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Recover Restrictions Passcode Without Software(iPhone X/Xs/XsMax/8/7/6/5/iPad/iPod) | iOS 11/10/9

Recover Restrictions Passcode Without Software(iPhone X/Xs/XsMax/8/7/6/5/iPad/iPod) | iOS 11/10/9

How to recover forgotten restrictions passcode of iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Its not really very difficult. All you need to do is find the appropriate
file with the passcode hash and passcode salt. Once found we can run brute force attack using a website and easily recover the iOS restrictions password. So lets get started. Lets go to seetings, general, restrictions. And you can see several failed passcode attempts. If I try one more time. In fact it blocked me for next 60 minutes. Well within next 1 hour we will be recovering
our forgotten passcode and then try it again. So first of all we need to take a full backup
of our iDevice. I mean our iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Lets open iTunes and then connect iDevice
to our PC. Then click on device. And from here we need to make sure we are
taking non encrypted backup. Just uncheck the Encryption option. And then click on Backup Now. I already got a backup. So I will stop taking backup. Now we will go to the backup folder. Windows users go to your system drive, then
users, your user name folder. In my case its Rafi. You need to open your user name folder. Then click on AppData. AppData folder is usually a hidden folder. So make sure you can see the hidden folders. Open AppData, Roaming, Apple Computer, MobileSync
and then Backup. Now here we see a backup folder. We need to find the password file from this
folder. In description of this video I provided the password file name. Simply copy the file name and search it from
here. Okay? We already found the file. Lets double click on it. The file is actually an XML file. So you can open it using any text editor. For example Windows default notepad, wordpad
or even using MS Word. I am opening using Notepadd++. Simply because I prefer it over default notepad. Now we need to get the Restrictions Password
Key and Restrictions Password Salt. Actually we got our forgotten restrictions password. But the passcode is in sha1 form. It means its not in human understandable format. To decode it we will go to this website. And then copy paste RestrictionsPasswordKey
and RestrictionsPasswordSalt. Let other settings as default. And then hit start searching. Now the website will search for the password. It will take some time. Depending on your passcode strength. While the website is searching for the password allow me to say
something about my channel. Guys in my channel I have some more iOS videos. If you are interested simply check the description section I provided you the links to the iOS videos. And if you liked the videos and want to see more please subscribe my channel. Okay we see we got the passcode. Its 6413. Now we will go back to our iPhone and try
to recover restrictions passcode. 6413. And boom! After I think aa 3 months I recovered my restrictions
passcode. Guys thank you for watching my video. And as said before if you wanna see more videos
like this one please subscribe my channel. Also by any chance if this method didn’t work
for you then let me know. I will show you another method of how we can reset or inject iOS Restrictions Passcode of our own Take care. Peace.

29 thoughts on “Recover Restrictions Passcode Without Software(iPhone X/Xs/XsMax/8/7/6/5/iPad/iPod) | iOS 11/10/9”

  1. Great video!! I tried so many other people methods with all the bullshit downloads but yours was the best one yet and didn’t have to download no bullshit. Thank you so much will be looking forward to more of your videos.

  2. Thank you so much. I had been to the genuis bar, called Apple, they said there was nothing they could do to fix. I was in the process of getting a new iPhone and had to stop until I fixed. Aside from the time it took to do the backup, took me less than 15 minutes to fix.Brilliant.

  3. Thank you SO much for making this video, all of the other videos i watched were filled with a bunch of useless BS that didnt help with anything at all, but you were straight to the point and i was actually able to unlock my phone after not knowing the password for a little over 2 years, i was so relieved when i finally got this, thank you so much!!!!!!!!

  4. i can find the file however when i open it, (in all ones u reccomended) i get some really wierd lanugage for example °Ý×´ZwàÏBº±

  5. I tried to Search this password file from the backup folder & then i searched it from entire computer, but no such file was found.

  6. Thanks so much! I really needed this, because one day, I just found out that somehow, my camera icon was gone, and I found out a while later, the only was to fix it was with restrictions! So, thankssss!! <3

  7. Can't find the appdata and i'm so confused on where to go. I can't seem to find the restrictions salt and hash.

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