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President Trump Participates in a Video Call with the Participants of the First All-Women Spacewalk

President Trump Participates in a Video Call with the Participants of the First All-Women Spacewalk

The President:
Hello, everybody. Okay. Thank you very much. I think we’re getting
ready to do something very exciting. Jim, do you want
to take over? Administrator
Bridenstine: Sure. So this is a — Operator:
Christina and Jessica, please stand by for a call
from the President of the United States. The President:
Where’s my camera? Administrator Bridenstine:
(Laughs.) I guess it’s over to you at this point. Sir — The President:
Where’s — where’s my camera? You tell me. (laughter) There are
a lot of cameras. Administrator
Bridenstine: It is. It’s an exciting day. The President: It is. Administrator Bridenstine:
The first all-women spacewalk underway
right now. They’re doing very
important work. Just so everybody knows,
we’re — this is a short window for the downlink,
and also they’ve got very busy work to do. They’re on the outside
of the station. But what a big day. We’re thrilled to be
here, Mr. President. It’s over to you for
communicating with them. The President: Well,
I’m thrilled also. And if they’re
ready, I’m ready. Administrator
Bridenstine: Okay. Ms. Trump: Can we confirm
that the link is live? Administrator Bridenstine:
Sir, the link is live. Aide: The link is live. Administrator Bridenstine:
The link is live. They’re listening. They are on the outside
of the Space Station. The President: Station,
this is President Donald Trump. Do you hear me? Ms. Koch: We can hear you. The President:
That’s great. (laughter) (applause)
Ms. Trump: Yes! The President:
That’s great. I was starting to get
worried about you. (applause) I was starting
to get worried about you. (laughter) You’re in
an interesting place. I thought we may have to
be — a little emergency work. I don’t think that will
ever be necessary with you. The job that you
do is incredible. And I’m here with Vice
President Mike Pence, NASA Administrator Jim
Bridenstine, and my daughter, Ivanka. We’re thrilled to be
speaking live with two brave American astronauts
who are making history. Joining us during their
spacewalk outside the International Space
Station — and this is the first time for a woman
outside of the Space Station — are Flight
Engineers Christina Koch and Flight Engineer
Jessica Meir. And I just want to
congratulate you. What you do is incredible. It’s so — you’re
very brave people. I don’t think I want to do
it, I must tell you that. But you are
amazing people. They’re conducting
the first-ever female spacewalk to replace an exterior part of the Space Station. They’re doing some work,
and they’re doing it in a very high altitude — an
altitude that very few people will ever see. Congratulations, Christina
and Jessica, on this historic event. This is truly historic. And you’re right now on
television all over the world, so don’t
get nervous. (laughter) I’d like to ask
you a question: What would you like to tell everyone
listening and watching today, especially young
women — Dr. Mier: (Inaudible.) The
President: — who are interested in space? Administrator Bridenstine:
There’s about a four- or five-second delay. The President: Ah, okay. Dr. Mier: Hello. Thank you. First — first of all, we
don’t want to take too much credit, because there
have been many other female spacewalkers
before us. This is just the first
time that there have been two women outside
at the same time. And it’s really
interesting for us. We’ve talked a lot
about it up here. You know, for us, this is
really just us doing our job. It’s something we’ve been
training for, for six years, and preparing for. And so, it didn’t really,
you know — for us, it’s just coming out here and
doing our job today. And we were the — we were
the crew that was tasked with this assignment. At the same time, we
recognize that it is a historic achievement, and
we do, of course, want to give credit to all of
those that came before us. There has been a long line
of female scientists, explorers, engineers, and
astronauts, and we have followed in their
footsteps to get us where we are today. We hope that we can
provide an inspiration to everybody, not only
(inaudible), but to everybody that has a dream
and has a big dream and that is willing to work
hard to make that dream come true — something
that all of us that have made our way up here have
done all throughout our lives. And I can tell you, the
hard work certainly did pay off. I’ve only been up here a
few weeks, actually — about three weeks I’ve
been in space — and this is my first flight and
my very first spacewalk. So it is a pretty
incredible feeling. I’m sure you
can all imagine. And it’s one that I
will never forget. I’m extremely fortunate
to be sharing this moment with Christina Koch, who’s
not only my colleague, but also a very, very
close and dear friend. So it’s really our honor
to be out here working today and to be
representing whatever it is that’s significant
to whatever — whatever individuals’
desires and hearts. Thank you. The President: Well,
Christina and Jessica, I would like to, if I
could, just thank you. Jessica, I know that
you’ve been doing this and you’ve been working hard. And, Christina, I’ve
studied your résumé. It’s really incredible
what you’ve done, what you’ve both done. Your lives have
been incredible. And now you’re in a place
that, as I said, very few people will ever
get that experience. You’re doing an
incredible job. This is a first step —
because we’re going to the Moon, and then
we’re going to Mars. We’re launching from
the Moon most likely. They seem to think that’s
the best way of doing it, Jim. So we’re launching
