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Realme 3 Pro review: best phone under 20,000? comparison with Redmi Note 7 Pro and Galaxy A50

Realme 3 Pro review: best phone under 20,000? comparison with Redmi Note 7 Pro and Galaxy A50

as a new brand Realme took an unusual
step by launching almost six phones in less than a year that’s it one of the
most popular ones in them was the Realme 2 pro which was also the flagship
phone for real me this was the device that was well received by almost
everyone due to the powerful processor the amazing display and the good user
experience but today with better specs better design and in all new camera at
the back we have the successor which is the real me 3 pro so haters fury from
mr. phone and let’s jump right into the full review of the real me 3 Pro before we jump into the video don’t
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because we have a lot of new cool videos coming up on the channel so you don’t
want to miss that the real me three probe comes from just
one year of design maturity and I have to say that it looks good for that I
have to be honest when I saw the real me three with the unibody glossy plastic
design I was a little worried because when you have a phone that’s unibody and
has a glossy design it becomes difficult for people to hold now the real me to
pro had a two-tone designed with matte sides and a glossy back the real me
three pro is a much more refined version of the two pro the back is glossy and
the material seems to be of higher quality it’s also curved at the sides
that merge seamlessly with the matte textured frame of the device the sides
are not flat either this time there are economic champers all around the frame
with joined together to form the flat surfaces at both the top and the bottom
of the phone I remember seeing similar frames and similar curves in the 1 plus
5t and I was a big fan of that and I’m really glad that real me has done that
in this it really helps with the ergonomics of the phone this is a tall
phone for sure so the people who might have a confusion
the back pattern is on the inside of the phone is under a plastic surface and
does not play a part whatsoever in enhancing the grip of the phone the
placement of all the buttons the SIM tray microphones everything is exactly
the same it’s just the bottom part where the headphone jack and the single
speaker girl have switched places but that’s it
now is that a bad thing I don’t feel so because I had no problems with these
placements anyway and as they say don’t fix anything unless it’s broken now
talking about the headphone jack and the speaker grille the performance of both
these is quite standard it was similar with the real me 2 pro as well there’s
nothing that stands out the speaker grille is still at a position where you
can block it easily when you’re playing a game and that happened with me a lot
of times but for the most part at this price I think the performance is quite
standard now another thing a lot of people want to know is about the call
quality and I’m happy to say that this thing
hasn’t changed from the real me to Poirot and that’s perfectly fine because
the real me to pro also had a really good earpiece the call quality was good
I had no problems with it and the real me 3 Pro is exactly like that it’s
exactly the same speaker girls it’s the same size so you have no loss in the
voice whatsoever also it supports dual vo LT it has a triple SIM slot where you
can have two sims and a separate micro SD card slot the fingerprint scanner on
the real me 3 Pro sits at the back and it’s quite standard and fast but I have
not been able to use it a lot because there is also face unlock on this and
the face unlock works pretty quickly because the face unlock is there in its
first I rarely use the fingerprint scanner but when I do need to use it
it’s quite reliable now the real me too bro had a new six
inch full HD Plus display with the water drop knotch
and the real me 3 bro has almost the same display it’s actually the exact
same size you can see here in this b-roll footage where we compare both
these phones and it is exactly the same dimensions that’s it that’s not a bad
thing I had fun with the real me too bro and as far as the size of the display is
concerned I think the real me do pro was quite in a sweet spot where it was big
but was not wide so that I could handle it really well in my hand obviously the
exact same dimensions but that doesn’t mean that it’s the exact same panel
because this display is so much better than the real me 2 pro it is so much
more color accurate and you can see that quite clearly here I’m amazed at how
just tuning the display better helps it make look so much more premium the
display is truly better in every way not just better than the real me do pros
display this panel beats even the redmi note 7 pro according to us some could
argue that its neck to neck with the samsung galaxy a 50 span it’s of course
a Super AMOLED panel that the Samsung Galaxy a 50 has it’s difficult to beat
that with an LCD display but I am pretty sure that the real me three pros display
is probably among the best LCD displays in the under 20,000 category that also
means that the display quality is really good which means that there are no color
shifts now that is one thing that AMOLED panels have where you can see a greenish
