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Portable Digital HD Microscope – Precision Soldering for TV Board Repair – Component Magnification

Portable Digital HD Microscope – Precision Soldering for TV Board Repair – Component Magnification

Here we have our portable digital HD microscope. This microscope is a great tool when magnifying
small objects is necessary. It makes it possible to see what you are doing,
when soldering very small components. We will show a side by side comparison to
display the strength and clarity at which this microscope works. We are showing a close up of both the component
that is highlighted and then the letter E in the CENT on a penny. Here is closeup one at the standard zoom. Here is closeup two at two times zoom. And here is closeup three at a four times
zoom. Taking a look at some of the inputs and buttons
on the microscope, here is a mini USB connection for powering the device and also for charging
the internal battery. This battery makes the microscope portable. There is a micro-sd card slot here for recording
the footage that is shown on the screen. This can be helpful if you want to go back
and review your work, or share with others when you have done. Here, you can adjust the brightness of the
eight LEDs that are used to illuminate the object that you are magnifying. There are also various buttons on the front
of the microscope that will help you to power on the device, access the menu, and adjust
some settings. The information on these buttons is also included
in the manual. Now, we will show a couple components being
soldered on and off the board. And
now we will show the recorded video from the microscope.

63 thoughts on “Portable Digital HD Microscope – Precision Soldering for TV Board Repair – Component Magnification”

  1. What model is that microscope – how do tell what smd – the # on it to replace it with – can't find it on any on my laptop motherboards

  2. Those are large components you can do it without a scope( if eye focus good ), As a demo do it on a cell phone logic board where you need a scope and see how the quality shows up for a say 0201 smd resistor. many of them on these boards , do a re and re of a resistor and see how it goes for this unit. Thanks for the vid though

  3. Hello. very important detail is, how actually far away can the. camera be from the surface? It looks like it has to be too close for practical use, other than inspection.

  4. can't figure out what to do with the EV setting. I know its exposure value but what's best for max light setting

  5. Ist always so funny and hilarious,
    But whats is real important then your handy microscope ?
    What are you breathing in? Heat up the bord , there is flux on the bord ans some flux and lead solder, tin residue

    Make a simple sucker that you be sure that that smoke and flux residue will suck away from you !!

  6. Would somebody helpme in getting more inf about this type of training or program… what's the name of the program or training to call, and where to study?

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  8. I bought one of these and mounted it to a microphone boom that cost $8.99 from Amazon

    take the mic holder off and replace the 3 screws in the end triangle piece with ones long enough to go through mount of the microscope took my about 15 minutes to have it mounted I also took the clamp off and used a 1/2" pipe flange a 1/2" to 3/8" bushing and a 3/8" X 1 1/2" pipe nipple to hold the boom and screwed it down to my desk

  9. Perhaps a digital camera with busted screen or other troubles but usable video out to a large monitor could be re-purposed as an enlargement camera. Mount it on a gooseneck or some kind of stand.

  10. Luckily, my shop can match the pic which occurred in the video. two years ago, i am a repair man,for now, i am repair tools sell man. if you want to know more about phone repair skill, or more tools ,pls check it in

  11. Hello, such a good afternoon. a question that page Banggood where you directed the microscope is reliable, what happens I want to buy the microscope that you directed, only that I ask you before making the purchase, thanks

  12. The guy isn't even using the scope lol let's just cake the fucking thing with paste and let that little cunt float around until it somehow it sticks. Job done. Btw a 2d monitor is almost useless in the 3d world of smd soldering

  13. Dude…connect this microscope to usb laptop and use BIG SCREEN laptop. Working great with dscaler….;)

  14. Wow, the actual soldering isn't too impressive. Much too much flux (solder paste), air volume too high, it helps to direct the air vertically down – a 45deg nozzle might be helpful to do so under the microscope. Some vertical touch could help to pin the conductor down, the top side seems not to contact the pad properly …

  15. I still prefer the binocular microscope model yan xun ak-04 …. I realize that many technicians do not keep looking at the screen during welding

  16. You should reduce the airflow or apply the heat from above, because the component is moved bij the airflow., nice video though.

  17. G600 600x 4.3" HD Digital Electronic Microscope For Phone PCB Repair

  18. It's NOT 1080p. It's 640×480 interpolated. That's okay, but these badged microscope cameras need to stop lying to us.
    BTW, your hot air is set too high. That's why the components are blowing away. You also need only 1/10 the amount of solder paste.

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