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Razer Phone 2: The Non-Gamer’s Review

Razer Phone 2: The Non-Gamer’s Review

– This is a different sort
of Razer Phone 2 review because for the past month I’ve
been using it as a standard everyday smartphone more
so than a gaming platform. I’ve read a few books,
made a lot of voice calls, ad I’ve watched decades old
television shows in glorious SD and I’ve played a video game
or two from about the same era. In other words, I’ve used the
Razer Phone 2 as a non-gamer and with one predictable
exception, it has delivered. (upbeat music) Just to get this out of the
way, yes, I have used the phone for its main purpose and yes, it is an exceptional gaming device. I don’t always notice the
smoothness of the 120 hertz display in a game, but in the
everyday swipes and taps of navigating Android, oh yes,
this glides along as silkily as its predecessor. What I notice a lot more
while gaming, is audio. I did get to try the Hammerhead
ANC earbuds with this phone but the noise canceling
isn’t that great on these. Probably my favorite thing
about them is they light up but that’s kind of beside the point. If you use earbuds, you’re
missing out on these massive speakers and it’s not just
that they’re big but they’re positioned properly. See when I’m playing Alto’s
Odyssey on a OnePlus 6T, my palm frequently blocks the
single bottom firing speaker and that’s not a problem for
these front firing blasters on the Razer Phone 2 and they’re good for much more than games. I can’t overstate how great
the sound is on this thing. When I have it with me on the
road and I wanna rock out in my hotel room, I don’t need
to use a Bluetooth speaker or headphones. It’s pretty impressive that
Razer managed this kind of sound while also making the speakers waterproof. You don’t get something
for nothing though, the cheese graders on those speakers are just as good at sucking up skin bits as on the first
Razer Phone and if you’re listening to a lot of podcasts, certain voices make the
speakers rattle at full volume. As to be expected when you
pack in over a hundred decibels into a phone, I find that
keeping the volume set below 75 percent, solves for it. I do wish calls were louder
on the speakerphone though. Other companies like Samsung
use a custom dialer that gives you a toggle for more volume
but because Razer does very little customization of the software, there’s no such option here. That’s a small price to pay
for having such a clean Android experience though. The only big changes beyond
Nova Launcher are the Cortex app, that lets you customize
how much power you want the phone to put into rendering
each game, and the Chroma app, which controls the surprisingly
addictive light-up Razer logo on the back. Now, if you’ve got battery
anxiety, watch out, you’ll sacrifice about
three percent per hour if you keep the logo lit all the time. The phone’s battery is brawny
buy to buy, and if you leave it in the default settings
with the screen at 90 hertz and conservative use of Chroma,
you can expect many milliamps left at the end of the day. I never baby this thing and I
seldom worry about going dead before midnight. When I do need to top up,
the inbox wall plug does what a quick charge 4 adapter
should, it gets the phone from empty to 50% in 30 minutes exactly. Thanks to the new glass back,
wireless charging is also a thing and thanks to Chroma
on the Razer charger, that thing is a lot of fun. It has Bluetooth so you
can control the colors and brightness through the Chroma app now, it came in a recent update, it’s not a reason to drop
a 100 bucks on this thing, but the way the phone is built might be. See the charging coil is located
way down low on this phone so using another charger
is a crapshoot at best. Given those compromises, it’s
an open question as to whether the switch to a glass back was worth it, but if you wanna protect that glass back, lets talk about today’s sponsor, dbrand. You know the drill, vinyl
skins in almost any color or texture sold for a reasonable price and it really suits the phone nicely. I’ve had a dbrand skin on here
since I got my review unit. Hit the link in the description for more. Now as I said in my first
impressions video, I was happy to find that the Razer Phone 2’s
screen is much brighter than its dim predecessor but
this is why extended testing is important. The moment I took is outside
for a sunny day of playing Ingress Prime, I knew I
still wanted more nits. Given how much brighter
the direct competition is, that’s the Asus ROG phone next to it here, this is still an area where
Razer can and should improve. The biggest shortcoming of
the first Razer Phone though was its camera, and that well, that’s the lowest point of this phone too. Now Razer does deserve credit
for upgrading the hardware with optical stabilization on
the back and a selfie camera capable of 60 frames per second video. But that front footage
is still stuck at 30 fps pending a software update
as I make this video. And speaking of software,
this still happens pretty regularly, not sure what’s going on here. In terms of the photos themselves, well, I’ll put it to you this way, I was shooting side by
side with the much cheaper OnePlus 6T during my review
process and on the whole, the OnePlus has it beat. Listen, that’s not to say I
always prefer OnePlus’s photos. In fact, the Razer’s
tendency to go darker, sometimes serves it well. Notice how the 6T blows out
the highlights on the white siding in these photos, while
the Razer preserves it better. But try shooting your
appetizer under dim lighting on Restaurant Week, you’re
gonna want a camera that can pull those details from the shadows. That gulf gets wider when you factor in OnePlus’s Night Mode, which Razer doesn’t have and
the picture doesn’t get any better when you consider
that Google’s Pixel 3, priced exactly the same
as the Razer Phone 2, has the best fire and
forget camera in a phone, in my opinion. But in truth, comparing
this thing to a Pixel, really misses the point. Where the Pixel 3 is trying
to be the Android phone for everyone, Razer built its
Razer Phone 2 for Razer fans. It’s almost like Razer’s
where Apple was years ago, selling a curated mix of
features and aesthetic to a very loyal and
very specific fan base. If that’s you, or you’re just lookin’
for something different, this phone gives you a lot for the money. If that’s not you, you’ll likely
find it harder to look past that mediocre camera or the
older version of Android, particularly given how fierce
the competition has gotten. The Razer Phone 2 is on sale
now, both unlocked and at AT&T. Razer fans and oblivious
others alike, I wanna hear your thoughts on this phone and
I want you to share those thoughts in the first
annual MrMobile Awards, hit up the link in the
description to vote for this phone or anything else on the ballot in the Viewers’ Choice section, and you’ll also be entered for
a chance to win a big prize. Until next time, thanks for watching and stay mobile my friends.

