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Ravi Gadi I Phone || Wirally Originals || Tamada Media

Ravi Gadi I Phone || Wirally Originals || Tamada Media

‘Shobhan, what do our subscribers
got to do get notifications from us?’ ‘Nothing much. They just need
to press the bell icon.’ Dad, buy me a phone.
– What for? You promised you’d buy me a phone
if I graduated from college. At your age, your kids should be graduating
from college, not you. I worked really hard for many years
to graduate from college. I had to write my exams with my sub juniors.
It is only a phone that I’m asking for. I’ve Rs. 8,000 with me. Buy whatever you want with it.
– Rs. 8,000? For Rs. 8,000 I can’t buy what I want to buy.
– What do you want to buy? An iPhone should do.
– I don’t have that kind of money. If you don’t buy me an iPhone, I’ll move out of this place!
– Please, do that and never come back. This is not right on your part.
– Asking for an iPhone is not right on your part either. Atleast give me Rs. 10,000.
– Maybe it is the right time you moved out of here. Oh, no! Alright, just give me Rs. 8,000.
You stopped caring for me lately. Why should I?
You are 30 years old and you still are dependent on me. I’ll transfer Rs. 8,000 to you online.
– Online? Even my dad is using technology. iPhones are expensive, right?
How do you plan to buy one? I’ll buy one through EMIs. Splurging money if you got money
can atleast be condoned but borrowing money and splurging it is a crime.
– I’m not borrowing money. I’ll start working from tomorrow. Who is that fool who’ll hire you?
– Wait and see. How much salary are you expecting?
– Rs. 10,231. 231?
I pay only Rs. 8,000 to freshers. Only Rs. 8,000? What do I do now?
Sir, can I have your phone for a minute. What for?
– I’ll tell you. 10,231 minus 8,000
equals 2,231! Sir, please make my salary Rs. 10,231.
– Why exactly Rs. 10,231? Because that is my lucky number?
– Who has a lucky 5 digit number? ‘How do I explain it to you.’ If I pay you Rs. 10,231, you’ll have to work
harder than the rest. – Sure! You’ll have to work extra time.
– Sure! You may not find it easy.
– I won’t mind, sir. Seems like he is in a lot of financial troubles.
Alright. Your salary would be Rs. 10,231. Here is my new iPhone! I look so handsome
in these iPhone selfies. #FirstiPhone
#iPhone #iPhonePhotography What’s the time? Shit! I’ve no watch.
– What for you called me here? Hello! Bro, can you see?
– What! Can you see?
– You should say ‘can you hear’. Bro, you bought an iPhone?
– Yeah. You paid the total amount upfront?
– Yeah. I asked my dad for money and he gave me. You rich buggers!
– That we are. Careful with it. The screen looks like a mirror. You can use my phone whenever you want
to click photos with it. Don’t be shy. Alright.
– Hey, careful! Son, could you please use the earphones?
– I can’t use earphones as I’m charging the phone. This is the iPhone, right?
You can’t use earphones while the phone is charging? Then stop charging the phone
and get your earphones out! He seems pretty pissed.
I’d rather leave. It is morning already? The alarm goes off on time.
It is never late. Screw it! Shit! I’ve to pay my EMIs. I’ve tried many times to make him
stop being lazy, but always failed. But an iPhone
changed him completely. Sir, you called for me?
– So, you’ve finally come. – I have. Are you receiving your salary on time?
– Perfectly on time! You are receiving Rs. 10,231?
– Exactly! So, are you happy?
– Very much! Are you out of your mind!
You are forwarding the calls you should receive to me! The customers are cussing at us!
Neither do you come to work on time. I told you you’ll have to work extra hard. ‘Is he planning on chiding me to death?’ ‘God! These EMI people!’ ‘Aren’t you done yet?’ Son.. – Yeah, dad?
– Your sister sent you some photos, right? Send me those through bluetooth.
– Dad, there is no bluetooth on iPhone. There is no bluetooth?
You spent Rs. 50,000 to buy this crap? In my phone, you’ll find
every application that is there! You spent Rs. 50,000 to buy a useless phone. A useless phone to compliment a useless guy.
How useless can you be? Whatever! I’ll post a photo today.
Where do I click one from? Son, what are you upto?
– Dad, I’m clicking a selfie! You dumb son of a..
Stop being so obsessed with your phone. Come in now! You might even get yourself killed.
How I wish your phone breaks. Good morning, sir.
– Hello.. How may I assist you?
– You will resist? What will you resist? Sir, your call is dropping.
– That exactly is my grievance. Sir, your call is dropping again.
– That exactly is my complaint. Sir, your call is dropping.
– That is exactly what my problem is, you idiot! Sir, did you just call me an idiot?
– Of course, I did, you scoundrel you jackass, you moron..
– Sir, please don’t use abusive language. I’ve purchased a Rs. 60,000 iPhone.
But your firm hardly provides any network. Sir, you bought an iPhone? Alright, sir. I understood your problem.
I’ll see the end. You’ll see my end?
I dare you to see my end! I double dare you. Sir, you misunderstood me.
I meant I’ll see the end of this problem. Remember one thing, customers like me
are the reason why you’ve got a job. Customers like me can ruin your life.
– Sir, your call is dropping. I want there to be no more call drops from tomorrow.
– Sir, come again. I want there to be no more call drops from tomorrow.
– Sir, your call is dropping. Yeah? You called me? Are you receiving your salary on time?
– Yeah. So, what? You are receiving Rs. 10,231?
– Yes. Not a penny more, not a penny less. Won’t you ever be punctual, you idiot!
– Hold on! Now, hear me out. Just because you pay me a mere salary
of Rs. 10,231, you think I’m your slave? Even my dad doesn’t treat me like the way you do.
You make me work 5 extra hours everyday and make me work even on Sundays
and you even make me do your household chores! You bloody shit faced idiot! I’m quitting.
Try and hire a better employee than me. You asshole!
– ‘Thank God he didn’t slap me.’ Kiran, I’ve paid all my EMIs.
Where are you? Let’s party. Shall I come over?
Yeah, hold on. Tell me.
1-4-531, Sanath Nagar. I’ll come here and then I’ll call you.
– Ravi.. Shit! It is broken.
– What has happened? My phone is broken. He genuinely seems hurt. You must be having some warranty on it.
Go, give it a try. True, dad!
I’ll go right away. Bro, my phone broke. Please, fix it.
I even got a warranty on this one. Warranty can’t be redeemed
for physical damage. It can’t be?
– No. How much would it cost to fix it?
– Rs. 22,000 to replace the screen. Rs. 22,000! Hello! Did you also buy an iPhone on EMIs
like me and struggle to pay them on time? Do comment and let us know.
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100 thoughts on “Ravi Gadi I Phone || Wirally Originals || Tamada Media”

