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Rep. Nunes taking legal action after Schiff released private phone records

Rep. Nunes taking legal action after Schiff released private phone records

100 thoughts on “Rep. Nunes taking legal action after Schiff released private phone records”

  1. If the cell providers were at all responsible or complicit in this, then the globalist control of everything is waaaay out of hand. Nunes's phone records were not only illegally obtained, they were lied about & misrepresented by Schifty Schiff!

  2. Fox News put some investigative journalists on SCHIFFS case. See Johnheretohelp expose this murdering drag queen pedophile.

  3. You sit there in our face and say Trump did nothing wrong. All the time you went over to another country to get dirty to help Trump. Your Sue will go no where. They got proof on you, We will see bring it to Congress stop talking and bring it.

  4. What's sickening, is you're still a congressman. If you've nothing to hide you've nothing to fear Devin. I'm sure he got your digits from Parnas, genius.

  5. When are all the corrupt players from the Ukrainian corruption gonna be ARRESTED???? And I'm talking about BEFORE PRESIDENT Trump was elected!!

  6. Yes sue him also come clean about your role in the current situation. You sit in every hearing and talk down to everyone but your part of the problem. How's the cow?

  7. Looks like Nunes might have plenty of time soon to work on his lawsuit…I don’t believe congress has committed the crimes here..🤔

  8. So the NSA spying on all of us seeing our phone calls and text messages is ok. But you need your privacy. Whatever. Nunes we know your as dirty as the dems. This pot calling the kettle dirty is for suckers. Both parties are scum and criminals.

  9. Nunez: Well, being in two or more places at the same time and be on the phone simutanieslous, is something a lot of people didn't about me🤡

  10. What I don't understand is why the GOP members have been tolerating this crap for 3 years. Also, the fact that Biden is running for POTUS should not have any bearing on his corruption.

  11. Adam_SCIF is just mad that his donors are all getting arrested. Some of them are demons that apparently run drug houses where people turn up overdosed on Crystal Meth.
    Other donors that work for MSNBC are being arrested for sexting with 9 year old girls.
    Adam_SCIF has some very interesting friends.
    Apparently some of his foreign donors just got indicted.
    Why does Adam_SCIFS son wear a tshirt that says "MOSSAD"?
    Didn't Jeff Epstein work for Mossad?

    Why did the ADL give Barry Kirschner an award?
    What is the ADL?
    Why is Borat demanding that the ADL should police online speech?

  12. this is adam schiff's physiological abuse…this is how he goes after his victims…he get's away with it because no one steps up to stop him…i hope the secret service steps up to protect you and our great president….his kind of abuse will eat our country up…one by one he will continue to go after republicans….i bet he even has a list of his victims…the speaker of the house has a feeble mind…she is a toole for this manic

  13. Just out of curiosity is anyone keeping track of all the lawsuits filed in the white house? Is it double or triple digits by now?

  14. Nunes was ethically bound to tell the committee he and his staff were having private conversations with two of the investigations targets.

  15. numdnuts Nunes staff have no records of the phone call because they probably scrubbed all the incriminating evidence.


  17. This guy's a [email protected]@king joker. Hiding his involvement is his right. Being exposed as one of trump's puppet b**ch is also his right. Getting caught red handed is his right to say he shouldn't have never been caught doing the crime. He might as well just say he can stab you in the back because your back was turned towards him….what a [email protected] person!!!!!

  18. Schiff and company are already guilty of serious crimes, they're not just going to fess up, they are doubling down. Expose and gut the bastards

  19. I wanna see Fox News and CNN..lead correspondent and journalist go at it in a debate..🤣😂 random through..they should have me organize it..$$$


  21. Once again deflect…"pay no attention to the (calls the) man behind the curtain (has made)." Listen to our story and ignore that we are obstructing a legal investigation, burying evidence of our guilt, (all but effectively) and rather than trust the life long officials who have worked faithfully through countless administrations both democratic and republican, and accept the bulls}{it being pedaled by the man who has been caught lying nearly every time he opens his mouth. We have failed as A NATION BECASUE WE NOT ONLY ALLOWED THIS MAN TO TAKE THE SEAT IN THE OVAL OFFICE BUT MORE SO THAT HE WAS NOT ASSASSINATED BEFORE HIS FIRST TERM ENDS.

  22. The very basis of the forming of the USA is to prevent the government from trampling on the rights of citizens. What part of the 4th Amendment does Adam Schiff not understand?. Nunes is not special, just because he is a Congressman, he is special because he is a US citizen. But if they can do this to Nunes they certainly can and will do this to you or me. What Schiff did is outrageous, and illegal!

  23. Chris Wallace let the clown from Rhode island say anything he wants instead of asking him questions and get answers that he didn't ask question about congressman Cicilline making the Democratic case for them and their lies sickening

  24. I detach myself form anyone Democrat…I'm truly Heart broken what they are doing to our great country and people.

  25. Why are these people not calling the CIA to the mat for this? We know they have msm on the payroll, we know the Dems couldn’t come up with this on their own without help. Is it just me or does Schiff look like an old Sheldon? Less the intellect of course, since he has to be the tool for some bigger machine running this scam! And I’m a Democrat! Seeing clearly, Patriotic, America first, build the wall, capitalist, ant sjw but a Democrat.

