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Put Your Phone Away | HOT DATE

Put Your Phone Away | HOT DATE

(neon sign buzzing) (phone buzzes and chimes) – Holy shit! One of the Stranger Things kids got a DUI. – I thought you were taking my picture. – Man, they grow up so fast. – All right, let’s put the phones away. You know, there was a time
when two people could go out and enjoy a meal without
bleeps, and bloops, and you’ve got mails
interrupting their every bite. – You know what, you are absolutely right. – Thank you.
– Except about the you’ve got mails. That came outta left field. – That’s better, right. – Yeah.
– A real human connection. No devices separating us.
(phone chimes and buzzes) (suspense music)
– Holy shit. – Emily.
– Om my gosh. – Phones.
– No, no, no, no. This is big. North Korea…
– Emily, all I hear is phone, phone, phone. Could you rip the morphine
drip outta your arm already? – Okay. This feels really irresponsible. – To live in the present moment? The here and now? – To be uninformed. I mean, who knows how much
longer the here and now is gonna be here and now if North Korea… – Ahem. (phone chimes and buzzes) – Okay. Okay. (phone chimes and buzzes) Oh my God. – So how was your day?
(phone chimes and buzzes) – Oh, Holy shit! – Emily, you are addicted. – This is real. – What is more real, the
fantasy world of your electronic device, or a
ripe orange, freshly plucked from a tree in the south of Italy? – We’re in downtown Los Angeles. – Than a ripe orange, freshly
plucked from a Trader Joe’s. – Will you just please give me my phone? There is serious stuff happening. – You don’t actually want it. Believe me, I deleted
Twitter from my phone seven months ago, and
I’ve never been happier. – Just because you delete
Twitter, doesn’t mean bad stuff stops happening. – But they don’t happen on my phone. – Okay. – You know what I like? The smell of flowers. (inhales deeply) – What? – And the sound of freshly baked bread. (crust rips) Listen to the bread Emily. All right, I’m actually
starting to realize that I don’t have anything
to talk about when I’m not telling people
to put their phones away. So I’ll just do us both a favor. – Thank you. (gasps) Holy shit! – World War Three? – One of the Stranger Things
kids body slammed a reporter. – That’s awesome. (heart beating) – Hey guys, thanks for watching. Tune in every week as
Hot Date gets hotter. Nope, nope, nope. We stop at shirt, we stop at shirt. Oh, okay.

100 thoughts on “Put Your Phone Away | HOT DATE”

  1. Why does absolutely EVERYTHING have to be antisocially off-the-wall with these idealess sensibilitiless millennials, my generation? I know, at least, that this cynical anti-everything attitude and outlook is NOT in a majority.

  2. poor Emily…. she always seems so lost in life…. she just needs a father-figure in her…… life!!!!

    IN HER LIFE!!!!!!

  3. I can tolerate phones in a restaurant. I get a little irritated with notification noises. I can't stand people with obnoxious ringtones like air raid sirens set to full volume. And top of my list is people who have converstaions on speaker phone while eating.


  5. Ignoring the Doomsayer News Articles and every little thing about celebrities; an essential internet survival skill.

  6. Totally thought that it was going to end with a giant missile from north Korea and her saying, "I WAS TRYING TO TELL YOU!"

  7. If you can be on your phine and have a full conversation with me and actually look me in the eye while I'm talking most of the time, I'm fine with it. Heck, let's talk about what you're lookin' at on your phone! But if you can't even talk to me, why am I even bothering to waste my time with you?? You clearly don't care about spending time with me, so I'll spend my time with people who actually care about what I have to say, and who at least try to comminicate with me. Just, at least try, I mean come on…

  8. My mom and her friends had this rule. One time they went out people told them that a coup was happening. They laughed untill the bombs were relased.

  9. I deleted most Social media apps from my phone. Never been more focused on stuff that really matters. All I have now is Youtube which is not exactly social media in its entirety and whatsapp, but I don't use that snapchat copy they put into it.

  10. An old "flame" of mine. Put ur phone away, (stares blankly, and silently around restaurant). I pick my phone back up! I'm not here for ur entertainment. Unless i have something cool to say, silent dinners are awesome!

  11. I got banned from Facebook after someone reported me for a fake name for lambasting racists on all the trending articles.
    I refused to give them my personal information so now I don't have Facebook. It feels great getting to tell people that. I can't even log in as a guest to check. I have my own personal dam against the infinite bullshit well.
    So now I argue with racists here.

  12. I've actually been on a date where the girl constantly looked at her phone and God it was annoying I mean..I may not be a superhero but c'mon I'm not THAT boring. It just is rude and doesn't make sense. If your going on a date with a person… pay attention to the person not a faceless electronic device. But yeah, it's horrible when this happens on a date.

  13. but….uhmm…sooooo what happened with The Great and Holy Nation of North Korea tho?

    -Blessed be our breath, for it is because the holy leader, Kim Jong Un who permits it.

  14. I was thinking because she couldn't warn him what North Korea was gonna do that it was gonna end with the restaurant getting nuked

  15. "Then a ripe orange freshly plucked from italy"

    "We're in downtown l.A"

    "Then a ripe orange freshly plucked from trader joes"

  16. Sniffing a flower, though. I'm horribly allergic to pollen, so that's an experience I've experienced intentionally only twice.

  17. I've seen a lot of comments about whether or not you should be on your phone or not, while your partner is in front of you. Now, as a general rule, I would say go on your phone whenever you want; the exceptions are: on a date, mid conversation, while someone is telling you about something that means a lot. Obviously, do what you want and this whole comment is just my oppinion.

  18. I'm super late to College Humor but it's 1am and I've been binge watching their channel since 10pm, THEY ARE HILARIOUS!

  19. I really expected it to end with a giant missile from North Korea and Emily saying, "I tried to tell you!" before everyone explodes.

  20. It's interesting because North Korea has never acted in aggression towards the US, they have 0 military bases outside their own country (the US has hundreds if not a thousand just surrounding north korea), have been offering mutual denuclearisation since the 1970s, and have never warred with other countries.

    The US has only, killed 20% of the north Korean population during the 50s/60s (i think, "the imperial war")…..

    if there was a "world war 3" with north korea or whatever they wouldn't be the ones to start it, we aggress them, we oppress them

  21. honestly though what will knowing about every little piece of gossip or event in a completely un-regulated and un-verified state exactly as it happens really change? absolutely nothing? sounds about right.

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