’s gone as, well to open targets i wanna kill bo for them okay, okay everyone to everyone’s building everyone’s going come on Please get him All my, days he did not want to go down, did he yeah nice, oh I would top three ah This is it someone’s just died in that base for the looks of its so much legend you do it over there As if i needed didn’t need, anymore rpg 41, make that 40 39 They’re all going to, die space i don’t even care i reckon Who should, we leave out who should, we leave last out these people? at guys, building That guy’s really far, away This, is the worst player show. Yourself this person’s using brick and the past is using wood? it’s been a crazy, crazy, game i Think, that past is gone down listen that these rpgs, may kill her anyway to be honest with you What you reckon, maybe i should just rpg boat oh Baby’s going down, no one is left on rpg That guy’s scared he’s out of his face mate he’s out of his basement, goes all mike can. People just stop Let’s get up here Really, i didn’t hit him i’m pretty sure i’m on Every time i missed okay, there we go, oh? my, gosh finally, uh This is it guys, won’t be one i now need to pull out, my phone and win a game of fortnight on my phone oh, my, god he’s here, oh, my, god he’s here i Could have booked him off go to block him, off get away from me no I’m joking so hard come on al you stood out Let’s get up let’s get up let’s get up Okay, he straps himself That’s it that could be it that’s could be it he’s hit? he’s hot okay i’m going For it i’m going for it Unlock, my phone okay hold on i need to sync up i need to sync up to make it part of my Um ps4 so i can turn into my controller Linkedin, linkedin, link come on connect to the ps4 it’s almost there no, oh my God bill bill bill bill danny! Thank you thank you thank you where is this guy, where is he come on oh my gosh Got high advantage come on i just need one rpg here on this guy, oh i pray, oh? My, gosh guys can you believe it Ladies and gentlemen victory royale right there Paul thank god have been practicing because i had to build to get him up, above him, but the aiming Was easy at the end barely, any work to the rpg doing its thing, oh so guys that Wasn’t me official fortnight game by, basically, was playing on my phone if you guys Want to see me play the real fortnight Mobile game i’ll have it first here on the channel The first is available in the world and i cannot wait to cans on with it to see how It works and try and go from a very first picture out Playing the whole game on my, boat if you enjoyed this video give it a, big fat thumbs up crazy, game crazy ending Absolutely not i don’t see you guys tomorrow i got something very special you would not want to, miss good bye

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    Let’s see if we can WIN a game of Fortnite on our phone in this video! 🙌🏻

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