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Random vids I found on my grandma’s phone

Random vids I found on my grandma’s phone

I love fill up you shouldn’t talk about
Squidward like that, visualize the sculpture within black accent check fennel bad not Levin
boffo who hello excuse me actually my English is
not good but you know Tom and Jerry yeah yeah Jerry’s here in my room Jerry
Jerry’s hidden my room yeah please come here and when you when you come here
bring Tom with you okay come please thank you go up go up go up babies you know why
I’m a no uh-huh you’re not a visor wolf deep so I’m
sitting there barbecue sauce on my titties we take the trash out I can’t my
leg is broken it’s worked this morning and normally
the first thing I say to my coworkers hey guys I was going well one of my
co-workers decided to ask me today hey dude you’re into fitness I was like yeah
dude what’s up man he’s like fitness whole wiener in your mouth it’s a thing is this thing that I gay we
bring in the studio this morning one of the gay rights activists mr. should I
call you mr. Pepe Julian onziema thank you for coming in thank you good morning
why are you gay who says I’m gay you next time
bye Sebastian guys hey guys the best day of the year you know why cuz there’s a
chicken and he’s crossing the road holy moly
are you kidding why the chicken crossed away away every night I can feel my leg my
my fingers the body has lost the comrades have lost don’t you no big deal we’ll just saying out here
this weekend yeah your parents are away right yeah except Josh’s grandmother is
here all weekend babysitting us she’s not babysitting she’s hanging out
and she’s really cool just gonna go and say you got eight kids and bounce excuse
me excuse me um you know that’s gonna be it’s gonna be devastating to that kid in
his family yeah it sucks okay right but I mean do you think maybe
there’s a way we could soften the blow for him okay yeah I got you what are you
gonna hey tough break kid you got AIDS here’s
a peppermint ah to shoot you think this coffee is strong do you think all women
are thoughts America not some beer fuck off you you sack of fucking Yankees
thank you dude site fuck off with your pleasure hey look how cool this nigga Tommy is
don’t just think a game is so cold look boom bang total of small Bhutan the town
boom pop – hey what’s up me gonna smoke the sea rolling in one hand flip it
leave it open let the mouse lick coming bitch yeah boom throw it in the air pop
it with the fire wow yeah one poor nigga that muhfucka going I’m done with it was
that howdy bitch my true gender my gender identity is
Chaplin what do you call two niggers fuck fucking niggas listen Donald Trump
said on this video that he likes kissing pretty women and that you don’t sir let
me can I finish you like kissing ugly women and then
going to gloss who the hell would want to smell like Africa your mama’s so fat
all the McDonald’s food are gone what’s the green button to Lord on all
levels except physical I am a wolf I want you to meet my colleague because this is what it does that it
feels like the male fantasy number six my extra tip hey it’s me Tyler I just
got my bowl cut and I’m really excited about my new bowl cut ten this is what
dying feels like whoa you really there’s like white there’s like only wine the
lines once whoa that’s it for this video right well you’ve got a nice co-star

47 thoughts on “Random vids I found on my grandma’s phone”

  1. @Lifeples is a great channel for laughs. I love it! I have actually created my own channel called
    best memes collections for even MORE daily laughs – come check it out!

  2. am i the only one who thinks those earrapes should stay YTP-only?
    it's overused and used in many non-fitting ways, lately
    as for the rest of the video, i didn't laugh at all… ok maybe at… no, i did NOT laugh

    don't admit, or you're a little female kitten … a pus**

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