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Record Phone Calls On Your iPhone

Record Phone Calls On Your iPhone

I’m going to show you the easiest way to record a phone call on the iPhone. It’s using a third party called Secure Speak.
They give you a phone number and then you 3-way that number
into any call and whatever it hears gets recorded. So the number they gave to me I made as
a contact in my phone and I put it here under my favorites. So I’m going to call it, get the call recording started before I actually
call my friend. You see, it’s recording silently in the background – no noise, nothing it’s really nice. And then I just press this add call button so I can find my friend I’m gonna call. And
I’m dialing him into the call and as soon as he picks up I’m going to press this merge button so we don’t miss a beat recording anything. “Hey, how’s it going” Good I’m gonna call you back in just a few
minutes Tyler, just doing a test call. So I just hung up on the conference both Tyler and the Secure Speak line. So in a few minutes I should have an email with the recording. I just got the email a few minutes ago and you see the attached MP3 recording is there in the message, just click it, load it, and listen. “See, it’s recording silently in the background” I’m going to fast-forward to where my friend is “Hey, how’s it going” “Good, I’m gonna call you back in just a few minutes, Tyler” “I’m just doing a test call” And there’s your recording. You can also look at them when you’re
logged into your Secure Speak account. One of the best parts about recording calls this way is that you can record both incoming and outgoing calls. So if someone calls me I can just say “Hang on a sec” “let me get some headphones” and then I can go and 3-way in the Secure Speak line and it’ll start recording with them being none the wiser. Secure Speak also has a free trial, so you can give it a shot. if you know any other call recording
services you like, put them in the comments I’d love to hear about them.

79 thoughts on “Record Phone Calls On Your iPhone”

  1. There is not one single app on iphone that does not cost a shitload of money to record a phonecall if you don`t live in USA or UK. I am fed up with Apple and iphone doing this kind of shit trying to squeeze more and more money out of people buying their phones and even helping other companies making money at the cost of people like me who is dumb enough to buy a iphone… I am fed up of this and am now selling it and will buy an android phone instead.

  2. I believe it is a crime is several states to record a phone call with out the other party knowing you are recording them. You can go to prison for doing this.

  3. Great video +Brian Shaffer.
    Which number shows up on caller id when you call someone: your existing mobile number or the SecureSpeak number?

  4. Thank you, works perfectly. 14 Day trial is great, just gotta use it till then and cancel and register for another account if you want it to be free..duhhh.

  5. android has automatic call rec app you don't even have to touch anything can't believe it iPhone is a pain in the ass

  6. Indeed it's the easiest way….. OMG, Brain- you're amazing!
    Lots of Thanks, for your guidance, kindness, patience and help.

  7. Apple is loosing the innovation these days, i am a big user of Apple… These days not liking their Innovation… Samsung is growing fast with their apps and graphics

  8. In misery (Missouri) it's a one party state, 1 person has to know the conversation is being recorded between 2 people. 3 people 2 have to know it's being recorded and so on.

  9. Is this free? I'd like to know cause some features, or apps require to pay. I'd really like to know if anyone could help, ty, i also have one cloud or icloud if tht helps

  10. You're so easy-going approachable person with such a good attitude <3 MA
    just watchin this video made me feel all calm n pleasant XX Thanks a million for this positive energy and good tip (Y)

  11. Hating my move to iphone so far. Android was so much easier. And I didn't have to have this and that before I could do or get the stuff I wanted. My carrier made me make the switch by not offering service to my android anymore. iphone may be popular but it sucks greasy, stinky, hairy ass.

  12. Too bad you iPhone users. Android has an app that requires no setup at all. Just press record button while on a call and it records both sides of the conversation and stores it on the device automatically. Or it can record every call automatically. Works great.

  13. the place that you got the number automatically records when you use that number? and to obtain that number or to use that number is free? and if its not how much is it ? anyway do you know of ACR app its free for android but not able to find free one for iphone .

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