bluish color shift when you turn the phone a little like this but that
doesn’t happen on the real me 3 Pro and the display shows no signs of color
shift there is also no color bleed on this and that is something that LCD
panels do tend to possess but that is something that I did not find on the
real me 3 Pro talking about color accuracy this thing is very close to
real actual white and how we found that is that we use MacBooks for a camera
comparisons because those are color calibrated this place and right next to
my MacBooks display my MacBooks white and the white on the rail will be 3 Pro
are quite similar right now the display being good looking is very good for
consuming content when you are on the go you also get why the wine l1
certification that is something that real me promises this is a
pre-production unit and that is why this one does not have white wine
one certification as of now but real me has contacted us and told us that this
being a pre-production unit they did not get time to get this l1 certified but
all the boxes that go to retail anything that you buy all the real me three pros
will come out of the box with a white-wine l1 certification in a
nutshell the real me three pros display is really good and probably among the
best features on this phone and makes the real mean three Pro a force to be
reckoned with the real v3 probe runs color OS 6 built
on top of Android 9 pi now color OS 6 and Android 9 pi is something we talked
about in detail in the real me 3 review it was an exhausting section in the real
mean 3 review so if you want to know each and every detail go and watch that
one but I’m actually going to take the H other out for this one I’m gonna tell
you what I like and what I don’t like I like the fact that there is an ad drawer
when I was introduced to phones Android was already being used by people and
that is the way I learned what the default smartphone experience is like
now even after a decade of mature software experiences and improved
software it still is the basic philosophy that’s how almost all Android
phones work now what happens with skins like color OS in the past or V was fun
touch OS what happens is that when you have all the apps on the home screen
it’s something that we are not accustomed to and that is something that
a lot of people don’t like change is something that a lot of people don’t
like and that is what I personally feel as well but with the real me 3 Pro in
color OS 6 you actually have the option for an ad drawer which brings a closer
to the stock Android experience slightly closer and who probably goes back on the
steps that colorways once was I also love the single swipe Universal Search a
feature I wish almost every phone had it’s certainly a borrowed one but it’s
been implemented well and at the end of the day it makes my life easier I also
love the camera app it’s part of another section I know but the fact that they’ve
worked on the camera app all the general settings that you need are at your
disposal and it just becomes a much much simpler experience I also like certain
features like the short press of the power key to call the Google assistant
the security features which include things like payment portal protections
pseudo base station blocking for example which is something that makes sure that
you don’t receive fraudulent messages or scam messages that are generally not
sent by your towers or your service providers but from people who actually
set up stations that mimic an actual tower it also comes with secure
keyboards which lets you put in your password without recording anything
because all keyboards that we use today things like
G board things like SwiftKey all have servers that take all the information so
that they didn’t give us suggestions and everything which also includes the
passwords that we put in now that is something that Oppo has actually used
and real me also has a secure keyboard which is not connected to the Internet
which does not have our database which means that will not store anything that
you put in hence actually helping you keep your
private things private now coming to things that I don’t like I don’t like
the constant change of icons I’ve not seen any reason for it there has not
been any pattern I’ve always seen this happens with new real me phones every
time the default apps have a new icon and that just doesn’t help in any way
there’s no theme that is followed they just changed randomly that might be
nitpicking to a lot of people but it does help the entire user experience
when you have a uniform thing going on with all your apps your icons your
little setting icons but that helps with the whole theme for example the fact
that there is no design parity for example the Photos app has a square edge
design whereas the clock app is around the phone app is around but the
messaging app has its own shape then we go to the Settings panel the
notifications panel and all the toggles are in a square shape with rounded
corners this is something that does not show uniform design and that is
something that I think real me can work on I also wrote like the notification
panel as I said this thing needs a lot of work it’s certainly gotten better but
the whole UI just doesn’t gel together that said all in all the software
experience on the real me 3 Pro should not be a deal-breaker now for people who
are really ardent stock Android fans this might not be your cup of tea and
