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” WHEN YOU WANT TO ESCAPE A CALL ” [music] Voila ! [ The phone is ringing ] [ The phone is ringing ] Hello! (the interlocutor speaks)
Yes ! Oh hi Mom, how are you? Yes it’s great and you?
Yes very well yes the family is well and you? [Discussion between mom Bros and her mother] M: Hello Steven! S: Who is it? M: It’s grandma. Tell her Hello from me! He says hello She says Hi also All right Yes (laughs) He wants to talk? What? Yes yes he said he wanted to talk to you … S: No no no no
M: Yes he just told me, it surprises me too. he usually does not speak but he said absolutely to talk to you! S: Mom!
M: What! I said I don’t want to talk to her. Ok sorry, sorry. I’ll give it to you right away! [music] Steven … [music] Yes I pass it to you right now he is undressing [Music] [Music]
♪ He dresses! ♪ He is ready ! Hey Steven, you’re not going to miss it … [Stressful music]
No mom no No no No no nooonnn !!! Yes…. yes grandma …. Yes, grandma …. ” WHEN YOU TURN ON YOUR MOBILE IN THE NIGHT ” [Music] O: Steven? [ by whispering ] Steven !! [whispering a little louder] STEVEN! [ shouting ] what? [ while waking up ] O: Oh sorry I woke you up S: No kidding! O: As you are awake, can you do me a favor please? S: What? O: Can you check the time on your phone? S: You’re crazy!
O: Why? S: No way!
O: Yeah but I know that’s why I’m asking you to do it S: And it’s you who wants to know the time, so look at the time yourself !! O: yeah … I … I’ll watch the time myself 3-2-1 [Strong light and trembling of the room] S: So what time is it? O: I can’t S: Tell me the time quickly!
O: No, I can’t! Come on you can do it! It’s 3AM in the morning !! Thank you S: All right? O: No! S: Good night! [Olivier’s crying] I see all blue [crying] ” WHEN YOU BUY A MOBILE ( At the time) ” – Hello
– Hello I would like to buy a mobile please! You have come to the right place, we have a brand new phone that lets you call Oohhh To send sms hahaha And we added incredible strength [tap the phone on the table] harder than a rock hiiiiii As well a game called Snake with a gameplay that is really intuitive I BOUGHT !! Very well that will make you 100 franc I have more money here This for you – Thank you so much
– You’re welcome Hello !! Yeah yeah … how are you? ” WHEN YOU BUY A MOBILE ( Today ) ” – Hello
– Hello I would like to buy a mobile phone please! Very good we have many ranges. You advise me which one? To begin we have the mid range with the all new koweii… – Noonnn – I deserve the best of the best because I’m a star. I have what you need, ma’am. We released a brand new phone,
the Y-phone, a revolutionary phone It allows to call, Oohh! to send sms Oohh! but beware there an amazing camera. Oohhh I buy! All for 2400 euros, check, cash or blue card ma’am? – Mrs ?
– Sorry, excuse me ! You’re welcome. I buy! So I repeat this will make you 2400 euros, check, cash or credit card. Mrs ? Mrs ? Mrs ? Sorry, excuse me ! Whenever I tell you the price you
buggle! It’s normal, it’s expensive! Who do you take me for? I am not a hen who lays gold! I don’t push it and money out… Wech! – How many did you say?
– 2400 euros … – Well yeah I’m not a chicken! Madam this phone is really top of the top, everyone buys it! everyone pulls it out! Everyone buys it? All the stars will tear it. I buy! Great Just a question, the next phone
what will be new? The name will just change. – How much will it cost?
– 5000 euros Mrs ?
Mrs ? ” WHEN YOU HAVE NO BATTERY ” [Music] Hello, You are late. O: I did not see the time
F: And you have not Liked my picture too. O: Oh I’m ok I have not received the notification
F: No, it’s not okay. Go ahead. Delivery guy: Olivier?
O: Yeah? Delivery man: Your meal! Thank you Delivery guy: Put a like please! O: It’s done!
Livrerur: Ah thank you, good appetite. Thank you, too, good evening Okay I’ll go, thanks for the meal You’re welcome ! See you ! Hi ! I’m going too … No more battery ! Hey! hey! hey !! It’s okay? Where are we? In real life. It’s okay ? It’s okay. Go follow me. On Twitter ? No on YouTube then? No more Where are we going? We will live. Come on, follow me! Look! Wow! What’s this ? Some water !
Oohhh! I had never seen it except on Instagram. What are you doing ? I like to memorize. #nature
#vegan Let’s go. Oohhh! Wouaaaw is FIFA No It’s real soccer I want to play! Care of yourself ! As you have seen many things happened today and you could discover what is …. – Life !
– Wow! it was really amazing, I saw many beautiful things, it was really amazing !! Franchemement .. 2-1 …. Ah Olivier!
I found your external battery in my pocket, you may not have loaded your phone, I thought you were going to need it. – Oh that’s nice!
– Go to tomorrow! See you tomorrow! I will charge in case of emergency but don’t worry I will not fall back into the trap. Tomorrow I’ll show you the beach and also the mountains, I don’t know if you …. Olivier ? Stay with me Olivier Live live!
Live with me! Maybe one day we can live. It was the end of the video, subscribe to join the most united family on YouTube, we are soon 2 million! of subscribers. It’s really amazing oh yes yes yes
Yes Yes ! Anyway, short!
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  2. J'ai une idée pour vendredi quand il fait froid stiven il va dehors sans son manteau et olivier dit il fait froid tes sur de sortir comme sa et la stiven il non tinquiète et la le premier pied il meur de chaud après j'ai pas d'idée bisous kawaii

  3. perso pour échapper à un appel je dis ‘att maman je suis entrain de chier’
    et si jamais elle attend je dis ‘maman ne reste pas là c’est trop dangereux g la diarrhée’ 😂😂

  4. Bonjour to non non profit from my phone was dead the way the first time I re to in fr sa piti la tw ki Putin has been in araz ek moi to in fr sa piti la tw ki Putin is not the way the first place to to in araz ek moi to in fr sa piti la tw ki Putin bb😗😗😗😗😗😗

  5. J'ai remarquer que Steven porte ENCORE le même pull. Sinon, like si tu trouve que cette chaîne est la meilleure, et commente si tu trouve que y'a mieux.

  6. J’espère que vous lirez le commentaire c’était juste pour vous dire que vous me faire rigoler chaque jour que je me sens mal merci pour tout❤️

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