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Razer Phone 2 – I like my iPhone XS a little less…

Razer Phone 2 – I like my iPhone XS a little less…

– Yo, guys, Jonathan here. This is the Razer Phone 2,
and if I’m being honest, I think it made it me like the
iPhone XS just a little less. So last year, Razer kinda
shook up the smartphone world and debuted their Razer Phone, which kinda made a name for itself for that smooth, delicious, buttery, 120-hertz display, and speakers that would blow your jean
jacket right off of your face. So the Razer Phone 2 kinda took everything that was awesome about the
original and amplified it. To soon, for real though, the Razer Phone 2 is
kinda like that no frills, no holds barred, no gimmicks. If you ever wonder what
phone Tim Taylor, Mr. T, and Chuck Norris rock,
this would probably it because it is that badass
kind of a smartphone. For starters, that RGB logo. Are you kidding me? That is so cool. Nope, your eyes are not
playing games with you, that logo lights up and
it is glorious, plus, on top of that, the beautiful
thing is because it’s RGB, you can change that color
to whatever you want. So whether it’s TLD Blue,
that you’re UrAvgConsumer, or Dave2D Teal, maybe you want
that Linus Tech Tips Orange, you can rock that on the Razer Phone 2. So maybe I’m a little too
excited for that light up logo, maybe you are as well, let me know. But I just think it’s a cool
way to kinda separate itself against the sea of smartphone notchland. Next in there, something
you really don’t see on any smartphone out there period, is that 120-hertz display,
which is silky, buttery smooth. And honestly, it’s kinda
one of those things that you don’t really, truly
appreciate it until you use it, but once you do, you’re
kinda like, oh my goodness. That display though on top of that silky, smooth 120-hertz refresh
rate comes in at 5.7 inches. And you’ll notice Razer’s
kinda throwing middle fingers to pretty much every single
smartphone trend out this year. There’s no notch, there’s
no weird 18.5:9 resolution, just straight up 16:9,
2560×1440, and again, no notch to be seen. Now I realize it might be a little hard to see through a video, but last year, one of the complaints with
the original Razer Phone was that brightness just
wasn’t quite enough, so this year, Razer
actually upped that by 50%, which is pretty huge. From there, yeah, the display is great, but the speakers, those
things will change your life. Honestly, I’ve heard some
good things about the Pixel 3, I haven’t heard that yet,
so until I hear that, this is hands down the
absolute best sounding speakers on any smartphone I’ve heard to this day. They showcase it with
this really awesome demo, that I’ll admit, probably plays and skews with your mind a little bit with the sound jumping, and
bouncing, and ping-pong, and everywhere, but no
doubt this sounds fantastic. So if you’re someone who
likes to listen to music, or watch movies, or ideally play games, and aren’t the biggest fans of headphones and likes to experience that music and sound out there in the open, this is going to be next level. Just don’t be that guy at the gym, in the sauna, playing Drake at full volume while everyone’s trying
to sweat and stretch. Put some headphones on. Keeping that thicc boi,
beefy train rolling, something really impressive
with that Razer Phone 2 is that it’s packing a
4000 milliamp hour battery. So if you wanna play
games, and watch movies, and listen to music, and
be that guy listening to Drake out loud, at
least you can do that for extended periods of time. What’s that, more beef? I’m not done. Inside the Razer Phone 2
is eight gigabytes of RAM. – Great Scott! – So for everyone who’s
flipping out at that Pixel 3 and its measly four gigs of RAM, buy a Razer Phone 2 so you can
make fun of the Pixel users. Don’t do that, I’m kidding. The Pixel 3 is a great phone, I’m excited. We’re in this amazing period
of tech, let’s be happy. Eight gigabytes though
is a lot of freaking RAM. Remember the days when computers
were maxed out with four? We got eight gigabytes on a smartphone. So you got the display,
you got that battery, you got them speakers,
I’m not done there though. The Razer Phone 2 also has
micro SD card expansion. The base storage, it’s a
little weak at 64 gigs, but if you’re a micro SD
card warrior, get excited. You’re gonna store all of
them lossless music files up to one terabyte on the Razer Phone 2. From there, one of the coolest features of the original Razer Phone
that made its way over to the follow up is the location
of the fingerprint reader, right smack on the side, perfectly placed where your thumb is. One thing that was a little
strange for me though, is as much Razer didn’t follow
trends this year, the fact that there is no headphone
jack is a little puzzling. I realize that the headphone
jack wasn’t there last year but for being this high-end,
premium audio machine that is designed for gaming, you would think a headphone
jack would be essential. There is a 24-bit DAC
available through USB-C, but again, experiencing
something like that with a headphone jack on the
V40, that kinda changed my mind and if you’re gonna have a
headphone jack on a smartphone, make that headphone jack
sound really good with a DAC. Now I don’t think it’s a deal breaker or a reason why you
shouldn’t buy the phone. It’s still going to be super awesome, but it’s just something that I would like to see Razer go the extra mile on. Next, one of the weakest
points on Razer Phone last year was without a doubt, the cameras. This year though, I’m excited. It’s supposed to be much improved. On the back, you have
twin 12-megapixel shooters paired with eight-megapixel
shooter on the front. And even though on paper
it’s supposed to be better, it looks better, I’m going
to reserve true judgment until I get this phone in my
hand and test it for myself because again specs on
paper are one thing, but I really wanna see
how good these cameras are when I get the phone. Lastly, the Razer Phone 2
ships with Android 8.1 Oreo, but talking to Razer, there should be updates very, very soon. So if that was one thing
that was holding you back with other smartphones out there. If you’re worried about being stuck on the last version of Android, that shouldn’t be a thing
with the Razer Phone 2. So overall, there is a
ton to be excited about. It’s honestly a super exciting
smartphone era right now. We got tons of great
things out, I am stoked. Hopefully you guys are too. If you are like me,
smash that like button. Maybe subscribe if you’re feeling like it, that would be awesome. This is Jonathan, and I
will catch you guys later.