you might just even hate using it but for people who don’t have a special
preference this is a very mature OS and has a lot of really good features hidden
inside so I’m pretty sure you’re not going to have a problem using this now we come to performance and the real
me 3 Pro comes with a Snapdragon 710 SOC now dragon 710 is a name that excites a
lot of people and might be one of the biggest reasons that people come and buy
this phone there are a lot of questions roaming around so let’s get to them one
by one first we start off with benchmarks now
benchmark scores for the real me 3 Pro with the Snapdragon 710 are not mind
blowing that is something that I’ll tell you right away this uses the cry of 360
architecture the cry of 360 code and when compared to the Snapdragon 675
which is the closest competitor and also sits inside the phone which is again the
closest competitor which is the redmi note 7 pro the cpu performance might be
slightly better on the stand against 675 because that has the newer cryo 460 code
this has the cryo 360 code now when it comes to antutu and Geekbench scores you
can see how clearly that the redmi note sent pro is ahead when it comes to the
GPU score the Snapdragon 710 actually has a better graphics processing unit
than the other processors which is why the 3dmark score is slightly higher than
the other phones that’s it I had a chance to sit down with Qualcomm
executives and I had a chat with them and I actually asked a question where I
wanted to know how they would compare the Snapdragon 710 to this fabric and
675 and what their answer was is that the Snapdragon 675 might have a better
core when it comes to CPU performance and might be slightly better in
benchmarks but the Snapdragon 710 is a much more premium chipset that is
primarily because static in 710 has a lot of things borrowed from the Sanabria
and 845 which is a flagship processor so when it comes to the graphics processing
unit when it comes to the ISP or the DSP which is the digital signal processing
unit which helps in camera performance which helps in imaging in post
processing or when it comes to things like the modem which helps in better
connectivity and things like cash I think the real me 3 Pro and as they said
the Snapdragon 710 is a better than the Snapdragon 675 now we’re not
gonna leave you out to dry and leave you guessing so what we’ve done in mr. phone
is that we’ve put out a video that is a performance comparison of the real me
three pro with the samsung galaxy a 50 and their 8v note 7 pro it’s a detailed
video that has gaming performance benchmarks and also battery tests go and
watch that video so that you get to know where exactly the real me 3 Pro stands
among the competition now actually coming to real-world performance
I played pop G on it and it was really fun it defaults on high graphics which
is amazing for a 120,000 and I was even able to play at 60fps quite well there
is very little starter and the whole experience is quite fun even when it
comes to day to day uses the real me 3 Pro seems really snappy and also another
thing that we notice is that the redmi note 7 pro that we have right now is
slightly becoming laggy now what we notice is that vme phones actually stay
snappy for longer we were using the real me 2 pro just recently testing it out
and it was still as snappy as it was out of the box and i’m expecting that the
snapdragon 710 will keep the real me 3 pro running the same as well another
cool thing when it comes to gamers out there is that with the real me 3 Pro and
the Snapdragon 710 inside you can actually now play fortnight on the real
me 3 pro this is a service that was not available on a lot of phones you
couldn’t play fortnight on every phone Samsung actually launched the Samsung
phones with the note 9 and a few other Samsung phones where you could play for
tonight but you can do that now with the real me 3 plus so under 20,000 that
makes the real me 3 pro as of yet the first and only phone to play for tonight
so that is something that is a big plus for a lot of people the real me 3 Pro
actually comes in 4 + 6 GB RAM options and comes with 64 and 128 GB versions
but there is one thing that we have to note here when the real me 2 pro came
out real we made a lot of noise about using ufs 2.1 storage with the real me –
pros 128gb version which we found only in flat chips before that the real me 3
pro has actually gone back on that and this one uses emmc 5.1 stories now that
is something that is a little disappointing with the
real me too bro they made a lot of noise about using ufs 22.1 story and i was
really glad that actually manufacturers were putting focus and money on things
that were not necessarily marketable but would increase and improve the
performance of the phone considerably now how that affects the performance is
that the real me to profile had a read speed of about 450 megabyte per second
the real me 3 Pro only has read speeds of around 200 290 megabytes per second
that is quite a difference and that is purely because it’s using an emmc 5.1
storage now this is something that you won’t notice because also the real me 3
Pro has a much more powerful processor but this is something that I thought I
should put out now we come to the cameras and cameras
who were one of the most popular things on the rail meet to pro now the real me
3 Pro has increased the camera performance it has better senses so the