  26. I think its fair game, hes shady doing shady things. That's what shady people do. The President systematically installed those loyal to him. THey can keep calling things a hoax and saying its unfair and unjust but that's simply what guilty people do. When you cant win on the facts you must add in all this circus and hope a situation like OJ being found not guilty. When its all said and done two words that wont be used in a sentence with Trump is Not Guilty.

  27. Schiff is literally engaged in Obstruction!!! These stunts by libs ruining someones life whom they disagree with like how AOC publicly insulted Pelosi for not moving on Impeachment, so Pelosi caves…

  28. lol at saying an Indicted man now talking is not reputable when its used every day to put away the bigger fish.. This guy is a disgrace to congress and humanity.

  29. yes u r right Nunez, They are speaking to Parnas just like you were speaking with him.. Now u r bitter because he is exposing your corruption.

  30. Democrats problem: Everyone against them knows they're FOS. The more S they fling, the more people figure it out, the more people there are against them lol

  31. you dont need a legal team ,we need a citizens jury , not a grand jury . lets win this shitshow the dems are wageing!!!….sue all those soros loving a$$holes , get some of their money to use against them!!???

  32. 10k+ Likes: 600+ dislike ratio. Comment section filled with Democrat, Anti-American Shills and other such TDS afflictions, being pushed as "Top Comments" – The whole elite establishment is against America. Don't debate, don't reason, they have already declared war on YOU.

  33. Just think, if the radical left tyrants now running the Schitt show can do this to a Congressman, a journalist and the President's personal attorney, just imagine what they have done to many American citizens already! We know what King Obama had his cronies do to many citizens using the IRS! The far left has been using dirty tricks against their political opponents for decades! If these soviet style goons are not stopped NOW, there is no telling what they will do all of us next!

  34. Perhaps the Justice Department needs to subpoena every phone call Schiff has made since 2015, to find out just who he's been talking to since Trump announced his candidacy. Every phone call since day one right up to the date the subpoena is ordered. Even if he was calling Dominos for a pizza.

  35. You mean Nunez the TURD that was sitting on the intel committee questioning whiteness during the hearings when he KNEW he was involved and could face CRIMINAL EXPOSURE himself and DIDN'T recuse himself? …The same TURD that tried to sue CNN for 435 million dollars for a report he claims is a hit job when CNN has the facts.. Nunez knows he's in DEEP DiOO DOO and is trying act all tough but it won't work..He's about to get his but indicted himself

  36. I sincerely hope that a court gives justice to Nunes for the civil rights violations committed by scumbag Schiff against Nunes. I hope that the other people who had their rights violated also go after scumbag Schiff.

  37. Abuse of investigative powers to violate US citizens 4th amendment rights and try to paint a political opponent in a false light. Reverse the roles and watch how fast Schiff would shave been suspended from his position.


  39. They didn't release his phone records, they released the phone records of the two Ukrainian men that are being indicted.

  40. Because of shiff being evil ……the creator of all is going to punish him very soon ……the domino effect will start with him

  41. *ACTUALLY… These Republican politicians aren't protecting Trump as much as they ARE protecting themselves.*If you will notice, the GOP'ers in question come from areas that voted Trump into office by majority… So… They believe if they go against Trump, they will not get re-elected! In essence, they have turned onto "followers" instead of leaders… and "prostitutes" instead of patriots! What lesson does this send to our children and the rest of the world?

  42. Let me see here, you guys break the law and obstruct justice, don't allow people to testify, storm the SCIF and use cell phones in the SCIF, (which is a violation of your own rules), use personal phones to complete government business and then complain when your phone records are subpoena'd? What a joke. I am not a democrat and I am not a "never-Trumper" but I do have research skills, I read well and I have some common sense. If you and the President had any exculpatory evidence you would have brought it forward months ago. Your only defense is process issues and that is the reason you are making a stink about your phone records being released. It is all about smoke and mirrors for you and the President. If you have nothing to hide then release the records, allow testimony and why all of a sudden is our own countries investigation into the Russian/Ukraine involvement in our elections not good enough for you? You repeatedly say we are the greatest country in the world except apparently we can't trust ANYONE in the CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, Congress, Law Enforcement, newspaper's, journalists or our President unless they are kissing Trump;s butt. . Do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound? Our President uses cell phones that are not secure. His appointed cabinet uses non-secure cell phones. He appoints people to the cabinet that know nothing about the area they are suppose to be expert in. He can't keep staff in the White House because he is off his rocker. I am willing to support any Republican that runs against Trump. If no one gathers enough support to make it a real run, which won't happen because you guys are too busy drinking the Kool Aid to recognize the best answer for everyone to this problem is to find another Republican that can walk and chew gum at the same time and then let the American people decide. I cannot remember a time when so many people were so ridiculously blind to the facts staring them in the face and would likely have to go back to Jim Jones to find such a group of cultists. You Mr. Nunes, should have either recused yourself or in the interest of transparency, announced your involvement. Like the President you are just upset that you got caught.

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