100 thoughts on “Razer Phone 2: The Non-Gamer’s Review”

  1. Between the screen, RGB lighting and speakers I really love the idea of this Razer phone. I just can't live without Samsung Pay D: So I'll stick with my Note 8 for now. Maybe the Note 10 will have a screen like this one?

  2. Good luck to those who can buy this phone.
    We are poor, we just have to be sorry.
    Our share of the world is just seeing and regretting.
    The price of this mobile phone in my country is 8 months old.
    I am a worker.
    Damn to poverty

  3. Love my Razer Phone 2. A nice square phone with someplace to hold it, unlike my Note 8 and all these stupid full screen phones. Its stupid, you need somewhere to hold the phone without activating the screen. Nice square edges for square people.

  4. Thats what this phone has over phones such as the Blackshark from Xiaomi. A great gaming phone but the black shark has absolutely NO USE in the life of a general mobile

  5. razer phone is good and awesome
    but the only negative comment bout this phone is
    sometime unable to turn on the screen
    after the screen has been lock and turn into black

  6. This what I expected from HTC after the 10 to realize that was they're best feature.. those front speakers.. if I worked at HTC this is what I would've released , not that crappy ugly vibrating squeeze phone

  7. Love the video, just one note. Wireless charging is not an issue on mine, and honestly the brightness outdoors is plenty.

  8. This phone has the styling I desire. It's a standout in a world who thinks bezel-less is beautiful (hint: it's not). And now at $650 it's very tempting. BUT… The bad camera is a deal breaker for me as I'm an artist and I need to take the best possible images of my work for Instagram. As I LOATHE a notch of any sort, I guess I'm just going to have to wait until the end of 2019 to see what comes next.

