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Real or Fake? Trying to Replace my iPhone Battery in Shenzhen, China

Real or Fake? Trying to Replace my iPhone Battery in Shenzhen, China

100 thoughts on “Real or Fake? Trying to Replace my iPhone Battery in Shenzhen, China”

  1. Short version:It's back! This time with all the right footage:)
    Long version: I uploaded this video yesterday, but had to remove it and reupload it today, because it was missing a bunch of footage of everything I was doing on my workbench. It's a long story, but I made a mistake when I rendered out the final video, which I didn't catch until some of you guys with sharp eyes noticed I was looking up at an overhead camera but that you weren't seeing any footage from it, and mentioned it in the comments. So thank you for the heads up! It's fixed now, and I watched through the whole thing to make sure this version is what we intended you to see. Thanks for your patience, and sorry if you were in the middle of watching when I took it down yesterday, or got a notification and then couldn't watch it. I just really wanted to make sure you could see the full version we worked so hard on.

  2. Wouldn't it still be a good idea to have Apple replace the battery if maintaining the water-resistance is a concern?

  3. You gotta run a full duty cycle on the batteries to actually know there capacities, that test should take at least an hour.. you didn't truly test anything

  4. Scotty, next time make sure to leave the battery disconnected before connecting your display, and connect your battery AFTER you connect your display. Or else, there is a risk of frying your display.

  5. Hey man just for a heads up, removing the Taptic Engine makes room to remove the strips without them breaking. It's in their official guides to remove that part first, before taking out the strips. On the iPhone X, and later, its the speaker and Taptic Engine. Great job finding that battery tester! I'll have to get one with how many batteries I deal with.

  6. I dont want to pay $49 for a new battery, but I need to spend $150 on a battery tester for be sure my low price battery is ok… hahha

  7. 14:21 From watching a lot of fixing videos by Hugh Jeffery, he always remove the haptic engine before removing the adhesives.

  8. You must use your fingers to pull the pull tabs on the battery adhesive. My experience is that uniform force through use of a tool to pull it out causes it to snap. Don't ask me why, but it works way better by hand.

  9. I don't even own or like apple brand but i do enjoy watching you're videos on the tec aspect on the phones and customisation. Keep it up👌🏼👍🏼

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  11. Why there is no Arabic language on science There are a lot of Arab countries, more Arabs than Korea and Italian Why is there no Arabic?

  12. You buy a defective phone with valid warranty and they still chage you to fix it.
    Amazing. Yet people praise apple so much.
    Congratulations. You are the reason why they can do this and get away with it, because regardless of what they do, you will continue buying their products making them huge profit.

  13. You can download coconutbattery on your MacBook pro and it tells you the cycles temp and the 2 types of capacities of your battery for your phone and computer… I rememeber my iPhone 4 saying that it only had 13% of battery life left so it was really dead

  14. His "twang twang" voice makes even the Asian locals turn their heads to see just how much more twangy this Yankie Doodle's voice is than probably every other Asian out there!!! "Ueee Wuvvv Yoo Wong Tueeeeeeem!!"

  15. I mean……… didn't he just show that battery 'tester' is actually a battery firmware flasher? you can set percentage of remaining helath, set random charge cycle, reset everything…

    So basically you can't tell what battery is better

  16. Cara vem pro brasil e abri uma assistência técnica de celulares e faz um preço justo você vai ficar milionário aqui 😂

  17. would have been interesting to see if you got better performance on your phone just by taking the original battery out, resetting the cycle count and then putting it back in, as i suspect it wasnt as depleated as you expected because it wasnt as depleated as apple would like you to think…..

  18. Hey Scotty, with recent news of Apple not allowing Third Party batteries… can you confirm this since you have the battery market near you?

  19. -Comes back home from city
    "So honey did you buy me a surprise?"

    *Bought a whole bag of iphone batteries and tester for more than 200$ ..

  20. What’s is going on with the battery health menu on this batteries? I bought one which seems decent and original but my battery health menu loading for ages. Probably it’s 1:1 copy or oem battery but I’m curious for these batteries also.

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  22. does the phone lose it's water resistant function when we open up the iphone 7 or higher ? and if yes who can we make it water resistant again

  23. Look at everyone in the background stopping to stare like omg a white guy doing some kind of news here is the world coming to an end lol

  24. I really like your videos. I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100. The battery lasts less than 2 hours. You would know if it is the cell phone that consumes a lot of battery or could be a battery defect. Or it would be a factory defect of that model. Greetings from Venezuela.

    Google translated

  25. When your battery wont keep a charge you can reset its memory by completely killing it then charging it all the way up without using it at all. Sometimes it takes a few tries

  26. These tests should be done with fully charged batteries. And, by the way, NOHON – is a good enough CN brand.

  27. I've been watching a couple of videos which they say that in the newest iPhones you can replace the batteries but you still getting a message about health battery issues






  29. APPLE IS



    Sonho Ahn from Samsung…

    COWBOYS ,,, Are copying Samsung..

    Kind of ( Chinese ),,, COWBOYS..


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