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Red iPhone 7 Unboxing + Red Accessories!

Red iPhone 7 Unboxing + Red Accessories!

We got the phone guys I also got a few other red goodies too This is not a part of that And this isn’t either This is one of my favourite vlogging tripods, it’s incredible Not a part of this unboxing So things we’re going to be checking out today; We’ve got the red Apple Watch band, We’ve got a white case because I kinda feel like this is gonna look a lot better than any other color cases on the red iPhone Basically it’s gonna cover up the red I tweeted something the other day; if you buy a red iPhone and then you put a case on it will anyone even know that you actually have a red iPhone? The new berry colored leather case And just the basic red case that they’ve had for a while And of course the star of the show, the new red iPhone One of the things I’m already a big fan of is the silver logo I dont even need scissors because they’ve got a nice little pull tab here for us So I did get the 256, I’m not 100% sure if this is going to be the new phone that I keep because I really do absolutely love my jet black phone The more that I look at it, the more that I am really, really into it! I also got the unlocked version. Most of the phones that I have previously got were tied to a carrier and this is unlocked. and when I travel abroad, the best thing ever is being able to get a T-mobile SIM card and you’ll be able to actually have data and not worry about any overages. Let’s lift her up Look at this red I mean this is super red I am shocked, actually At how red it is I mean, this, this is… This is RED. Oh, I know what you’re saying. Yeah no kidding Justine it’s red. To look at this, this close-up, and actually see the true color; Super red! I don’t know what to do. What do you guys think? Do you think I should keep this phone or stick with the jet black phone? You guys have never taken a YouTube poll before. I’ve actually never used it before but i’m going to put one right now on this video so an annotation will pop up and you guys will be able to decide if I should keep the phone or do i not keep the phone. As with all iPhones they come with a USB charging brick, you’ve got your earpods and you’ve got your lightning cable And of course the infamous dongle First up the red iPhone case, This is not the new one that just came out, this is the old version I’ve actually really wanted a red case for quite a while because I thought that it would incredible on the black phone Which it does, I’ve seen other people with it and… Hmm, it looks good! And I love this color of red This is definitely more of a berry which I feel like this case will match a little bit better This is the berry leather iPhone case Here you guys can see the difference of the colors of red I mean this is a much brighter red This is more Nintendo Switch red whereas this is, I don’t know, I guess berry really is the only other kind of color I can think of a more strawberry-ish color, unless you have some strawberries that are full of GMO’s then this is defintely… what you’re gonna be getting I’m not sure if you’re actually gonna be able to tell that there is a difference, but again… This is a much brighter color This is a little bit more of a darker hue If you don’t want to buy an entirely new phone here’s what you do you buy a case! For the longest time I had a white case on my black phone and I thought it looked really, really good. So wah… Oh my goodness This is gonna drive me crazy like that looks awful, I don’t like this look at all It’s essentially like a mistake, like that’s… That does not look good Look at the front, cool. WHAT’S THIS! It’s like I spilled a little tiny bit of my jello or my cherry pudding or… some nail polish on my phone And this doesn’t look like it should be a thing! Let’s open up the berry case This could be the answer Still the colors are off, and if you’re somebody who pays a lot of attention to detail and small little design things drive you absolutely crazy I don’t know if there’s a good answer for you I’m not sure what to say… So, this is the leather case and this is the silicone case And you can definitely tell, hopefully, that this is much brighter than this one Most of the people who saw that the red iphone was announced were basically saying, well why didnt they make it an all black front I mean this looks really good Red.. Black… Red… White… There’s just something about having a completely flushed screen All black that looks really, really good And speaking of miss-matching, this black and red like that I am unsure of what color combination that you guys would want to do with the red phone Because none of these cases are aesthetically pleasing Moving on to the red apple watch band, this is actually something that i have wanted to get for quite awhile I have the white ceramic phone A lot of you guys always wonder why i wear my apple watch on the wrong hand And if you’re left handed, this isn’t the wrong hand This is the right hand And technically it is the right hand Now this looks good So what i was able to do this and rock this with no case on Man Yeah This looks great So, now I’ve got a few questions for you guys. Number one i already asked, Do i keep the phone? Do i switch from the jet black to the red, and which case combination did you guys like the best? Did you like the black with the red? The white with the red? The red with the red? Or the leather berry with the red? My favorite phone color combination, the black with the black definitely makes everything super seamless I also like the white with the black, because when i do wear my apple watch with the ceramic it matches I mean these are all stupid insignificant details that probably no one else in their right mind would know But you… or me And for the red iphone, lets just say this mophie case looks incredible Look at this.. That actually matches almost perfectly Okay, well now that i look at it through the camera, it’s a little bit off But still You guys get the point Thank you guys so much for watching, hope you guys enjoy the video, and as always i will see you guys in the next one And make sure you guys answer those questions in the comments below, and i will see you later Probably tomorrow Oh and did i mention that i was first in line for the iphone, the red iphone. Because there was no one else there at 8am today Because that’s crazy why would somebody do that

100 thoughts on “Red iPhone 7 Unboxing + Red Accessories!”

  1. ..not hating bc i love u soo much but why do you buy things you dont need becuase as u said u already had a black phone why buy another one thats technically just waisting your money on non important things that you don't need when you can just use your money on important things that you acually need

  2. When I get my new iPhone X I will be getting a life proof case cause I won’t wanna break it

    Edit: with my Apple Watch I wear it on my right wrist and I’m a right hand writer it’s just more comfortable for me

    P.s guys I’m not trying to brag I hate bragging sorry

  3. I got my iPhone 5 while watching this…then hugged it and said goodbye then went in my car and drove to the apple store

  4. first i like your nail polish second all in the video isnt red its orange except the iphone and the leather case

  5. I think u should keep the red phone red, because i do agree that it goes very well with the watchband. You should put a clear case on.

  6. You are so lucky! I have been trying to convince my parents to get me an iPhone 8 for months! I currently have my mums old iPhone 5

  7. I am the only that see this videos because i am gonna get the iPhone 8 plus in red ?.
    Just me,ok.😭😁
    I am getting mine tomorow i am so happy

  8. I think that you should keep your jet black iPhone and put the product red silicone case on it or put the white case on the black phone

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