55 thoughts on “Playing Telephone with the Mythical Crew”

  1. would we be able to use this clip during a church service that is streamed live on facebook? It would be used 9.2.18

  2. "5 Cannonballs" was taken down! Good job Mythical crew! I found two other vids and they were lit up with GMM. I look forward to more of these take overs

  3. The best thing to say for a telephone starter is "Mike Hawk is cold" we did it in theater and man it was a but traumatic

  4. When i played this game in school we called it chinese whispers, i dont know why but that's just want we called it lol

  5. Its okay jen, im a normal person too and i think i have dyslexia, annd im not kidding either.. im being 100% serious

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