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Responding to the iPhone XS Max Problems

Responding to the iPhone XS Max Problems

– Hey there, guys, Jonathan here. Today, against my better judgment, I’m addressing the iPhone XS problems. Cue the face the palm for that thumbnail. (slow guitar music) Now, I know it’s a little
bit off a long shot, but the one thing I ask
is please watch and listen to this video thoroughly
before you smash your keyboard. If you caught my XS Max review, I tried to be as objective as possible and point out the good and also the things that frustrated me, specifically, the fact that it’s 2018, and Apple does not include
a fast charging solution in the box with the
prices they are charging for these iPhones. Like, that’s not okay. Of course, from there, naturally, I got those lovely comments saying, “Jonathan, what you are
you, some paid Apple fanboy? “You shill.” “Why aren’t you covering Beauty-Gate “Charge Gate, Auto Correct Gate?” And the thing is, that review is based off my personal experience. I did not personally experience
any charging problems. With that said, though, I
wanna make it super clear that just because I didn’t
personally experience that doesn’t mean the problem doesn’t exist and more importantly, doesn’t mean Apple should be excused. Marques did a fantastic job of explaining the whole game situation. And the big number that stood out to me was last year, Apple shipped
over 200 million plus iPhones. And if there was a problem
with just 0.01% of those, that equated to 21,000 plus iPhones. That is a lot of upset people out there. Now, the crazier thing about all that is the Charge-Gate was
actually a security bug with how the iPhone protects
that lightning port. And Apple addressed that and fixed that in the iOS 12.1 beta. Now, hold your pants, Jimmy, because I know you’re
foaming at the mouth, waiting to say, Jonathan, that’s BS. The average user shouldn’t
have to install a beta to charge their phone. Betas aren’t stable, it’s
not the average thing to do. And I completely agree with you. Honestly, it’s very similar
to a problem I had last year with the Google Pixel 2. Portrait mode was nonexistent. Like, it just wasn’t on the phone at all. And the funny thing is is I essentially got yell replied at saying, “What, are you stupid? “Just site load the app, idiot.” “Clear your cache, reset the preferences, “reset the phone three times, “and then count back from 17, “and it’s gonna be okay. “Stop being a moron.” And the thing is, is
just like I don’t think the average person should do that. Like, imagine explaining
to your grandmother, oh, just side load the app. That’s not gonna happen. And for you saying, Grandma’s
not gonna rock a Pixel 2, you, sir, are a liar. I know plenty of grandmas
who rock a Pixel 2. It’s a great phone. The point is, bugs happen. It’s not just Apple. It’s Google, it’s Samsung, it
is most companies out there. I mean, hell, Tesla’s had
some crazy bugs recently where people are driving, and the software is
restarting as they’re driving on the freeway. That is scary as hell. That is an $85,000 piece of tech that could potentially
endanger someone’s life. Like, to me, that’s a
little bit bigger of a deal. The thing is, though, Tesla problems don’t get as much clicks iPhone problems. From there, I’m gonna go ahead and talk about Beauty-Gates, which actually isn’t a thing. Calm down, buddy, because
I know you’re yelling at me right now saying,
you, you Apple fanboy, you paid (bleep) hole. Beauty-Gate is a thing. I got a secret for you. You’re probably gonna get mad. But earlier today, on
Twitter and Instagram, I posted this lovely
Pixel 2 portrait selfie. And it got an out roar of complements. “Could easily get mistaken for a DSLR.” “Still the daddy in
the camera department.” “Looking crispy.” “No wonder there’s no makeup effect.” “You managed to include the bumps “at the edges of your face
caused by the facial hair. “Impressive.” “Best portrait mode yet.” “So good, #nobeautygate.” From there, I posted a second picture and got the same reactions. “It’s better that it’s
not using some crazy “high shutter speed mixed
with noise reduction, “creating that plastic
look to people’s faces.” “Best camera ’til Pixel 3 arrives.” “If you say no, you are
literally a fanboy.” Bro, that was taken on the iPhone XS Max. So, I just wanted that to be a little bit of a lesson out there. Don’t let a preconceived
notion or headline skew your judgment because clearly, everyone who thought that that was a Pixel automatically assumed
that it was much better than the iPhone, when in fact, that was
the same iPhone XS Max that apparently had all
the Beauty-Gate problems. With that said, though,
there is something happening with the front facing
camera on the iPhone XS, but it’s not Beauty mode, it’s not isolating the skin. It’s actually noise reduction
on the entire image. If you haven’t met my guy, Rene Ritchie, who’s an amazingly smart guy, did a fantastic breakdown and explanation of what exactly is happening
with the front facing camera. Way more in depth, so if you got a minute, it’s a really great watch. I’ll link it down below or up here. But essentially, what’s happening here, is the front facing camera
is taking multiple shots at multiple exposures and then stitching those together. And the aftermath of that is you’re going to have
to apply noise reduction, which creates a smoothing
effect over the entire image, not just isolating skin tones. If you actually watch Marques’ video, every example of a front
facing shot that he used, if you notice, the background
on every single one of those isn’t blown out or overexposed. So it’s a bit of a trade off. For the most part, in every single shot, you’re getting way better dynamic range. No blown up backgrounds,
no overexposed images, but in certain cases where
it struggles with light, yeah, it’s going to
really, really aggressively pull down that noise reduction, and that’s where you get
that skin smoothing effect. So the bad news is, yeah,
because it’s not beauty mode or something you can turn off, it is stuck there. But the good news is, is that it’s software based. And if we’ve learned anything this year is that Apple is listening. So I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw that just
pulled down a little bit in one of the future iOS 12 updates. So that is my take. Problems suck, bugs suck. You should not have to deal with them. The company should be held responsible. This is not a giant pass for me for Apple. I have plenty of things
from them that frustrate me. I’ve addressed that, I voiced that. If you don’t like the
iPhone, don’t buy it. In fact, check out the LG V40 ThinQ, which a lot of people
don’t seem to care about, but it’s actually a pretty awesome device. Or maybe you want some
positivity in your life. We talked about the Apple Watch and how Mr. Gregory
McFadden lost 100 pounds. So, check those out, and
I’ll catch you guys later.