from the Moon. And I just want to
congratulate you both. You’re very brave,
brilliant women, and you represent this
country so well. And our country is very
proud of you, and we are very proud of you. Millions and millions of
people are watching you right now. But I will tell you: What
you do is really something very special. So, first the Moon, and
then we go to Mars. Thank you both very much. Have a good time. Administrator Bridenstine:
I’m wondering if we might have lost the
link at this time. The President:
I don’t know. Maybe they didn’t
like my message. (laughter) Could be. Anyway, two great women. Two great people. And, you know,
it’s a big danger. Not easy. It’s not an easy
thing to do. A lot of people would
take a pass on that one. But they’re great women. Operator: Back
to the scoop. The President: I
think I heard that. The Vice President:
There’s the link. The President:
That’s the link. Administrator Bridenstine:
Oh, that’s the link. The President: That’s
the end of the link. So they heard my message
and they tried to respond and — (laughter) — Administrator
Bridenstine: It’s space. Ms. Trump: Not the
easiest of phone calls. (Laughs.) The President: I
assume they’re okay. I assume they’re okay. Anyway, they’re actually
outside of the ship. So that’s something. Right? That’s the first
time it’s — Ms. Trump: The first
time since 1969 that a President has spoken to
astronauts outside of the spaceship. So, it’s incredible. The President: That was a
great — that was a great — it’s a great thing. And when are
they coming back? What’s the timing? Administrator Bridenstine:
So each one is different. Christina Koch is actually
going to be — have the longest single
endurance mission. So she’s going to be on
the Space Station for, I think, it’s a little —
about 10 months, which the longest — The President: Wow. Administrator Bridenstine:
— we’ve ever had a woman on the Space Station ever. The President: What’s
the longest for a man? Administrator Bridenstine:
Three hundred and forty five days. So — The President: S
why don’t you have the woman break the record? Administrator Bridenstine:
Well, we have a very tight schedule when it comes to
windows to get back and forth to the International
Space Station. But that’s within the
realm of what is possible. We’re working on
schedules, sir. Ms. Trump: And next, a
woman on the Moon, right? Administrator Bridenstine:
That’s right. The — by direction of the
President, we will have the first man — or, I
should say, the first woman and next man on the
south pole of the Moon will be Americans. (applause) The President: And what’s
your timing on that? The President: Well, we
better not say it too fast. Get it done before
you talk about it. (laughter) Administrator
Bridenstine: Okay. Yes, sir. The President: Okay. Go ahead. Administrator Bridenstine:
The goal is 2024, sir. We’re at — if all things
go according to plan, 2024 is within the realm
of what is possible. And we’re working hard
to make that a reality. The President: And because
of the fact that we’ve been there, as I have said
to you many times — we’ve been there, a long time
ago — it’s really being done as a launch for Mars. Is that correct? Administrator Bridenstine:
That’s right. We’re building a habitat
in orbit around the Moon — a space station, in
orbit around the Moon. And that will be
launching in 2022. And once that is deployed,
that will be modified into a Mars ship that will take
us all the way to Mars. And between now and
then, we want to build a sustainable architecture
at the Moon. We need to learn how to
live and work on another world for long
periods of time. And then, we go to Mars. Because when you go to
Mars — Earth and Mars, we’re only aligned on the
same side of the Sun once every 24 months
— or 26 months. What that means is we have
to be willing to stay. The President: Right. Administrator Bridenstine:
We need to learn how to live and work on
another world. The President: Oh, I see.
Yeah. Right. Administrator Bridenstine:
So that’s what the Moon is all about. The President: That’s
going to be very interesting. Well, it’s very exciting.
Exciting times. And that whole program was
dead when I took it over, when we came into office. And something that Mike
liked very much and I liked very much. And you’re both doing
a fantastic job. And everybody is
doing a fantastic job. It’s been totally
reinvigorated, I think, to a level that it’s
never been at. And we’re also thinking
in terms of defense. We have the Space
Force happening. That’s going along very
nicely, as you know. We’re creating a new
force, and it’s called the “Space Force.” And
that’s a big thing. And that’ll be working
along very closely with you. So that’s beyond going
to the Moon and Mars. That’s also defense of
our nation, which is very important. Administrator Bridenstine:
That’s right. Anywhere there’s commerce,
it needs to be defended. And we are
industrializing space. It’s going to be an export
for the United States. And that’s going to
be very positive. In fact, it already is. We need to grow it. And so we’re working very
hard to commercialize it, make it an export. And, of course, that
requires it to be defended just like the high
seas for trade. The President:
That’s fantastic. Thank you very much. Great job. Administrator Bridenstine:
Thank you, sir. The President: Well, thank
you very much, everybody. That was very exciting. And these are
two great people. And they put themselves at
risk for our nation and because they
love doing it. And there are few people
that have the ability to something like that,
I will say that. It takes a great ability. So thank you all
for being here. It’s very nice. Thank you.

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