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PRETTYMUCH Plays Phone Swap | Fuse First | Fuse

PRETTYMUCH Plays Phone Swap | Fuse First | Fuse

Yo it’s Pretty Much! [All] Woohoo And we’re about to
play some Phone Swap We all have each
other’s phones. I got Nicks phone I got Austin’s I got Zion’s I got Brandon’s I have Edwin’s Ooh I’m bout to expose I have Nick’s phone. I’m guessing this
is a fan picture. Someone cropped
his face on… Someone photoshopped
my face on…yeah I don’t know but That’s amazing I got Brandon’s…this
looks to me like a really dramatic picture
of the sky. I forgot, I was messing
with Snapchat’s new feature. Really dramatic It’s very dramatic So I got Austin’s phone
and we got a nice little pic of him sittin
on a tree stump. Just thinkin’ Just thinkin’ That’s what Simon says Word Simon says sit on a stump So, I have Edwin’s phone
and I’m definitely not surprised to see this is
his most recent picture. It’s him posing. [Laughing] Definitely not surprised. Word Seems about right This is Zion’s phone and
the last picture he took when we were at
TRL and we were… Took a picture of him… Selfie game He left us out because
he doesn’t like us Selfie game, Selfie
game, Selfie game, yeah I hate you guys Ohh Alright easy I’m gonna start scrollin’
as high as I can scroll Keep it tight now I already got mine Okay, I actually, I don’t think
this is one he should have deleted but I found this
and I think he took it because of me. It says ADP, those are my
initials on the building. Oh I got one…. I’m stressed bro,
I’m stressed. Brandon should’ve honestly
just deleted this picture. It’s a picture
of our manager [Laughing] Dun Dun Dun Alright so I have Edwin’s,
this one he should have definitely deleted. Edwin over here
lookin’ like a tool. Lookin’ like a tool
in a toolshed baby What is that a progress
report at the gym? I gotta get my
self-esteem up. Yo Nick gotta show his right
after that though because… First of all, that’s the
first picture he probably sends girls in the DMs No lie Anyway, yeah Z…I guess
he uses it for motivation but he probably should
delete this pic… Ohhh The baby tits Back in the day when
he was a little chunky monkey. I just wanna know
who this guy… Yeah who’s the dude
you’re sittin’ on? That’s my friend Aaron Shout out to Aaron cause.. He’s a goalie in the WHF Ayyy Yo shout out to you He doesn’t look like this
anymore I promise you. So, this is Porter’s
phone and he got… Oh my gosh He got a picture
of a scary cat This is my cat Definitely take that off It’s my background Oh I thought Edwin
was your background Nope I switched it
cause I love my cat Oh my God What? Word I know who I’m textin [Laughing] You know exactly
who I’m texting You know who I’m texting Go for it. This is terrible for both
me and Nick cause we have girlfriends and I’m
texting his girlfriend. It’s gonna be random like
she’s just gonna not know what’s going on. Alright I got one. I’m texting our
videographer, Noah, who’s really good friends
with Brandon. I’m texting him
“you’re ugly” [Laughing] [Ding] [Laughing] Is it Shad? Is it Shad? [Laughing] Look at this reply [Laughing] He said “I’m thicc boy” He said “I am a thicc boy” So, I’m texting Nick’s
girlfriend and what I just sent was So, I have Edwin’s phone
if you haven’t remembered and he’s got a contact
I saw that says “God” So, I said Should I put prayer hands? Yeah God is my roommate
from high school. His name is Shad but
because he’s my best friend I call him God. Oh, wait I got replies. She said “Get a tank” “Get a tank” [Laughing] Bro she actually
believed this No what she answered, she
sadi yes, bro he’s down for it Oh my gosh I need to text her… Anyway, I had to
do two for Zi’ Cause there was just one
that was funny and one that I just really
wanted to do. But a friend of
ours, Adriana. I had texted
her and said… And she sent back a
picture of a bath full of water and soap and said And then another one, this
is kinda mean, but he didn’t answer, It’s
our choreographer JD [Laughing] Please text him you’re
joking, please text him you’re joking I can’t believe Alexis
thinks you’re bringing this turtle to Miami [Laughing] No look, this is what
I text her I said… I now have to
buy her a turtle. I was honestly, one
hundred percent frightened for my life. Yeah don’t worry
I wasn’t… I’m usually not that scared
when someone has my phone, but when he has
that face on I’m like “no” He texted my mom,
said “I love you” Good, now I don’t
have to do it [Laughing] I was so scared I mean… It was fun It was so fun but… I got a little shaky cause
I didn’t know what he was gonna say Now I gotta tell Adriana
she doesn’t smell like cheese I was gonna keep it clean Now I gotta tell her that
the turtle was never real Tell her I’ll
buy her a turtle. I’m gonna just go along
with it, he’s thick. Word Well I mean they,
this has been fun. Oh that note, I never
wanna let them hold my phone again. This has been Pretty Much Woo hoo See you next time Bye Skrr

100 thoughts on “PRETTYMUCH Plays Phone Swap | Fuse First | Fuse”

  1. Brandon: Edwin out here looking like a tool, what is that a progress report at the gym


  2. Love how Austin and Nick (the two least attractive one's in my opinion) have girlfriends and the rest (who are all fine af) don't.

  3. Is it just me or does Nick remind you of Alex wassabi, like the face alittle bit and the teeth. And when Austin texted Alexis abt the turtle nick did this like hand movement like how Alex Wassabi does alot

  4. My 100th time watching 🙂. Just wanted to say look how cute Brandon is at the beginning when they say “woohoo” 😍❤️

  5. Austin is my fav and zion dont let the others know btw im just binge watching videos with them in it cuz im so bored and like why not

  6. BRUHHH 🤣🤣🤣did anyone notice that edwin was like give credit to friends name bc he's strong as heck🤣🤣🤣he called Zion fat

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