  9. I don't really care if the screen is dim on the razer phone 2 because I almost always have lowest brightness or a bit over lowest brightness

  10. I have the first iteration of the Razer phone, I like it's response times and don't play many games besides the round or two of angry birds, the battery life is still great, but I doubt if I will take the leap up to version 2 of a craptacular camera.

  11. I just ordered the Razer 2 for $499 on Amazon and Bestbuy has the same deal. That was posted through Slickdeals.

  12. I was an user of the Razer phone 1. Mobile I gave to my mother (obviously a fierce mobile player) when I get the Razer Phone 2.
    I really recommend the Razer phone 2, I use it on a normal daily basis to work and some play and it's marvelous. But, if you don't need the extras from the second version (aka RGB, water proof, android PIE now, etc) get the first Razer Phone is a wise option, very good mobile for the price.

    It's a pity that Razer maybe don't continue in the mobile manufacturing sector. I think a lot of reviewers over criticize the camera and some little silly things and tend to compare a mobile of 700 – 800€~$ to a Pixel 3 or Iphone X that surpases the 1000€~$ each. I think Razer for once in his whole life do a better balance on what you get and what you pay. 😛


  13. Fantastic phone and reviewer forgot to mention that the phone sound so good because it has Dolby Atmos technology built in. Therefore when you have any surround sound content you got incredible sounding virtual surround sound that blows everyone away who hears it. There's not a lot of bass but weigh more than any other phone. This would be the best phone of all time if they would just release a newer version of Android for it because it is still on version 8.

  14. i own this phone its awesome and you should buy it but as far as being an actual phone with the quality of cameras out there its not the best. for playing media surfing web or gaming its the best. if your a pic taking type person dont buy it, you will complain, everyone else can go ahead and buy it.

  15. No Chroma , no background apps running , all I do is play RULES OF SURVIVAL and my battery drains so fast.

  16. ive had samsung iphone and one plus, but the razer phone 1 was/is my absolute favorite. its totally sufficent for me and the price is fair. im looking forward to upgrade to the razer phone 2 or 3 (if it ever comes) one day

  17. I'm gonna wait till they make one with a better camera comes out or until my motto z play gives me a white screen then I'll by

  18. I love my Phone 2

    Yeah the camera is a bit meh but it's never failed me when I want a quick snap of my kids playing.

    What I do love is the beautifully simple and elegant design, my front facing speakers and the large NON CURVED OR NOTCHED SCREEN.

    I rarely play games but who cares.. I hate that this phone seems to be only marketed as a gaming phone when it's just simple a great phone.

    The Optus shop I got it at said I was the first person to get one and was surprised I was picking it up and asked why I wasn't getting a Samsung.

    No wonder no one got one if they keep trying to sell another phone.

    PS.. people who take photos of their food are lame (just saying)

  19. This phone is now at Best Buy for less than 500$. Good deal. Ive been thinking about getting one but I cant get over the cheese grater speakers. Every video review ive seen of this phone, you can see all the dust and dead skin in the speakers. That would bug TF outta me. Id probably end up breaking the speakers from tryna clean em out all the time.

  20. A big selling point (for me) is that it is one of very few phones that support T-Moblie's new 600MHz Band 71 (I don't like Apple or Samsung so the pickings are slim for late 2018/Q1 2019 high end phones 😐 T-Mo has a large chunk of 600Mhz in Metro NY/Long Island as we had a very strong TV station using that freq that was part of the FCC deal that T-Mo made out well on.

  21. I almost never use speaker phone
    Use the camera so little might as well just get rid of it
    I actually think displays these days are too bright
    Don’t play too much games but hey when I do I take them seriously
    My phone has 40GB of Music luckily the Razer Phone has an SD slot
    I’m to poor to buy a 1000$ phone

    Haven’t used an Android in like 6 years or something but looks like this is the best choice

  22. ok specs look shit, camera is bad…
    speakers (y)

    can you put a nes emulator into it, u could get a modern 'gameboy' w/ ~5000-6000 games

    Need to look into it ; ))

  23. I got my new for $450 I think with that price it blew out the competition in my opinion it's the best bang for your buck.