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  1. Plot twist lol. On a side note, this phone made me like my iPhone XS a little less 😭

  2. Die fucking apple errand boy, you're a motherfucking sicko brainwashing helpless brain dead people who don't know what to do with their money

  3. When you sed, clearly when everyone thought it was a pixel completed it. And that's where Google and Pixel stand now automatically Good.

  4. Apple fan boy video… The selfie test to prove a point was taking advantage of the trust of your followers. They based their comments on your statement, because they trusted you. A more fair test would've been "can you tell from which phone this pic was taken?". That way they would've analyze the photo.

  5. Is its not beautygate. Then why doesn't the pixel 3 have it? It also used the same technique of taking multiple shots and merging them together and it also does crazy noise reduction but then doesn't smoothes the skin. Also supersaf camera test showed that pixel front cam has better dynamic range than iPhone xs max. So its beautygate confirmed.

  6. – [ ] i have a problem in my iPhone music every time i sync music to my phone from my MacBook it sync but I can’t find it on my phone’s music or library but I can find some of the music if I copied 100 songs I only find 60 and the 40 leave is missing and I checked the iPhone storage its downloaded on my phone and It takes space. I tried updating the software, changing the software with backup and without, it won’t work and I tired on different phone it works !! And I watched a lot of videos from youtube and I did everything to fix it it won’t work but what I figured out is every song that missing is the songs those who I purchased from iTunes but not from my account so I tried converting music from purchased AAC audio file to mp3 it won’t work sooo what can I do to fix that problem and I won’t do Apple Music so is my mistake that i’m buying music from iTunes.

  7. People overreact to the stupidest shit and have no idea how to do their own research and critically think for themselves. Sad pathetic fools.

  8. I’m just getting stressed on how can I reap the benefits of updating my iOS to 12.1 when they “fixed” beautygate.
    I look darn good in those. Why should I compromise looking less good because of some sour people who prefer looking ugly!!

  9. Snapchat story on my iPhone Xs max has bars on the side for people who view my story. Is their a way in which I can fix this

  10. My iPhone XS Max makes photos that almost appear 3D. I did side by sides too with my iPhone X and it was game over for the X. It's like I never saw a photo before this. The photos are better than me seeing the frame with my naked eye. I was one of those idiots that stood in line for the first iPhone, then bought almost every new iPhone after that. I have to say, I was getting a little tired of iPhones after Jobs died, but this was game over, mic drop, game over. Jobs is impressed I'm sure.