  1. At the last EMI payement,Ravi anna said that his salary is 2,231 instead of 10,231.Except this everything is superb

  2. iPhone konalenu poor fellows, ilaage iPhone meedha padathaaru… Apple R&D cheyyakapothe konni vondala features market lo ki vachevi kaavu… dhaaniki Apple konni kotlu karchupettaadu….So costly gaane untundhi phone… moosukoni "oppo " konukkondi, meekenduku iPhone

  3. ni e video chusthu na mobile padaeskunna bro, lucky ga em kale 😅 my frn bought iphone7 screen damage within 6 months bought iphone8plus within a year someone snatched recovered 40k via police now bought iphone10 this is called madness

  4. I am a android user …but I was tried for iOS for 1st time last year
    Bloody hell it's all locked phone
    Even we don't have option to use our liked ringtone for free….
    Thanks for android

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  6. Super 👌 bro .meru movies chesyandi Anna . theater lo Mee movie s chesthe manchi hit auvthayi.good concepts Anna. Super 👌 👌👌👌👌👌👌

  7. nadi iphone 7 bro,first konnappudu phone ki screengaurd ledu back cover kuda ledu,just 2 days ke sudden ga ma anna hand lo nundi kinda padipoyi screen mottam pagilipoyindi ,malli 10000 rupees ayyayi

  8. Anna You Are Super Anna…. Don't know complete telugu only 70%% i know but still you are too good anna…Love you…

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