100 thoughts on “Razer Phone 2 – I like my iPhone XS a little less…”

  1. Jonathan. I figured you are smart guy. But it boggles my mind beyond believe when you (and many other YouTubers) come up with comments such as “ and there is no notch” when you talk about devices that have 2007 super thick chin and top! I mean, really Jonathan? Would you except to be a notch on the top of already hippopotamus ass bezel? How do you guys quickly forget the reason why there is a notch on the iPhone X to start with? To remove these waste of space ugly bezels, that’s why. I will have the notch anytime over a crazy past decade bezels like that.
    Oh, and another thing! Headphone jack on a mobile devices is dead and for a good reason. It stared to die since Apple removed from their flagship phones. The sooner you guys except it and move on, the better. Rather then boring us with stuff that belongs to the past. It ain’t coming back, like never ever. Period!

  2. This looks very interesting. Good to see great tech coming from Razer. And thank you for optimizing your videos for notched smartphones 🙏

  3. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Google Pixel 3 / XL vs iPhone XS / XS MAX ( In sound and performance) please do video on this and share your experience to us . Thanks 🤘🏻

  4. HAHA WHAT? He said Razer is throwing middle fingers to everyone by not having a notch? Yea but it’s got bezels from 2015! Pretty sure most people would rather have a notch than those huge granny bezels! It’s funny he would try to make it sound like those big bezel lips are better than edgeless with the notch lmfao What a goof. Is this a paid ad?

  5. we all still want to see a headphone jack everybody keeps telling all these smartphone companies that they don't want to see the headphone jack go away and they keep trying to push the removal of a headphone jack

  6. How come HTC was able to come out with a phone that had stereo speakers and a headphone jack and nobody else can do it why why are we trying to get rid of top and bottom bezels and place of putting a notch why not keep the top and bottom bezels and put stereo speakers

  7. right now im flippin out at that razer phones snap dragon 845 not being overclocked like the rog phone….

    rog phone doesent have 120hrz tho only 90hrz

  8. Like how when u said it was b.a., was like (to myself) "wow, haven't ever agreed with anyone saying any smartphone is b.a. ever until now."

  9. The only time I use smartphone speakers is when I shower. But other than that, 100% of the time with headphones on. Sad face for no 3.5mm jack. I'm still not willing to let go of this feature. I will upgrade my iPhone 6S to either a LG v40 or a Galaxy S9, both with 3.5mm audio output and decent cameras.

  10. Best of all its american phone all others are not that's badass Singapore California. So iPhone Samsung yours isn't.


  12. Will definitely buy this next month. I had a sony xz premium but fuck T-mobile and their bullshit it's time for Verizon with another kickass phone.. Sony you need to step your game up instead of limitations :/ not a good look and isn't worth the Hi-Res audio and 4k when certain carrier experience will fuck quality reason to buy your product. Rant Over.

  13. There is jack shit to like about any Apple product, so there is that. Unless you enjoy spending tons of money for a product that requires you to bend over and grab your ankles from purchase to replacement.

  14. I like that you are bashing the newest iPhone a bit, because that overpriced pile of garbage deserves it……but this video should not have been made until you actually have the Razer phone 2 in your hands. I own the Razer 1&2….my opinion matters, because i have actually experienced what the Razer phone 2 has to offer first hand……you have no idea except for reading specs online, i have no idea why you made this video right now without having the actual product.

  15. Went to bestbuy with the idea of getting one of these to replace my reliable xsmax but honestly was not impressed at all. The 120hz did nothing to me, did not feel much of a difference, even the speakers co pared to the iphone arent that great, bummer, makes me wonder if you reviewers are totally honest or have a hidden agenda.

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