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Rebecca Zamolo is Missing! Exploring Abandoned Beach (iPhone X Stolen)

Rebecca Zamolo is Missing! Exploring Abandoned Beach (iPhone X Stolen)

– Rebecca, Rebecca. Rebecca. Rebecca. Rebecca, Rebecca. Where is she? Rebecca, Rebecca? Rebecca. Rebecca. She’s not here. Maybe there’s some clues here? There’s nothing here. It’s her old headshot. Okay, okay focus. I don’t see any clues here whatsoever. ♪ ♪ Alright guys, so Rebecca is missing. I don’t know if you
guys saw in last video, but Rebecca and I were
searching in Griffith Park and we found this abandoned cave. – My god . – But unfortunately, time was
getting really, really short So we had to split up. So I went to the abandoned
zoo to try to find more clues. That’s where I actually almost got trapped by the Game Master himself. It’s like he knows I’m in here. What was that? Oh no, guys I think I got locked in. Okay. Luckily I escaped and I
tried to go and warn Rebecca, but I haven’t been able to find her. Also I don’t have my iPhone. I don’t know if I dropped it
or where it’s at right now. I got out, I got out. I need to find this, and
I need to find Rebecca. I would use somebody else’s phone but I don’t know Rebecca’s phone number cause her phone number was
actually just leaked online and she had to change it. Alright so I’m completely
dirty right now too. I’m gonna go ahead and change my clothes, while I’m doing this let me
know in the comments section down here, what you think I should do. Okay, new clothes on, this
actually feels a lot better. However, I’m still, I
need to find Rebecca. So, how do you find an iPhone X? How do you find the new iPhone X? Find My Phone. I can use my computer to find my phone. Okay, let me go get my computer. Okay, I got the computer. Let’s see if we can find
out where my phone’s at. Okay, find my phone. While I’m trying to
find my phone right now, I want you guys to comment
below where you think she’s at. Find iPhone X. Okay, so there is a program that you can actually use to dial in, I just need to log into my Apple ID. I’m logging in right now. Okay it’s searching right now. Have you guys ever lost your phone before? Have you ever lost any phone whatsoever let me know in the comments
section down here below. I don’t know if finding the
iPhone is gonna find me Rebecca. Maybe it’s gonna find me the Game Master I’m not quite sure. But at least I can call her. You know, I just need to get the phone I need the phone so bad right now cause it has Rebecca’s phone number on it. It looks like the phone is at the beach. It’s zooming in. – Alright so I’m gonna
try to play this again I don’t know how this works. Let me see if I can just get back in here. Let me know what you guys think it says. – The game is close, but far from horn? Okay let’s keep on listening. – Okay let me try it one more time. – From what I hear, it
says “pack your bags” it’s so hard. – The game is close. – But far from home. – All you need is your phone. The game is close but far from home, all you need is your phone. So maybe there’s a
message like on my phone? Obviously I need my phone. But maybe there’s a message on the phone that’s like gonna lead
me to something else? I don’t know. Let me know if you think
that’s actually a clue, or if he’s like trying to throw me off. – I can’t make out what he’s saying, bags and ham? I don’t know why I would need some ham, but everything is waiting
for you on the sand. Okay, right before this message came up I saw that my phone was actually tracking to be like right on the beach. So it’s at some beach. Let me listen to this one more time, let me know if I’m hearing
this correctly guys in the comments section. – All you need is your phone. – Pack your stuff. – Everything is waiting
for you on the sand. So I think what I’m gonna have to do is, I have no idea like where everything is. But I need to pack some bags,
probably with some supplies and try to like figure
our where my iPhone is because that clue is gonna
get me to something else. Hopefully it’s gonna get me
to Rebecca, I’m not sure. Let me know if you guys think
I’m wasting my time too so, alright let’s go pack the bags real quick. Guess we’re going to the beach. Alright I have my stuff right here, I honestly don’t need that much. I got my keys right here, go
ahead and put this in here. And let’s hope I find out what’s going on. Did the Game Master just hack my computer? Does he have a access to my computer? Does he have my phone, he has my computer? Those are like the two things I need like the two things I use the most. I think Chad and Vy got hacked