  24. Thumbs up for the in-video dbrand plug.
    Everyone should take note that this is how it's done.
    Not forced, not front-loaded.
    Very smooth and natural, show the product in action, and, oh, by the way, if you like what you see, they're a sponsor, and the link is below if you want to learn more.
    In and out in a flash, and you don't even notice that half the video is basically a plug for the sponsor every time you see the back of the phone.

  25. If youre a type of person that annually change your phone, then this is not for you. You spend for a price that costs almost the same price of the giants. By the time your are up to change your phone, the trading value of this phone is almost a just a penny. Buy wisley, if you think youre gonna change your phone next year then put your money to samsung or iphone or LG atleast the trading value is higher so youll get your new phone a little cheaper than the tag price

  26. Why don't they make a case that's not just for the back but back an front outer box or life case

  27. The video I want, I am a gamer but I also want my phone to satisfy my other day to day usage like Video editing, recording and stuff like that too, not like I can afford two different phones for different purposes . So, thank you for making this video.

  28. Sadly I have a better chance of winning the Mega Millions than than we do of a Razer Phone 3 coming out.

  29. I'm not a gamer. ……
    however I did enjoy it until its big square beast slipped out of my fingers and I dropped it and the back glass began its decent into oblivian, and i dive into hating it. i haven't had it even a weak and the back camera and razor logo were hanging in by sheer will power. Not to forget my sliced fingertips. It finally met it end at the end of a hammer, yet i kept the pieces and bought another this time with a case and protective glass front as well. still loving this phone and show it the remains of its predieisser so it doesnt get out of hand along with keeping respect it's for its master in check. 💸

  30. The camera isn't that bad, the software is. I downloaded Gcam and now I have 120/240FPS video and Night mode which actually works really well.

  31. I'm not a gamer too. I have the Razer Blade 15 and I'm considering in getting their mobile phone too. I love Razer….

  32. Only problem I have with it is the design.It looks like a fucking brick.
    (it also has android,obviously,which i am not a fan of)

  33. I’m always playing games but the only twist is I’m a console and PC gamer. I rarely ever have games on my phone. But I love the look of the phone, the speed when opening things like YouTube and Twitter, the RGB logo, and the fact that with my family’s phone carrier (AT&T,) it’s only $19 a month. I’ll definitely be thinking about getting it.

  34. I'm a pretty big gamer but I didnt play games on my phone like ever and if I did they were small games nothing 3d or big (i had a Samsung j7). I have a razer phone 2 now and rarely play games still. it was definitely time for an upgrade from the j7 and the razer phone 2 was on sale so I bought it. I dont regret it at all.

  35. I have an iPhone 6s Plus and a friend said he would trade me his razor 2 for my phone and 200$. He knows my phone has had damage but is like a cockroach and won’t die and he says the razor just gives him headaches. Would you guys say it’s a fair trade?

  36. yeah i just got mine like for 500 not 800 and the price is now good for its preformance. Yeah i know i could get smtg else but i wanted to try out so far im in love with it 🙂 The phone is not for evryone bcs it had a blocky design and all around its a diffrent phone in total so if u wanna get it make sure u gonna like it at first and yeah chroma is super adictive (srr for bad english )

  37. I just broke my rog phone so i picked this up and well im happy with it like i miss my rog phone but this is still a great phone

  38. This phone sucks for me It won't always let me end calls and now I'm getting the freezing issue that no one seems to have an answer for and I've only had this phone for about 5 months but this is the issue I'm having I found on YouTube

  39. Not sure if I'm the only one. But if Mr.Mobile played iron man in a future movie or something, I would not be dissapointed

  40. The razor 2 seems to speak innovation, especially with the accessories that come with it. Can you do a review with the accessories?

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