40 thoughts on “Remove phone number from Facebook mobile app”

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  2. hi. can you teach me how to retrieve my facebook account. they always need approval code everytime i log in my account.but i lost my mobile. so i cant open my account now because i need code. how can i remove the approval code to log in my account? thanks!

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  4. I have add my Gmail id and remove my phone number, now with the help of my Gmail id can i. log in my account

  5. If Facebook told u that u can't remove the phone number cz he is primary…. all u have to do is to add an email adress and confirm it …. go back and remove ur number it works… sry for my bad English thank u all

  6. I removed my contact no. from which I log in from contact info . but after loging out I am now not able to log in agai it… plz help

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