at like the same exact way. I’m gonna have to figure out how to get like everything back. Let’s get some water real quick. Do you think that the Game Master is the same as Chad and Vy’s hacker? Could it be like the same person? Or do you think there’s
like another YouTuber? Who do you think is doing all this stuff? And why would they do this, like why are we being messed with,
why is Rebecca missing? I have so many questions. Let me know in the
comments section down below if you guys have figured it out yet. I hope you have. Let’s go get this iPhone back. Give a thumbs up if you think that Rebecca’s gonna be with the iPhone, I sure hope she is. Let’s go get this back. Alright so I’m driving
to the beach right now, like if she were to go to any beach this would be the one
that she would go to. So I’m hoping that she’s at this beach. I don’t know if Rebecca’s gonna be there, but I’m hopefully gonna find my phone cause at least at that point I can give her a call and
figure out where she’s at we got separated, I just so frustrating. Let’s go ahead and pull
over to this one here. This is our beach, this
is where we normally go. Oh my gosh look at this,
there’s a scooter right here. She could have taken this
down here I don’t know, she actually doesn’t like
the scooters that much. I’m just gonna like kinda look for her. Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca. Sometimes we play volleyball here. Let me see if she’s
around, I don’t see her. Let me know in the
comments section down below if you think she’s at this beach. Also give this video a thumbs up right now if you think I’m gonna find her. I don’t see her, this is normally like right where we go, it’s right here. Kinda hang out, I don’t see her at all. Let me know if you see
any clues whatsoever down in the comments section. Alright so this obviously
is not the right beach, I don’t see my phone here either. Honestly, it’s gonna be
hard to see my phone, it’s a huge beach but
let’s go to the next one see if we can keep on looking. Alright come on let’s go. Alright Rebecca is not
at that first beach, I didn’t even find my phone. So right now we’re on
our way to another beach she could be at this one,
we’ve gone here a few times, we normally don’t go to this beach, but I have to keep on looking, so let’s go check out this beach. Okay, we are at the
second beach right now. I don’t know if Rebecca’s here. Oh my god, lookit, this guy’s missing too. Okay it looks like there’s a lot of people out here looking for people, so let’s keep on going come on. Alright so we know, honestly I don’t even
know if Rebecca is here. I know that my iPhone
is down here somewhere. I don’t know if Rebecca is here. Okay. Rebecca. Rebecca. I don’t know if she’s here. Who are those people, they
look super suspicious, let’s go get em. Hold on, what if they’re
part of like the Game Master, we can’t. Honestly, if they are the
Game Master, there’s no way. Okay, the only thing I can think of is that we need to like
keep on going up the beach so let’s get back in the car and like drive a little bit more. If you guys know if we
are looking for the iPhone or if we are looking for Rebecca. I know at least, we are
looking for the iPhone. But do you think Rebecca has it? Let me know in the comments
section down below. Keep on going. Almost went the wrong way. Rebecca. I think this is the
floaty that I got Rebecca. It’s the unicorn floaty. This is the exact same one. It could be somebody else’s, but I’m pretty sure this is Rebecca. We’re at the right beach finally. Okay, let’s see if we can
find anything else here okay? Oh, look at this. Yes, this is Rebecca’s
shirt, but where’s Rebecca? Alright, I’m pretty sure
this is Rebecca’s shirt, this is the one I found. Let me know in the
comments section down below if I’m at the right
beach, is this Rebecca’s? ♪ ♪

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  8. it says the game is close but far from home all you need is your phone pack your stuff bags in hand everything is waiting for you on the sand

  9. I’ve never lost my phone but my sister left it at Disney world I the bathroom in animal kingdom but someone took it to a restaurant at animal kingdom and we had a tracking app on my moms phone and that’s were it showed that’s were it was but the lady working there was soooo nice love her so much there was a very little chance that we would had found it but we did so thankful because she wouldn’t have a phone for another year so I’m very thankful for that lady

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