standard sensor on the real me 3 Pro has gone to an AMX 5 1 9 which is also
apparently the same sensor that the 1 plus 60 uses in its standard sensor the
secondary sensor is a 5 megapixel depth sensor which will help in better bouquet
and better edge detection the front camera is a 25 megapixel sensor again
now this is all no talk what about the actual pictures I actually took a trip
to Monday which is amateur pradesh and i had the chance to take a few amazing
pictures using the real me 3 bro i had this phone with me and it took a lot of
pictures and a lot of video so now looking at these pictures but the one
thing that i found is that the real me 3 pro is a really capable camera the
colors that come out of this phone the details everything is phenomenal now
there were a few hiccups though when you look at the non HDR shot you can see how
well the details have come out in the real me 3 prose image but when you turn
easier on you can see how the HDR shot actually loses a lot of details to the
point that it looks like the image has been compressed down this is something
that happened with a few images that I took while I was there and what I feel
right now is that it might also be a software bug because I just finished a
camera comparison with the redmi note 7 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy 50 of the
real me three-prong this did not happen there so probably it was a software bug
as soon as I came back I actually caught an update on the real me 3 Pro and post
that the camera performance has been much much more better that said when the
food does get the images right the colors are phenomenal the exposure
handling especially this is something that the real me to Pro struggle with
really exposure issues were big on the front and the back camera and this was a
big feedback from the people and the reviewers as well the exposure control
on the real me 3 Pro is simply phenomenal
here is a shot where I actually open a door in a dark room and go to a bright
bright scenery and you can see how the exposure handling
is really genius it’s it’s been handled with grace and I think the capabilities
of the cameras on this phone are phenomenal but I think really needs to
do tuning to it and I hope that when it comes out in the hands of consumers the
camera performance is better and stable going to video also the real me 3 Pro
was as impressive it also shoots 4k footage but that is not stabilized sadly
1080p footage is stabilized and as you can see the 10 EP footage is really good
the microphone on this is good as well and you can hear that in this recording
what the footage looks like this Full HD footage so you can see there might be
stabilization on this footage what I can see right now is that the colors is
little saturated let’s see what that looks like on my laptop that’s a color
calibrated display but this is what we can see now another thing that I’ve been
seeing since the real me you one especially is that real me has gotten
very good at selfies the real me you one had a phenomenal selfie camera real me 3
also has a really good camera and real me 3 Pro is again phenomenal I think the
details on the face the color tones the exposure control all of this on the
front camera is really good and I think if I had to score the back camera and
the front camera I think I’d score the front camera better than the bad camera
it’s still a capable camera at the back but I’m in love with the front camera
off the real me 3 Pro now a part of the standard features that we find in a lot
of phones this one has nightscape which is night mode and here is a picture that
we took without night mode and with night mode now apart from the standard
slow-motion video real me 3 bro also has 9 60fps slow-motion video now this one
again does not have 960 fps in this device because it’s a pre-production
unit real me has again promised that they’ll put that in the units that go in
your hands and in all the retail units now even if I’ve done a camera section
in the review it still doesn’t feel complete because we can’t know how good
a camera is unless we compare it to its competitors and that is what we’ve done
at mr. phone we have actually put up a camera comparison a detailed camera
comparison between the real me 3 Pro the redmi note 7 pro and the samsung galaxy
a 50 again a card linked for that here go and find that video watch that video
there are two videos that you have to what one of them is the camera
comparison another is the performance comparison again with the redmi note
center and the samsung galaxy a 50 so please don’t forget to watch both those
videos real me has a history of veered numbers
on the battery measure and this one again is a 4045 mAh battery it’s above
4000 mAh so it’s slightly above average for this size for the LCD display for
the full HD plus resolution I think 4000 mAh is really good and that
is what I actually experienced in my usage when I was in himachal on my trip
I did not have to charge the phone a lot it did hold charge for a long time with
me taking a lot of pictures and a lot of videos the phone still held a lot of
charge I sadly cannot get battery screen on time on this but the screen on time
from what I can say if I have to guess the screen or time will easily be
anywhere from 5 to 6 hours that is what the real me three pros battery looks
