Public Telecommunications Companies – Keeping People Connected with 4G LTE

[MUSIC]>>Announcer: Welcome to San Francisco, California
… home to the Golden Gate Bridge and a Bay Area population of more than 7 million people…most
of whom own smart devices…and have a growing desire to stay connected, at speeds faster
than ever before. Wireless carriers are racing to keep up with
demand. And Black and Veatch is racing to help them do it. With over one billion smart
devices expected to be sold worldwide in 2013, the goal is to dramatically increase network
performance by integrating Fourth Generation, or 4G, technology at more than 285,000 transmission
sites across the U.S. Network. The scale of the network upgrade, and the
speed required to keep network clients ahead of the competition is tremendous. But Black
and Veatch is up to the task.>>JOHN JANCHAR: Our professionals bring the
technical depth needed to solve each site’s unique issues, and they’re working on our
clients’ business from locations around the world 24 hours a day. This is an advantage
only Black & Veatch can offer.>>Announcer: Black & Veatch conducted thousands
of rooftop modifications across the nation in 2012.
And the company offers professionally certified engineers along with local knowledge and expertise…as
seen in this installation on a roof at the University of San Francisco.>>MARTY TRAVERS: Along with the structural
engineering expertise, Black & Veatch has the resources in house to accomplish all phases
of a 4G deployment project. Ultimately, this means our carrier clients are able to offer
their customers the benefits of 4G ahead of their competitors. [MUSIC]

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