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Review: iPhone 11 Pro Max Smart Battery Case – Worth $130?

Review: iPhone 11 Pro Max Smart Battery Case – Worth $130?

What is going on everyone? It
is Mike. And welcome back to Tech 24/7 TV Apple is releasing products
underneath the radar. They are doing this with
not even product announcement for this one. T his is the
battery case for the iPhone 11 Pro Max and it’s available now
at Apple stores. You could actually go pick this up in
stores today if you wanted to e ven though Apple
said it wouldn’t be available until Monday. This version retails for one
hundred twenty nine dollars ($129 USD) and really this is
going to go ahead and give you about 50 percent more battery
life than what you are getting today on your iPhone 11,
iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Now for me,
the battery life has been pretty good and I’ve been
getting nine hours ish of screen on time sometimes it
really depends on what my day looks like. But if you are you know if
you’re experiencing good battery life and you don’t
necessarily need the bump in juice, there is a
another reason why you might consider buying this. Apple
has a dedicated camera button on the right hand side of
the case. You know when you’re looking at the phone So what you do is hold
it down. It’s gonna go and open the camera, push it once
you want to go in and take one photo, you push hold
it at you and take a video. And so right now this is the
while we’re taking a video the camera but oh it’s kind of cool
if I hold it down. It opens the camera. And then if I hold it
on so more, it actually closes the camera pretty neat. L ike
all of these Apple smart battery cases, this is
highly integrated into iOS. it gives you the battery life
inside of the today view widget. You swipe over to
the right once. Here’s the today view widget and you go to
the bottom and it tells you that you have roughly 59
percent and it is charging the phone while we’re talking.
It’s not one of the battery cases like that you need to
turn on or turn off like the Mophie cases that you might
have been familiar with. This is always charging
your phone. And soon as it’s depleted,
then your phone will switch over to the internal battery on
the iPhone. Now on the last smart battery case that I owned
I was able to put that I like around six thirty in the
morning and get all the way until 5 o’clock with the smart
battery case on until that died. So I got a lot of
usage on that. I will have to find that video in case you
haven’t seen it. I’ll link it up above. But I do planning know using
this you know the holidays coming up and traveling which
travels usually the best kind of indicator of how the battery
is going to perform. Comes in black, comes in white,
and there is a stone pink version. This is going to
be USB-C power delivery (USB-C PD) . Here you have the
speakers for the music to go and pass through. Really there’s not a whole lot
different I think the only theme I might or it might feel
different is that the lip that goes around the iPhone or the
screen feels a little bit thicker than it did last year.
If you’re unfamiliar what you’re going to go and do here
on the inside there’s going to be an LED when this is charging
this is going to light up. Put the put the iPhone here. You can peel back the top
of the case, slide it down here Go on then you see there where
it’s actually got the indicator on the display. When you first put it in there.
So gives you a visual indication of what the
battery is. So I think for most people unless you are really
going to be hard on your battery that this is not going
to be a buy for one hundred thirty ($130) bucks. It’s got the soft touch rubber
does feel nice. Maybe if you take a lot of photos that could
be the only other reason why I think that this would be
obviously valuable because you got that integration with a
dedicated camera button. Other ways that you can go
ahead and take a photo you could swipe the left open up
the camera. That’s going to work. There you can
go ahead and hold down the shutter button. Here are the
dedicated camera button. You could ask Siri to go and
do it. That would feel stupid though. Take a photo Yeah. You feel
dumb that way. So I think that in
the grand scheme of things, hundred thirty dollars ($130)
you know mostly we’re not going to buy this Apple knows already
that the battery life on these three devices is better than it
was last year and better to be good enough for most people. For the people that are you
know just exhausting the battery by midday, 3 or 4
o’clock and they need to keep going. This is going to be
a no brainer because the integration with the
operating system. And if you’re taking photos you’re getting
the added benefit of a dedicated camera button which
is really I think it’s easy to use one handed. You know it’s
obviously easy to use in this way but most people as
a you know selfie culture. Right. We’re all going to take
a picture we’re going to go ahead and look at the camera.
We’re got hold of one of our hands it might not be our
dominant hand in order to get that kind of angle on it. You have the shutter button
which you can use your ring finger for maybe even your
pinky finger for I don’t know for me when taking a selfie
using the volume rocker doesn’t really work that well for me.
Like I said I kind of tilt it down and give
it unflattering angle. Not a cute selfie,
gotta delete it. Let me know what you think
about this. Are you going to pick one up and if you are are
you getting it because you go through the battery quite
quickly or are you getting it for the dedicated camera button? I’m going to be posting my
experiences on Twitter make sure you are following me there
it’s at Caputo I am Mike and I will talk to in the next one

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