  11. It’s the “let’s hate on Apple” trend. Why can’t people buy their phones and love whatever brand it is without hating on Apple or even mentioning them.

  12. It’s the “let’s hate on Apple” trend. Why can’t people buy their phones and love whatever brand it is without hating on Apple or even mentioning them.

  13. I had iphone max sucks phone as fuck not worst 300$ full of issues as fuck . Fuck you apple . And fuck you ppl who want this shit

  14. my ipone xs max purchesing date is 3-12-18 but i face a big pro my phone rear cameras enter dust apple say this phone is dust proof but customor care say we open ur new ph and clear dust i m not agry with apple and come back i say pls replace this mobile this not dust proof but apple not give me any responce

  15. The Bluetooth!!! Its spotty at best and people tell
    Me I sound like an alien….And yes the dongle that CAMe from apple showed an issue after this last update!

  16. Does someone have a static noise in the bottom right speaker of your iPhone XS / Max when you hold it onto your ear?

    Because I do

  17. its not only the front facing camera, the rear camera does it on the video mode, I will trade in my iphone xs max for an android if they dont take it off

  18. Let’s Grow Together!!! 🙏🏽🙌🏽 Leave Me a Comment Down Below. On my Channel I Do Vlogs, How To Videos, And Tech Reviews!

  19. i have a problem with my i phone xs max after watching the screen for 10 minutes i feel with hart palps and headaches i try to contact apple and they said is not a problem with the device since then i keep my phone in the box and use my old s 7 edge

  20. I phone xs max is so slowly on wifi even Wi-Fi not working l used I'm so board don't buy iPhone xs max ibuy 5000 saudi riyal but I phone xs max is so slowly on wifi please don't buy iPhone xs max only buy android phones.

  21. Not a fanboy of anything, but can someone tell me why apple users are always looking so gay and nerdy nerdy?

  22. I just got my xs max and I just discovered a problem regarding it’s audio. Whenever I try to make a call or receive one (audio or video), with my earphones CONNECTED, the audio sounds from the phone’s speakers and NOT on the earphones.

    Anyone else having the same problem? Anyone know how to fix this?

  23. I have the iPhone XS Max and after a two weeks of using I learnt one thing about it that this phone is heating too much.. anyone having same problem

  24. i have another problem with this xs max 256 gb after 10 minutes of use i got heart palps and feel anxious i have to use an old 7 edge to be ok apple is the worst phone i ever had

  25. i have used all the blue light reduction apps all setting and the screen is almost black but that palps are still there

  26. I am surprised that none of the YouTube's have highlighted the Camera Reflection or Ghosting effect on each iPhone XS/XR/XSMAX TILL NOW.. It is a huge problem but no one is talking about the hardware design flaw.

  27. Pretty sure I got a defective Xs Max literally got it a few months ago but it’s acted stupid as hell since i got it, it’s some bullshit my 6 plus was a way better phone, like it glitches out all the fucking time I’ll be in a app and it’ll just freeze up go black and take me to the lock screen, I’ve also had a problem with no responsive side and power buttons, plus Siri and anything related to voice search doesn’t work worth a damn, Siri just randomly turns on all the fucking time and if I use the voice search on my keyboard it’ll type out some random ass shit that’s not even remotely close or it’ll just type out the same word like 50 times like wtf, also idk if anyone else has had this problem but my camera has a hard time focusing don’t get me wrong it takes good pictures when it’s focused but half the time it wants to act stupid as fuck but my X had the same problem but idk, anyway if anyone has any advice on what to do about this shit it would be helpful 😂

  28. I own both platforms but lean towards Android usually. But, I do like the blind picture test you did most enjoyable to see the comments. I even saw someone comment on the picture you took from the XS Max and said, "My XS takes better photos" haha great stuff. Photos are similar to me. But Android is just more of a smartphone to me, way more capabilities in the software. But, to each their own

  29. I got the xs max on monday the 22 of july. On the 24 of july, it fell 40 cm and the screen cracked! Today, the 26, it was laying on my lap and it cracked further! IT WAS JUST ON MY LAP! Didn’t even fall! And it fucking GRACKED! And the insurance says i have to pay ca 100 dollars to get it fixed! I can’t believe it. I think it’s a defect, bc it should be able to be touched without cracking. I can’t even touch it before it cracked! I refuse to pay that much for this! In my opinion, i shouldn’t need to pay, bc i feel like this is NOT my fault

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