Praesideo PC Call Server & Telephone Interface Client Configuration

Connections tab: Shows the status of the
connections to the network controllers, including name, host name or IP address,
SW version, license and connection status. Configure Network Controller: This item
configures the network connections between the PC Call Server and the
different network controllers. Get Configuration: This item retrieves
the relevant configuration data from the configured network controllers,
such as the names of zones, messages, tones, inputs, etc. This data is
needed for further configuration. Configure Interconnection: This item
configures the interconnections between the different network controllers. Configure Predefined Calls: This item
configures the predefined calls that can be made from the PC Call Station Clients. The checkbox “Use for PC TI” defines whether this
call can also be used by the PC Telephone Interface. Interface Client. If this checkbox is checked,
then a Numerical alias must be entered for this predefined call. This field only accepts
numbers and the number must be unique. Each call must have a priority and can have a
start tone, end tone, can be repeated, etc. In case of live speech an audio input must
be selected on a unit in one of the systems. Configure Layout Images: This item configures
the layout images that are used as background for the different tabs in the PC Call Station
Clients, on which the zone icons and zone group icons are positioned. This way zones and
zone groups can be easily selected. Configure Layouts: This item
configures the position of the zone and zone group icons on
the layout images. Use the Add, Delete and Copy
for the creation of new icons and layouts with a unique
name for reference. Configure BGM Channels: This item
configures the background music channels that can be selected from the
PC Call Station Client. Configure PC Call Station Client Users:
This item configures the rights for all PC Call Station Client
users of the system. Configure PC Call Station Zone Groups:
This item configures the special PC Call Station zone groups. PC Call Station zone groups exist only on the
PC Call Station, not on the connected NCOs. Configure PC Telephone Interface Client Select which country must be used as
reference for the telephone tones used. Enter the VoIP extension number that VoIP
users should call to reach the PC TI Client. Here numerical aliases can be
assigned to zones and zone groups. Configure PC Telephone Interface Client Users:
PC TI Client users can be configured and managed. Configure SIP Users: In this window
the SIP users of the PC TI Client, using a VoIP connection can
be configured and managed. Direct access allows the
user of this SIP account, to access the Praesideo
system without a PIN code. Configure Time Synchronisation: In this item
you can enable or disable time synchronization. Enter License Key: In this item
you can enter the license key to enable the full functionality
of the application.

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