like but there is one other thing that I can say with conviction makes the real
me three but one of the most desirable phones on a twenty thousand and that is
the VOC fast charging ouput develop the boot
fast charging a long time ago and that is the success on which one plus is
actually riding as of now – charge is a version of luke charge you can actually
see that the charges and the adapters look very similar – charges one of the
biggest reasons that oneplus phones sold and that was one of the biggest talking
points when it came to talk about the oneplus phone and that is also here on
the real me 3 pro and it’s probably one of my favorite features on the real me 3
pro charging this up is so quick real me actually claim that it goes from 0 to
100 in 80 minutes but that is when the phone is not on and that is actually
something I found consistently now when the screen is on what I consistently
found is that the phone got from 0 to 100 within 1 hour 30 minutes and 1 or 40
minutes this was the most that the phone took to go from 0 to 100 and it’s
actually a trip to see how fast a phone can charge when it’s priced under 20,000
the one thing that a lot of people might be sad about is that it doesn’t have USB
type-c and it still only has micro USB and that is a point of contention for me
as well phones have become much more than today having to carry different
cables today it’s not something I want to do I still have to do that father Al
me 3 Pro it is such a modern phone with a load of good features and I think USB
C was something that should have been here it’s sadly not here but I use the
fact that you get a vogue charger in the is something that helps you forgive the
fact that there’s no USBC now we finally come to the conclusion of the video and
before it including we have to see what the competitors are like so for the real
me 3 Pro we still don’t know the official price as of yet so I’m going to
go with a guess that I have in mind it’s going to be anywhere between 13 thousand
and sixteen thousand and in that price range the comparative the main
competitor is the redmi note 7 pro now comparing to the redmi note 7 pro if we
go to design the redmi note 7 pro actually has a glass body now that is
the biggest difference because the real me 3 pro also looks good at the back it
comes in various colors the readme 3 pro actually comes in three colors my
favorite one is the graphite one and I sadly did not take it because this one
looks much better on camera there is this blue and there is also another one
that is a gradient of black and blue and purple it’s almost like the starry night
edition that we saw with the real me 3 with the redmi note 7 pro again you get
colors so when it comes to design I think the both of them have their
advantages when it comes to display I think the real me 3 pro has a much
better display compared to the redmi note 7 pro performance snapdragon 600 v
versus 710 snapdragon 635 has a better cpu performance any day but the
snapdragon 710 is a much more modern processor hand has lineage from the
Snapdragon 805 which brings much more quality components like the DSP the ISP
and you get better connectivity be the better modem and you also get better GPU
performance then we go to the battery life and in battery even though the
redmi note 7 pro is really good and you get slightly faster 15 watt charging
that doesn’t come in the box but you get that you can’t beat the real me 3 pro
with the fook charging and one hour and 30 minutes of fast charge now when it
comes to the camera the redmi note 7 pro still has a slightly better back camera
but that is according to our standards please make sure that you know what your
preferences are if you like slightly more saturated pictures then the real me
3 pro is a better choice because it is already saturated or out of the box and
you also get a chroma boost which makes the picture look more lively also when
it comes to the front camera you can not beat the real me 3 pro the redmi note 7
pro already did not have a great front camera performing
and the real mean 3 Pro is super amazing when it comes to the front camera
performance now the biggest difference among both these phones is the software
and that is a tricky one because the redmi note 7 pro might have a slightly
more uniform more mature software but it’s again riddled with ads which means
that the experience is broken down you can’t have a good user experience it’s
not a premium experience whereas in the real mean 3 Pro you don’t have ads real
me is quite proud about it and marketing very well about the fact that they don’t
have ads because that is something you need to do today but the software
experience even though I might like MIUI slightly more the ad experience or it
ruins it for me and I prefer the real me three pros color OS compared to the MIUI
with ads of course the real me 3 Pro is a premium device 420,000 and if someone
would have to ask me between the redmi note 7 pro and the real me 3 pro i would
recommend the real me 3 pro and with that we come to an end of this video
thank you so much for watching please let me know buddy thought of this in the
comment section below please let me know if you if I covered all the details
possible about the real me 3 Pro and that’s it for this one thank you so much
for watching this free hurry from mister phone and I’ll catch you in the next one

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